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Drug dealer News

Man arrested after throwing drugs that landed near police car

Manchester - A drug dealer tossed out a few bags of heroin and cocaine out a window, but was arrested when the bags landed right next to a police car.

Man lists 'drug dealer' as his occupation on arrest report

West Palm Beach - On Tuesday a man in West Palm Beach, Florida, was arrested and on an arrest report he listed his occupation as "drug dealer."

Britain's 'coke king' busted in Benidorm, Spain

Benidorm - Britain's criminals might just start thinking twice about moving to Spain to continue plying their "trade," as Spanish police have arrested a notorious UK drug dealer and "coke king," Brian Charrington, and several accomplices.

Spanish police nab one of the UK's 'most wanted' (video)

Despite being in a totally hidden, anti-assault "panic room" in his villa in Málaga, the 41-year-old man was arrested on Saturday after being on the run for years. He had received a 24-year prison sentence for drug dealing in the UK, in absentia.

Convicted UK drug dealer ordered to write essay on dangers of pot

Cold Ashton - Terry Bennett was caught with over two pounds of marijuana and convicted of possession with intent to supply. He was sentenced to 240 hours community service, but could not complete the work. The judge came up with another solution.

Pot dealer donates sales proceeds to Hurricane Sandy victims

Rockaway Park - A New York drug dealer is "giving back" to the community, donating the proceeds of his sales to victims of Hurricane Sandy.

Principal and athletic director busted on drug charges

Kissimmee - One elementary principal and a high school athletic director have been charged with dealing drugs. Both run the risk of losing their jobs, if found guilty.

87-year-old man arrested for possession of 228 lbs. of cocaine

Leo Earl Sharp was in court on Monday during an arraignment hearing on charges of transporting 104 bricks of cocaine worth an estimated $2.9 million.

Vancouver cop caught dealing drugs receives 3-year sentence

Vancouver - A former Vancouver police officer who pleaded guilty to selling marijuana while on duty, breach of public trust, and improperly accessing the police investigation database, was sentenced to nearly three years in jail for the drug related crimes.

Crack cocaine allegedly being peddled out of hospital

Toronto - Toronto Police were at an unusual place for a drug investigation this week. They busted an alleged drug dealer at a local hospital in Etobicoke allegedly dealing crack cocaine out of his room.

Bear, lion and tiger are unlikely best friends who live together

One American animal shelter has got three friends it fondly refers to as "BLT." The bear, lion and tiger were rescued when they were all about two months old eight years ago.

Father Jailed for Confronting Drug Dealer

A Scottish father of three has been jailed after bursting into a heroin dealer's flat and flushing his supply down the toilet. No word yet on whether the drug dealer was charged.

Drug dealer given 10-year sentence; he denies gang ties

The last man in a band of drug-selling cohorts who were originally touted to be members of the 74 Hoover Crips street gang was sentenced to 10 years in federal prison Friday amid the man's insistence he was never a part of a gang

Cape Breton Drug Dealer charged

A convicted drug dealer who survived a shooting in December 2005 has been charged with uttering death threats over an alleged drug debt.

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Police busted a cocaine ring in Benidorm  Spain including the notorious UK drug dealer Brian Carring...
Police busted a cocaine ring in Benidorm, Spain including the notorious UK drug dealer Brian Carrington.
National Police
Jessica  a 21 year old prostitute in the capital of Bogota  who is featured in the documentary.
Jessica, a 21 year old prostitute in the capital of Bogota, who is featured in the documentary.
screengrab via YouTube
Meet the Real Trayvon Martin
Demencia Black  a drug dealer in the capital of Bogota  who is featured in the documentary  playing ...
Demencia Black, a drug dealer in the capital of Bogota, who is featured in the documentary, playing a bamboo looking instrument.
screengrab via YouTube

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