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Drone News

Facebook Internet drone Aquila completes first test flight

Facebook’s goal to deliver Internet service to far-flung places took another step closer to reality following the successful test flight of its solar-powered Aquila drone.

Afghan brothers launch new mine-hunting drone

Eindhoven - Former refugees Massoud and Mahmud Hassani stunned the world three years ago with an invention like a dandelion puffball that sought to rid the world of landmines.

Israel fires missiles at drone from Syria: Army

Jerusalem - Israel's military on Sunday fired two Patriot missiles at a drone that "infiltrated" from war-ravaged neighbouring Syria, it said.

Europe's air safety agency to study aircraft-drone collision risk

Berlin - Europe's air safety watchdog Wednesday said it would examine the risk of collision between drones and aircraft, as the use of such unmanned flying devices grows.

Man arrested for photographing Indian temple with drone

Khajuraho - A U.S. citizen at the famous Khajuraho temples in India was arrested by the police for photographing the monuments with a drone, without a license.

Drone photography is upping the real estate game dramatically Special

San Francisco - Aerial photos and video shot by drones are adding a cutting edge element to the luxury real estate market, giving a field that is already highly competitive a touch of Hollywood style production.

Golden Gate Bridge declares itself a 'no-drone zone'

San Francisco - Just in case you were considering flying that new aerial drone you got for Christmas off the Golden Gate Bridge, there's a new rule you probably should know about.

Amazon video shows off new helicopter/plane delivery drone

Two years after it initially announced its intention to begin a drone delivery service, Amazon today showed off its new prototype drone in a YouTube video.

Russia says all planes in Syria safe, drones 'working as normal'

Moscow - Russia's military on Friday said all its planes in Syria had returned safely to base and its drones were "working as normal", after Turkey said it had downed an "air vehicle" which violated its air space.

Drone crashes into New Jersey house

Linden - A quadcopter drone equipped with a camera crashed into the roof of a home in Linden, New Jersey on Thursday night leaving the family asking questions.

Iran shoots down suspected spy drone near Iraq border

Tehran - Iran's military shot down a suspected reconnaissance drone in a province on its western border with Iraq, a military official said Saturday.

No. 2 leader of ISIS killed in drone strike, U.S. officials say

Washington - One of the top leaders of feared Iraqi terrorist group Islamic State was killed Wednesday in a drone strike, U.S. officials acknowledged this week.

Man arrested for shooting down drone hovering over his backyard

Hillview - A Kentucky man has been arrested after he shot down a drone flying over his property, but he's not making any apologies about it.

Drone spotted near Lufthansa plane landing at Warsaw

Varsovia - A drone passed within 100 metres of a Lufthansa plane landing at Warsaw airport, Poland's air navigation agency said Tuesday.

Afghanistan-Pakistan IS chief killed in drone strike

Kabul - The head of the Islamic State group in the Afghanistan-Pakistan region has been killed in a drone strike in eastern Afghanistan, intelligence officials and militant commanders said Saturday.

Drone strikes kill 10 Qaeda suspects in Yemen

Aden - Two missile strikes by unmanned American drones in southeastern Yemen have killed 10 suspected members of Al-Qaeda, including three local chiefs, an official said Saturday.

Facebook had a secret plan to build a $500m satellite

A report has claimed that Facebook has been considering launching a satellite into orbit to help its plans to provide Internet access to developing countries. The secret plans were scrapped recently due to the prohibitive $500 million cost.

U.S. Navy conducts first drone in-flight refueling

Washington - The U.S. Navy announced it had successfully completed the first in-flight refueling of a drone, widely increasing the use and range of the unmanned aircraft.

Review: Hot Docs’ 'Special Presentations' demands your attention Special

Hot Docs’ “Special Presentation” section features several stories from which we can learn and highlights some issues we can still change.

Amazon is testing delivery drones at a secret Canada site

Amazon is reported to be testing and developing its new drone delivery service at a secret site in Canada amid growing frustration with the U.S. government's prohibitive attitude towards the technology.

Amazon cleared by FAA to start testing deliveries by drone

Amazon is a step closer to being able to deliver packages by air, thanks to the Federal Aviation Administration's approval to start testing drones outside.

French police report 'dozen' drone sightings over Paris

Paris - Paris police on Wednesday said the public had reported around a dozen drone sightings over sensitive areas of the French capital -- the latest in a baffling series of overflights.

Al-Jazeera reporter fined for drone flights over Paris

Paris - A French court Tuesday fined a British journalist 1,000 euros ($1,100) for flying a drone over central Paris and confiscated the machine, as authorities scramble to explain a recent series of mysterious overflights.

Google close to sending solar-powered drones into the sky

Google has announced at Mobile World Congress that it is close to an official launch of its Project Titan solar-powered drone program. The first drones could be flying before the end of the year.

Al-Jazeera journalist in Paris court next week for flying drone

Paris - One of three Al-Jazeera journalists arrested for flying a drone in Paris will appear in court next week after pleading guilty, a judicial source said on Thursday.The other two television journalists have been freed.

Mystery as drones spotted in Paris sky

Paris - Investigators in Paris have been left puzzled by a string of drone sightings over Paris, even as three journalists for TV station Al-Jazeera were arrested Wednesday for flying one from a park on the edge of the city.

Unidentified drones reappear over Paris at night

Paris - Unidentified drones flew over Paris for a second night in a row, police said Wednesday, in the latest mystery appearance of unmanned aircraft over the French capital at a time of high security.

Drones spotted flying over Paris landmarks

Paris - Paris police were hunting on Tuesday for clues as to who carried out late night drone flights over at least five landmarks in the French capital, including the Eiffel Tower.

Unmanned drone recovered from White House grounds

Washington, D. C. - A drone aircraft found on the grounds of the White House in Washington, D.C., prompted new concerns Monday about the quality of protection offered to U.S. President Barack Obama and his family.

'Facilitator' of Taliban school attack killed in Pakistan

Peshawar - Pakistani security forces have killed a Taliban commander who allegedly facilitated the Peshawar school massacre, which left 150 people dead in the country's worst ever terror attack, officials said Friday.
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Drone Image

A ScanEagle in its catapult launcher
A ScanEagle in its catapult launcher
Gunnery Sergeant Shannon Arledge of the 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing
INTRUDER ALERT: U.S. Secret Service officers began searching the White House grounds at dawn Monday ...
INTRUDER ALERT: U.S. Secret Service officers began searching the White House grounds at dawn Monday after an apparent drone aircraft crashed on the lawn during the middle of the night. No injuries or damage was reported.
U.S. Defense Department/Wikimedia Commons
Amazon drone scanning landing spot
Amazon drone scanning landing spot
A 2011 photo released by the official website of Iran s Revolutionary Guards shows what Iranian offi...
A 2011 photo released by the official website of Iran's Revolutionary Guards shows what Iranian officials say is an American RQ-170 Sentinel high-altitude reconnaissance drone that crashed in Iran
Iran's Revolutionary Guards
Amazon s new octocopter hybrid delivery drone
Amazon's new octocopter hybrid delivery drone
Chinese drone: Xianglong  or Soaring Dragon
Chinese drone: Xianglong, or Soaring Dragon
IAF downs unidentified drone
IAF downs unidentified drone
Predator Drone.
Predator Drone.
Doctress Neutopia
Unveiling the Karrar  the messenger of peace called the  Striker
Unveiling the Karrar, the messenger of peace called the 'Striker'
Fox News, video screen capture
A drone flying over a farm
A drone flying over a farm
Flickr user Lima Pix
Amazon Prime Air Drone.
Amazon Prime Air Drone.
Drone discovered on Ticao Island  Masbate  Philippinweas
Drone discovered on Ticao Island, Masbate, Philippinweas
An Aladin UAV drone
An Aladin UAV drone
Circular geoglyph Amazon
Circular geoglyph Amazon
Google Earth
The new  bird  drone developed by MIT University that can  perch  on power lines to recharge itself.
The new 'bird' drone developed by MIT University that can 'perch' on power lines to recharge itself.
MIT University
Secret Projects
Facebook headquarters entrance sign at 1 Hacker Way  Menlo Park  California.
Facebook headquarters entrance sign at 1 Hacker Way, Menlo Park, California.
FANCY: A drone operator prepares to launch his aircraft from the Pacific Ocean shoreline in Half Moo...
FANCY: A drone operator prepares to launch his aircraft from the Pacific Ocean shoreline in Half Moon Bay, Calif., in March.
tomwsulcer / Wikimedia
A scene from  Drone
A scene from 'Drone'
Hot Docs