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Drug delivery News

Flexible wearable for smart drug delivery

A new flexible wearable, from South Korea, has been designed to allow for customize drug delivery upon diagnosis and to improve patient health.

Essential Science: New nanoparticle may aid cancer detection

A new nanoparticle, at the cellular level, may reveal how cancer cells move to different locations in the human body. This process involves co-opting the human body’s intercellular delivery service.

Delivering drugs directly to the brain via tiny needle

Boston - A novel, miniaturized ultra-thin needle system has the potential to be used to treat specific neurological disorders that affect certain brain regions.

Essential Science: Delivering drugs via nanoscale emulsion

Researchers have used nanotechnology to improve drug delivery. This is in the form of tailorable nanoscale emulsions which effectively interact with their intended targets.

Garlic and fluorine show drug delivery promise

A new study has reported success, in terms of drug delivery, with the unusual combination of garlic and fluorine. This partly relates to garlic’s use as a traditional medicine.

Startup develops nanopatch for polio vaccine delivery

To help eliminate polio, a Nanopatch (a microscopic vaccine delivery platform) has been shown to be more effective for dealing with the poliovirus than needles and syringes. The patch comes from a university startup called Vaxxas Pty Ltd.

Micromotors created for drug delivery

University of California-San Diego researchers have successfully tested out drug-delivery micromotors to deliver a therapeutic agent to treat bacterial infections of the stomach.

Spider venom provides drug delivery route

Kyoto - Japanese scientists have successfully used a re-engineered spider venom peptide as the means to deliver biomacromolecules directly into a cell.

Frog foam inspires drug delivery method

Glasgow - Scientists have been inspired by a foam made by miniature frogs to protect their eggs. This is as a means to deliver healing drugs to burns patients.

Microchips designed to slow-release drugs over years

Medical technologists have developed an implantable device that can be placed at a specific body site to allow for the slow release of targeted medications.

Using bacteria to deliver drugs

Boston - By re-engineering protein-shuttling machinery, researchers have used bacteria to inject a particular protein into mammalian cells.

Copying an onion to improve drug delivery

Delivering drugs to the right places in patients can be tricky. By copying an onion, researchers have created a dendrimer. This is a molecule that features tree-like branches and concentric layers of membranes, much like an onion.

New method for breast cancer drug delivery

A new drug-delivery technique has been developed. The technique is the first biodegradable, biocompatible, and non-toxic hydrogel, designed to deliver treatment to people fighting breast cancer.

Experimental patch to deliver vaccinations

A skin patch that can deliver vaccines cheaply and effectively has been shown off at the recent TEDGlobal conference in Edinburgh.

Grapefruits help with medical drug discovery

The humble grapefruit holds one of the secrets for medical drug discovery. This includes anti-cancer drugs are delivered to specific tumor cells.

Skin patch developed for prostate cancer

A skin patch is being delivered to delivery hormones into the body of men with prostate cancer. Researchers suggest that this is a more effective means than a course of tablets.

Sea Anemone Stingers Deliver Drugs

I kinda prefer the "Aerosol Delivery Method" to this one but if it doesn't involve a "Needle" I'm all for it...

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