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Drug cartel News

Cartel kingpins won't be dismantled by drug war

The Sinaloa cartel in Mexico has proven that crime bosses playing at the level of the cartel will not be easily dismantled by the government, as the tension between Mexico and the U.S. proves.

Mexican cartel caught smuggling weed in fake watermelons into USA

Tucson - Forget the Trojan Horse — it reportedly only fit 30 soldiers. But a drug cartel's watermelons? Let's just say they held enough weed to knock Wiz Khalifa out.

U.S. grand jury indicts Mexican ex-governor for drug smuggling

Matamoros - On Monday, U.S. federal prosecutors indicted ex-Governor Tomas Yarrington Ruvalcaba, of Tamaulipas, a border state with the United States, on charges of racketeering and money laundering.

Mexican vigilantes take over town long plagued by drug cartel

When you want something done right, you've gotta do it yourself--so the old saying goes. In the southwest Mexican state of Michoacan, a group of vigilantes have done just that.

French authorities seize record $270 million cocaine haul

Paris - Venezuelan authorities moved swiftly to make a number of arrests associated with a seizure by French police of a huge illicit stash of cocaine aboard an Air France flight from the Venezuelan capital, Caracas, bound for a Paris airport.

Mexican Vice Admiral Carlos Salazar killed in drug war

Two Mexican navy soldiers, including a vice admiral, were shot dead Sunday in southwestern state of Michoacan, where the military is trying to regain control of areas dominated by warring drug gangs.

Horror in Mexico: 7 dead bodies found seated on plastic chairs

Uruapan - Authorities say the bodies of seven men were found in plastic chairs placed along the side of a street in the drug-plagued Mexican state of Michoacan, while another seven people, including three federal agents, were killed in neighboring Guerrero.

Watch cocky drug smugglers jack up fence, casually enter U.S.

Members of an unknown Mexican drug cartel are so confident in their ability to avoid United States Boarder Patrol and Drug Enforcement agents, they film themselves easily jacking up a portion of "security fencing" and smuggling drugs into the US.

­Mexican beauty queen killed in shootout with army patrol?

Mocorito - It has been reported that a 20-year-old Mexican beauty queen was shot dead in a gun battle between drug traffickers and an army patrol, in northern Mexico. However, there is doubt as to the correct identity of the young woman.

Teen assassin linked to 50 murders

Sinaloa - A 16-year-old boy has been arrested by Mexican authorities on suspicion of killing at least 50 people while working for a gang known as Los Mazatlecos.

Teen assassin linked to 50 murders

Sinaloa - A 16-year-old boy has been arrested by Mexican authorities on suspicion of killing at least 50 people while working for a gang known as Los Mazatlecos.

Mexican police kidnapping, caught on video

Lagos De Moreno - Mexican police were caught on video performing a kidnap operation in conjunction with alleged members of the Jalisco New Generation drug cartel.

US Congress investigates 'fake pharmacies' and drug shortages

Washington - US Congress is investigating a series of actions by so-termed "fake pharmacies" which are buying up and stockpiling scarce drugs, including those to treat cancer, and the selling the drugs at massively elevated prices.

Remains of 167 people discovered in cave in Mexico

On Saturday, Mexican authorities released a statement saying that they have found the remains of 167 people in a cave in the state of Chiapas, southern Mexico.

Head of security for Sinaloa drug cartel arrested in Mexico

Joaquin Guzman, head of the Sinaloa Drug Cartel, will be looking for a new head of security as Mexican Army says it has arrested head of security for drug cartel chief 'El Chapo' in Mexico. The person arrested has yet to be named by the Mexican Army.

In Mexico, widespread human rights abuse by gov’t in drug war

Mexico - Mexico’s war on drugs has led to widespread human rights violations committed by the country’s military and police, with a new report revealing evidence strongly suggesting these security forces are participating in torture, disappearances and murder.

Dozens arrested in Arizona in massive drug smuggling bust

Phoenix - A massive drug smuggling bust that began with a traffic stop in 2010 has resulted in the shutdown of the largest drug smuggling operation ever identified in the state of Arizona.

Social networking leads to woman's decapitation in Mexico

Nuevo Laredo - A woman’s decapitated body was found in a Mexican border city over the weekend along with a note stating she was killed for postings she anonymously made to a social networking site.

Mexican drug violence elevated - 35 bodies dumped on freeway

Veracruz - Drug-related violence in Mexico escalated to a dramatic level on Tuesday when suspected drug traffickers provided rush hour traffic a horrific scene, dumping 35 bodies beneath an overpass in Boca del Rio, part of metropolitan Veracruz city.

Entire Mexican Police Force Quits Following Cartel Attacks

With more than 40,000 casualties in the ongoing Mexican drug war, the non-stop battles have already broken down the resolve of most law enforcement officials.

US-Mexico border businesses managing, despite drug war reports Special

El Paso - Drug-related violence in Mexico associated with cartel turf wars is having a huge impact on people living within the great country’s borders, but far away from glaring headlines, data essential for economic development reveals a much brighter picture.

Death of 27 people sends shockwaves in Mexico tourist spot

Acapulco - A total of 27 people were killed on Saturday in the city of Acapulco—a major tourist destination in the state of Guerrero in Mexico.

Four Juárez, Mexico police officers killed in ambush

Four police officers, responding to an emergency call, were shot and killed in an ambush in Juárez on Saturday, adding to a mounting toll in the death-weary border city.

Drug tunnel measuring 2,200 feet found under Mexico-US border

A drug smugglers' tunnel was discovered by operatives of San Diego Tunnel Task Force in the city of Tijuana in Mexico going through Otay Mesa in San Diego, California.

Eight people killed in gas bomb attack in Mexican bar

Mexico - At least eight people died early today after an attack with gasoline bombs caused a fire in a crowded bar in the Mexican resort city of Cancún, México.

Narco-violence spills into US

Laredo - Laredo, Texas area ranches reportedly have been engulfed in the narco-violence from Nuevo Laredo in Mexico. Twelve dead, twenty one injured in Nuevo Laredo.

Mexican journalist dismembered by drug cartel, dissolved in acid

Tabasco - Mexican journalist Rodolfo Rincon has been reported killed by a drug cartel's hit men who dismembered Rincon and then dissolved his body in acid.

Drug-Related Violence Leaves 30 People and a Mayor Dead in Mexico

A Mayor of a town in Northern Mexico along with 30 other civilians and police officers were killed Tuesday in a violent encounter between the police and an armed gang believed to be members of the powerful 'La Familia Drug Cartel' operating in Mexico.

Summit of the Americas starts in Port of Spain

Preliminary meetings for the Summit of the Americas kicked off at Port of Spain in Trinidad & Tobago with leaders from 34 nations in the western hemisphere participating.

Fugitive U.S. Marshal Found Murdered in Mexico

A U.S. marshal, wanted by authorities in El Paso Texas for stealing two handguns and a shotgun from the federal government, has been found dead in Juarez Mexico with multiple gunshot wounds to the back of his head.
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