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New Survey: Majority of IT departments have gaps in USB security

While there are many sources of cybersecurity weakness, employees pose a major threat to their organizations’ data security, and a major contributor is employees’ usage of USB drives.

Finland produces the first AI-based driver’s log

Technology company Kiho have built an artificial intelligence vehicle log, intended to assist drivers. The digital log can differentiate between a driver's working time driving and leisure time driving, with a view to reduce accidents.

A discussion on transitioning to a green economy — Part 1

Concerned that workers will be left out of jobs as countries transition to a green economy, the International Trade Union Confederation is advocating for a clear and fair transition plan for employees when it comes to this kind of industry-wide changes.

Canada has a way for you to report bad drone drivers

The Canadian government wants bad drone drivers reported and they have come up with a way for the public to help them. They created a hotline.

Study says teens are still bad drivers

Liberty Mutual Insurance and Students Against Destructive Decision released a new study that revealed teen drivers are still bad drivers.

Tired Croatian bus drivers ferry migrants day and night

Baranjsko Petrovo Selo - They usually chauffeur tourists or school children, but Croatian bus drivers are now working into the night ferrying thousands of migrants from one corner of their country to another."Temporary transport," say the signs on their buses.

Uber nixes promo with free car rides from 'hot chick' drivers

Lyon - Uber, a ride-sharing app, canceled a promotion in the city of Lyon. The promotion said that passengers could go for a 20-minute ride in cars that were driven by beautiful ladies.

Dennis sees echoes of Senna in Button

McLaren boss Ron Dennis sang the praises of his Formula One driver line-up on Thursday and detected echoes of Ayrton Senna in Jenson Button's relationship with the team.

Drivers may never have to sit at a red light again

Drivers looking to shave off some time off their commute may be able to do so thanks to a dashboard system that Audi is developing.

Drivers would consider self-driving cars to save on insurance

Ninety percent of licensed drivers would consider buying a self-driving car to save a lot of money on car insurance, according to a new survey by

Ontario's top court: Holding a cellphone while driving illegal

Toronto - In a pair of decisions, the Ontario Court of Appeal ruled the prosecution need not prove a cellphone was actually being used by a driver before a conviction can be entered for distracted driving. Merely holding one is sufficient.

Top 10 auto insurance tips every driver should know Commissioned

Auto insurance isn't just a pragmatic opt-in; it's the law. How, then, can consumers fulfill their legal obligation to be insured while fulfilling their wallet's desire to be, well, not completely emptied?

What drivers should do when they're in an at-fault car accident Commissioned

When a driver is determined to be at fault in an accident, this anxious situation often invites a number of fears and unknowns along with it.

Which auto insurance add-ons are actually worth your money? Commissioned

You’re sitting in front of your insurance broker and she starts talking some foreign language. Would you like additional accident insurance benefits? What about roadside assistance coverage? Find out which insurance add-ons you actually need.

What every Canadian student should know about auto insurance Commissioned

As summer turns to autumn, the annual migration of college and university students returning to school begins. No doubt the subject of auto insurance will be a concern for students driving their own car on campus or visiting their parents during holidays.

Inside the most common traffic violations and how to avoid them Commissioned

It's not enough to be aware of the major traffic infractions; drivers need to learn how to avoid them in order to keep insurance rates down.

How the car you drive affects your auto insurance rates Commissioned

When buying a new car you might not consider how the type of car you get affects your insurance quotes. Although every auto insurance company has its own method for setting rates, all include the type of car to be insured as a variable.

What drivers need to know about no-fault insurance Commissioned

Have you ever wondered what no-fault auto insurance means after you've been in an accident? Why are your rates increasing even though no-fault is supposed to lower them or keep them even?

What drivers need to know after getting into an accident Commissioned

After being in a car accident, drivers might feel anxious about what to do next, including how to file a report and assessing damage to a vehicle. Read on to learn the best tips on covering your bases post-accident.

Everything drivers need to know before going on a road trip Commissioned

Summers were made for Canadian road trips, but what should drivers know before they embark on their adventures? Check out these tips on learning about road conditions, car safety and much more.

How location impacts car insurance rates and what to do about it Commissioned

Many people believe that the main factor determining the cost of an auto-insurance premium is the year and make of the vehicle being insured. In fact, that is far from the truth. Where you live can play a very significant role in determining your rates.

Cardboard cutout policemen patrol the streets of Bangalore

As you cruise down the street you spot a policeman crossing his arms in a pair of shades. You slowly drive by the policeman only to realize that it is a piece of cardboard. Yes policeman cardboard cutouts are effective!

D.C. region tops list of commuter hours wasted in traffic Special

Fairfax - A new report says U.S. drivers spend, on average, over 65 hours a year sitting in traffic. The Washington D.C. region ranked top of the list of those commuters wasting time stuck in road congestion.

Are dash cams becoming a necessity for drivers to avoid fraud?

Taipei - A video published late last month from Taiwan apparently shows a pedestrian purposely running into a car and then acting hurt. Unfortunately for the culprit, the vehicle had a dash cam and the driver was a cop.

One in seven American drivers are uninsured

The odds of having an accident involving an uninsured driver continue to rise as new data released by the Insurance Research Council (IRC) found that approximately one in seven motorists on the nation's highways are driving without insurance.

Study: Slight improvement shown by Ontario drivers

Ontario drivers improved slightly according to the second Ontario Safe Driving Study by Allstate Insurance Company of Canada. Belleville drivers had the lowest number of car collisions in Ontario while Brampton rated with the highest number.

US gov't changes laws for transgender passport applicants Special

Washington - The State Department announced new guidelines for issuing passports to transgender applicants. If you bring a note from your doctor that you have undergone appropriate clinical treatment for gender transition you'll be able to get a passport to match.

Speak English, this is Alabama - learn it or leave

Montgomery - "This is Alabama; we speak English," says gubernatorial candidate Tim James. "If you want to live here, learn it." Requiring Alabama driver’s license tests in English only is a matter of public safety for the people of this state.

Incidents with TTC drivers ground one-on-one incident reporting Special

Toronto - On Saturday incidents with Toronto Transit Commission drivers have made an impact when it comes to reporting with the TTC.

Ontario police warn drivers of cellphone rules change

On February 1, 2010 the rules will be changing for Ontario drivers when it comes to hand-held wireless communication devices or any hand-held electronic entertainment devices.
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The Volkswagen Reduce Speed Dial experiment aimed to disrupt parents  behaviour. Photo shows speed d...
The Volkswagen Reduce Speed Dial experiment aimed to disrupt parents' behaviour. Photo shows speed dials designed by children.
LICENSE: Today is the first day since the 1990s that undocumented immigrants in California can apply...
LICENSE: Today is the first day since the 1990s that undocumented immigrants in California can apply for state driver licenses. Photo shows Dept. of Motor Vehicles headquarters in Sacramento.
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