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Drone attacks News

Op-Ed: Obama's drone war has strong Congressional support

Washington - In spite of the fact that recently President Obama announced that a drone strike in Pakistan killed two innocent hostages being held by Al Qaeda, there is no sign of the drone program ending any time soon or that it will even be altered.

Op-Ed: When criminals are the police

What happens when the world's criminal elite double as its police force? Recent events have provided a good opportunity to observe.

Op-Ed: Who is really murdering Moslems?

The recent horrific murder of a soldier in Woolwich, South London was blamed by one of the perpetrators on the wicked Imperialists, but is this really the case?

Op-Ed: Obama's speech on the 'war on terror' and drone strikes

Washington - Much of Obama's speech is a rehash of the already repeated mantra about drone strikes being justified in self defense. They are claimed to be carefully vetted and narrowly targeted and in future will be even more strictly regulated.

Op-Ed: UNCHR calls for freeze on production and use of weaponized drones

Geneva - UN Human Rights Council(UNHRC)l calls for a moratorium on "testing, production, assembly, transfer, acquisition, deployment and use" of fully or semi-autonomous weapons. This would include drones and robots.

Over 30 arrested in drone protest at New York state base

Syracuse - More than thirty people were arrested as they protested outside the Hancock Field Air National Guard Base. The protests were against attacks by US armed drones.

Op-Ed: The problem of signature strikes in drone attacks

Washington - Discussion about drone strikes and their justification has centered rather narrowly on targeted killings that are directed against specific individuals. Sometimes the discussion is even further narrowed to targeting US citizens.

Op-Ed: Stop The War to protest against killer drones

Lincoln - Most people are not happy about their government being complicit in the murder of innocent men, women and children. Some are prepared to do more than tut tut about it, and have decided to take action.

Op-Ed: US Senator Graham estimates 4,700 killed in US drone attacks

Easley - Republican Senator from South Carolina, Lindsey Graham, told a Rotary Club meeting in his home state that the US had killed 4,700 in the strikes. Lindsey is a strong supporter of the drone attacks claiming the attacks have killed senior Al Qaeda leaders.

Op-Ed: Al Qaeda provides 22 helpful tips for dodging drones

Bamako - In a building abandoned by Islamic militants in Mali a manila envelope was discovered with a document inside that gives 22 helpful tips for dodging drones.

Op-Ed: Many liberals support hawkish policies if Obama adopts them

Washington - Many civil libertarians worry that President Obama's hawkish policies on national security have silenced liberals who vigorously and vociferously opposed similar or the same policies under President George W. Bush.

Op-Ed: Disapproval of US leadership hits new high in Pakistan

Islamabad - At his confirmation hearings last week, John Brennan was asked whether drones in Pakistan were creating a backlash. Brennan claimed that people in the areas are being held hostage to Al Qaeda and welcomed intervention by the US and Pakistani army.

Op-Ed: US Congress debate on drones very limited

Washington - Now that the drone assassination campaign of the Obama administration is receiving some attention in the US Congress, several Representatives and Senators are offering ideas as to how to develop oversight and a legal framework for the program.

Op-Ed: DOJ memo justifies killing Americans posing imminent threat

Washington - The US Justice Department (DOJ) released a White Paper that justifies killing Americans abroad if they pose an imminent threat. Yet, when the Obama administration replaced George W. Bush in 2008, it and its supporters depicted water boarding as torture.

Op-Ed: Retired US Admiral Dennis Blair warns of terrorist use of drones

Washington - Retired US Admiral Dennis Blair, worries that terrorists may use drones to attack the president and other US leaders as drone technology expands.

Op-Ed: Three drone attacks in Pakistan kill at least 17 people

Peshawar - In three separate drone attacks in a mountainous area of South Waziristan, at least 17 people were killed officials and tribal sources reported.

Op-Ed: US can keep legal justification for drone attacks secret

Washington - A federal judge ruled that the U.S. government is not required to publicly disclose its legal justification for drone attacks or any other methods it uses to kill terror suspects overseas.

Op-Ed: Violence continues in Yemen

Sanaa - In separate attacks in the capital Sanaa two Yemeni security officers were gunned down. The assailants in both cases managed to escape. Attacks of this type are often carried out by radical Islamists often associated with Al Qaeda.

Op-Ed: Why Parliament must act on the drone scandal

London - A judge has ruled that the courts do not have the power to force the British Government to reveal its policy on drone strikes, saying this is the jurisdiction of Parliament.

Op-Ed: UK High Court refuses to reveal if UK aids US drone attacks

London - The UK High Court has blocked an attempt by a Pakistani, Noor Khan, to force the UK Government to reveal if it provides targeting intelligence for U.S. drone strikes. Noor Khan's father died in a drone strike in Pakistan.

Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich try to force release of drone data

Washington - Representative Ron Paul, a libertarian-minded Republican, and Dennis Kucinich, a liberal Democrat, both oppose the use of attack drones and both seek the release of administration documents with information about the drone programs.

Op-Ed: Obama administration drawing up rules for justified drone attacks

Washington - The Obama administration is in the process of drafting formal rules for targeted killing by drones. The rules would set out the circumstances in which the attacks are justified.

Op-Ed: Abū Qatāda and the Drones

Abū Qatāda is a convicted terrorist and, we are told, a continuing threat to our national security. So why don't we simply murder him?

Op-Ed: Israel and its partners-in-crime

Ever wondered why America and Britain support Israel's murderous assault on Gaza? It's because in many ways, our leaders are no better than theirs.

Op-Ed: U.S. officials remove Imran Khan from plane to quiz him on drones

Toronto - Imran Khan, prominent Pakistani politician was removed from his flight from Toronto to New York and questioned for an hour about his views on drone attacks.

Op-Ed: Djibouti and Camp Lemonnier a hub for U.S. drone operations

The Washington Post has a long article detailing the operations at a U.S. base in Djibouti at Camp Lemonnier. Drones from the base fly north to Yemen but also south to Somalia.

Ten demonstrators arrested at New York drone base

Dewittville - Protesters from the New York Upstate Coalition to Ground the Drones and End the Wars demonstrated at the gate of the Air National Guard's Hancock Field in DeWitt , New York. Ten demonstrators were arrested.

Op-Ed: 'My gaze is as fatal as a drone attack'

Peshawar - A new romantic song by Pakistani singer Sitara Younis compares the gaze of a beautiful dancing girl to a drone attack. Both are equally fatal to men.

Lupe Fiasco on Obama:'Great speaker, but kills little children'

Rapper Lupe Fiasco has been making the media rounds in preparation for the release of his newest album "Food & Liquor 2: Great American Rap Album, part 1, set to drop September 25. During recent interviews, he has made some rather controversial comments.

Op-Ed: CNN drone drivel drones on

Islamabad - CIA drone attacks continue in Pakistani tribal areas in spite of several resolutions in the Pakistani parliament demanding they stop. CNN reports on drones continue to call the attacks "suspected" drone attacks and use anonymous officials as sources.
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