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Op-Ed: Library of Congress buries DRM obstructions to repair

Washington - The recent catfight over the right to repair has boiled down to whether consumers can hack devices subject to Digital Rights Management (DRM) for the purpose of repair. Now the Library of Congress has ruled it’s OK.

Digital rights management leads EFF to resign from W3C

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has announced it's resigning from the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), the standards body responsible for deciding what gets added to web browsers, after the organisation decided to standardise DRM controls.

Chrome bug lets you download full Netflix movies for free

A recently discovered bug in Google's Chrome web browser makes it possible for anyone to download full movies from DRM-protected sources including Netflix and Amazon. Pirates could easily bypass Chrome's copy protection systems to access content.

4K Netflix stream pirated for the first time

The DRM on Netflix's ultra-high definition content has been broken for the first time, allowing pirates to upload a 4K episode of Breaking Bad to a private torrent site. The episode weighs in at nearly 18GB because of the high quality.

'Fallout 3' for PC no longer requires Games For Windows Live

Bethesda Studio latest update for 'Fallout 3' has removed the digital rights management (DRM) check-in that is required for Games For Windows Live (GFWL).

Op-Ed: Google Glass goes all corporate and staggeringly stupid

Sydney - Google used to be sharp and fun when they were a startup. Now the corporate castrati have obviously got control. The latest missive from Google says “don’t resell”, and “don’t lend” Google Glass.

HTC Revenues up 22%, Courtesy Google Cell phone

HTC revenues have reportedly gone up 22% due to Google Cell phone. According to latest reports, it has become possible for hits such as T-Mobile G1 as well as the ‘Touch’ line.

Sony Will Sell Music Without Copyright Protection Through New Download Service

Sony BMG has dropped digital rights management restrictions from its MP3 catalogue of music that will soon be available through its new download service, Platinum MusicPass. Sony BMG is the last major label to offer tracks free of copyright protection.

Are major record labels finally embracing MP3s?

EMI and Universal are doing it. So are smaller labels. Sony BMG and Warner Music may soon join the club of record labels releasing music through the unrestrictive MP3 format. It’s about time.

iTunes strips DRM in new files but continues to offer personal information

Files purchased from the iTunes Music Store have always contained personal information, and the new DRM-free files are no exception. But just how much and what kind of information do they contain? The Electronic Frontier Foundation is investigating.

HBO Exec Announces New Name For DRM: DCE "Digital Consumer Enablement"

Bob Zitter, HBO's chief technology officer and head techie nerd announced today at the National Cable & Telecommunications Association show in Las Vegas that people don't like DRM because of it's ugly name

Digg Removes Posts On Cracking DRM, Digg Users Revolt

In response to content being removed by site owners from, Digg users revolted and reposted the posts thousands of time and actually took down the bohemoth news website.

Microsoft Joins Apple In Offering DRM-Free Music

Following Apple's lead, Microsoft has announced that the Zune Marketplace will offer DRM-free downloads from EMI's catalogue. Microsoft also claims to be discussing similar arrangements with other music labels.

Carpenter Newton Investigates the DRM-Free Promise of Higher Audio Quality

Apple and EMI have teamed to give the deep-six to restrictive DRM, but the price of those files come at a premium. Apple says the new files will deliver higher audio quality, but is it really higher audio quality? Is it worth the premium price?

DRM: Friend or Foe of Zune

The Zune is in a different situation with DRM that the iPod. With the iPod DRM isnt such a huge impact, but Zune is (almost) based fully around DRM. Could the end of DRM mean the failure or success of Zune? And was Steve Jobs thinking about this?

Bill Gates and Steve Jobs both Agree that DRM is a problem

When the heads of both Apple and Microsoft agree that DRM is bad. Then it's time for the industry to make changes

Apple's Jobs calls on music industry to drop DRM

In a move that's sure to ruffle a few feathers in the music industry, Apple CEO Steve Jobs has called for the elimination of DRM protection on downloaded music and urged the four major record companies to sell songs without copy protection software.

Microsoft ditches PlaysForSure for the Zune

By deciding to launch a specific closed digital music system for the Zune, Microsoft has shaken the faith of those who considered siding with the PlaysForSure digital rights management system.

Download of the Day: DRM Dumpster (Mac)

(Mac ONLY) Freeware app DRM Dumpster plugs into your iTunes music library, burns protected tracks to CD-RW, then re-imports them to your hard drive.

Is DRM Good or Bad For Consumers ?

DRM (digital rights management) technology may actually be good for consumers because it could give them more choices for downloading or buying copyrighted content, some speakers at a U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) event said today.

Zune not compatible with Microsoft's other DRM

Microsoft strands earlier music adopters with their new Zune.

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