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Meet Justin Brown: NYS and Riverhead Raceway 'Rookie of the Year' Special

Manorville - Teen race car driver Justin Brown of Manorville chatted with Digital Journal's Markos Papadatos about his career in car racing and being recognized as New York State and Riverhead Raceway "Rookie of the Year."

NASCAR driver Tyler Williams talks 'Spotlight,' and country music Special

Tyler Williams is a jack of all trades. NASCAR driver, author, and country musician. He chatted with Digital Journal about "Spotlight," his future plans and dream collaboration choices.

Samsung unveils 'the car of the future' Special

London - Samsung and HARMAN have revealed the next iteration of their innovative Digital Cockpit platform, and a model is on display at Samsung's new London showroom. Digital Journal paid a visit.

Meet Andrew Comrie-Picard: Hollywood stunt driver Special

Hollywood stunt driver Andrew Comrie-Picard chatted with Digital Journal, where he shared insights on how to have fun with our tax refund this year. Comrie-Picard also discussed the digital transformation of the entertainment business.

Artificial intelligence helps to keep tired drivers awake

Tokyo - One risk with driving is feeling tired and losing concentration. Sleep related problems exacerbate this risk. To help drivers, Panasonic have developed an artificial intelligence platform.

Review: Billy Raffoul rocks on new radio single 'Driver' Special

Canadian singer-songwriter Billy Raffoul has released his new radio single "Driver" on Interscope, and it is absolutely incredible.

German petition urges honour for dead Polish truck driver

Berlin - Calls grew in Germany on Monday for the government to posthumously honour the Polish truck driver who is believed to have saved many lives during the Christmas market attack.More than 33,000 people had signed an online petition at Change.

Woman mistakenly thought Lyft driver was kidnapping her

San Francisco - On Thursday night, a woman ordered a ride from Lyft, a ride-sharing service similar to Uber, but she jumped out of the car at a stoplight. Why? She thought the Lyft driver was trying to kidnap her.

Woman says Uber driver ran her over after dragging her out of car

Queensland - In Queensland, Australia, an Uber driver is being accused of pulling a female passenger out of his car and then running her over.

Driver crashes car, steals another vehicle before getting caught

Montreal - On Tuesday evening, a dramatic hit and run, as well as police chase, took place in the Montreal neighborhood of Rosemont.

Uber driver tells woman he'll cut her throat over cancellation

Uber, a transportation network company, is making news again, and this time it is because a driver in London threatened to slit the throat of a user.

London bus driver throttles woman who filmed her driving over red

The female driver of a London tour bus apparently throttled and assaulted a woman who filmed her allegedly driving the bus through a red light. She left her vehicle in the middle of the road, leaping out to throw the victim to the ground, unconscious.

Cyclist spots and confronts driver eating bowl of cereal

London - A video surfaced and it was filmed by a cyclist two mornings ago. It shows a woman behind the wheel of a vehicle, eating a bowl of cereal.

Crowded SF tour bus burns on Haight Street

San Francisco - Dozens of tourists visiting San Francisco’s iconic Haight-Ashbury neighborhood got considerably more excitement than they expected May 3 when their tour bus caught fire and burned on Haight Street.

Toronto driverless 'ghost bus' filmed rolling into van on camera

A Toronto bus operator is investigating a "ghost bus" incident after one of its vehicles was videoed slowly rolling away from Bathurst Station with no driver, eventually hitting a parked delivery van.

Louisiana teen accused of knocking school bus driver unconscious

An unruly Louisiana teen has been charged with assault after knocking a school bus driver unconscious, leading to another teen on the bus stepping in to bring the vehicle to a halt.

Woman cab driver encourages other women to drive in Afghanistan

In Afghanistan, the majority of taxi drivers are males, but Sara Bahayi, 40, is a female taxi driver who is trying to change that.

Man gets hit with $17,000+ bridge toll bill

Seattle - A man in Washington said he was not happy after he ended up paying thousands of dollars in bridge tolls, which his son owed.

Police officer delivers pizza after arresting delivery driver

The Illinois Oswego Police Department has recounted details of an event earlier this week where an officer who had arrested a pizza delivery driver proceeded to complete the delivery to the customer.

Uber driver gets caught with weed after crashing into cop car

Late last week, an Uber driver crashed into a police car, and then the driver got caught with weed in the glove compartment.

Man gets 6 months' jail for driving from passenger seat

Barcelona - A 20-year-old man posted a YouTube of himself, driving from the passenger seat of his car on a highway near Barcelona in Spain. He has now received a six-month suspended sentence for his stupidity.

Driver stops to save lives of ducklings, gets $44 ticket

A driver in New Hampshire who stopped her car in an attempt to save the lives of stranded ducklings received a $44 ticket from police for the effort. A woman in Montreal was convicted this year for two 2010 deaths after stopping for the same thing.

Three men accuse Uber driver of taking them on a high-speed chase

Washington D.c. - Three men are alleging that a Washington Uber driver kidnapped them, and took them on a high-speed chase that lasted 10 minutes.

Drunk Spanish driver causes mayhem in Leuven, Belgium (Video)

Leuven - In what must be the epitome of bad (not to mention drunk) driving, this Spanish van driver caused a little mayhem in the narrow streets of Leuven, Belgium early on Sunday morning before being arrested by the police.

Two teens arrested in attack on driver who struck boy

Detroit - Two teens have been arrested in Detroit for beating a man who allegedly struck a boy with his vehicle. A 17-year-old and a 16-year-old were taken into custody Saturday as the leaders of a mob that attacked the man according to authorities.

Video: Saudi Arabian ‘No woman, no drive’ song goes viral

A video, featuring a song which parodies Bob Marley’s ‘No woman, no cry’ and mocks the Saudi ban on women drivers has gone viral.

Video: Vauxhall Corsa driver must be contender for world’s worst

A video showing the driver of a blue Vauxhall Corsa trying to reverse out of a car parking space has gone viral with over 1.5 million views since it was uploaded on October 11.

Video: Driver narrowly escapes being crushed by giant boulder

A Taiwanese driver is lucky to be alive, as a huge boulder crashes down a mountainside, only narrowly missing his car. The action was caught on the dashboard camera of a vehicle following behind.

Spain train crash driver on phone to rail company, consulting map

Santiago De Compostela - A Spanish court revealed today that the train that crashed in Santiago de Compostela killing 79 people was travelling at 153 kph as it went off the rails. It was revealed that the driver, Francisco José Garzón Amo, was on his work phone at that time.

Spanish crash: Train driver's Facebook posts found by media

Santiago De Compostela - Francisco José Garzón Amo is the driver who was in charge of the train that crashed in Santiago de Compostela on Wednesday. While Renfe have announced there was no alcohol in his system, certain controversial posts by the man on Facebook have surfaced.
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NASCAR driver and country artist Tyler Williams
NASCAR driver and country artist Tyler Williams
Matthew Berinato
No woman  no drive.
No woman, no drive.
YouTube-Alaa Wardi
Getting stopped by a traffic cop
Getting stopped by a traffic cop
Robert Couse-Baker
SETTLED: An Uber car with markings from three rideshare company signs waits for its next driving ass...
SETTLED: An Uber car with markings from three rideshare company signs waits for its next driving assignment in Venice, Calif., in 2014.
Colin@TheTruthAbout / Wikimedia Commons
Red Bull Formula One driver Mark Webber of Australia holds up the Australian flag during podium cele...
Red Bull Formula One driver Mark Webber of Australia holds up the Australian flag during podium celebrations after the Brazilian F1 Grand Prix at the Interlagos circuit in Sao Paulo November 24, 2013. The Brazilian F1 Grand Prix is Webber's last Formula One race
With permission by Reuters / Paulo Whitaker
Temperature can easily be controlled from inside the Digital Cockpit.
Temperature can easily be controlled from inside the Digital Cockpit.
The driver s view  from inside Samsung s car of the future.
The driver's view, from inside Samsung's car of the future.
Kellen chatting to the taxi driver.
Kellen chatting to the taxi driver.
Screen capture from video
Francisco José Garzón  driver of the train involved in the high-speed crash in Santiago de Compost...
Francisco José Garzón, driver of the train involved in the high-speed crash in Santiago de Compostela, Spain.
Video screengrab
Andrew Comrie-Picard
Andrew Comrie-Picard
Andrew Comrie-Picard supplied publicity photo

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