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Kelly Lang talks 'Old Soul' album and remake of The Cars' 'Drive' Special

Country singer Kelly Lang chatted with Digital Journal's Markos Papadatos while quarantined during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Review: Daughtry trio honors the late Ric Ocasek of The Cars with 'Drive' Special

On September 19, Chris Daughtry honored the late Ric Ocasek of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame band The Cars with a stirring performance of "Drive" with his acoustic trio.

Microsoft will sell Windows 10 on USB sticks as well as DVDs

A report has suggested that Microsoft will sell retail editions of Windows 10 on USB drives, a sign of the continuing demise of optical media for storage. Although DVDs will remain available, installing from USB will be much quicker for most people.

Louisiana teen accused of knocking school bus driver unconscious

An unruly Louisiana teen has been charged with assault after knocking a school bus driver unconscious, leading to another teen on the bus stepping in to bring the vehicle to a halt.

Review: Gareth Emery superb on new 'Drive: Refueled' remix album Special

Electronic dance music superstar Gareth Emery will be releasing his new remix album "Drive: Refueled" on March 3 and it is an exquisite CD.

DNA preserved in glass could store data for over 2 million years

A hard drive that stores data on a strand of DNA preserved in glass could keep data in a readable state for over 2 million years if kept in an optimal enivronment, a new report indicates.

Man caught driving using laptop, phone and earphones

In one of the most outrageous driving offences reported for a while, a man has been filmed driving while using his laptop and phone while listening to music through earphones in Aberdeen, Scotland.

G-Technology takes on Lacie with super-rugged hard drives

G-Technology is hoping to seek attention in the rugged hard drive market by launching several new models capable of withstanding water to the point of floating.

Review: Gareth Emery delights on EDM single 'U' with Bo Bruce Special

Electronic dance music star Gareth Emery released his latest album "Drive," which features the incredible lead single "U."

Gareth Emery talks new CD 'Drive,' collaborations and Coachella Special

Electronic dance music (EDM) producer and DJ Gareth Emery chatted about his new album "Drive," collaborations (past and present) and his experience at this year's Coachella.

Review: Gareth Emery energizes fans with new album 'Drive' Special

Electronic dance music (EDM) sensation Gareth Emery is back with his new sophomore studio album "Drive," his first in four years.

Video: Saudi Arabian ‘No woman, no drive’ song goes viral

A video, featuring a song which parodies Bob Marley’s ‘No woman, no cry’ and mocks the Saudi ban on women drivers has gone viral.

Beating the icy winter roads with beet juice

With the declining supply of road salt and the higher prices, many communities are switching to a more cost efficient, and yet environmentally friendly solution.

Video: New Zealand SPCA teaches dogs how to drive

Auckland - New Zealand SPCA has trained three dogs to drive as part of its campaign to encourage people to adopt stray dogs. The campaign hopes to show that stray mongrels rescued by the group are not second-class dogs but that they are highly intelligent.

NYC marathon runners ignore cancellation, raise money for victims

New York - The ING New York City Marathon was cancelled, due to the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy. Around 2,000 runners ignored the cancellation and held the "Run Anyway NYC Marathon 2012" to raise money for Sandy's victims.

Op-Ed: Google launches cloud storage service Drive

On Tuesday April 24, Google launched the Google Drive. A look into how it works, pricing, analysis and comparison between competitors.

Colorado bear takes car for joyride

Larkspur - A bear in Colorado went for an early morning drive in a family’s car while they were still asleep. Once the animal was shut inside it got a bit destructive while trying to find a way out.

Postal Service hoping to stamp out hunger

Hunger facts: 49 million Americans are at a risk of going hungry today. As the economy has worsened food banks have seen an increase in demand of over 30%. Will you help the National Letter Carriers in the final push on their drive to Stamp Out Hunger.

Calgary cop beats drunk driving rap

Calgary - Off-duty detective Travis Dunkle was charged with driving over the .08 legal limit and impaired driving and was found not guilty of both charges. The judge ruled there wasn't enough evidence at the scene to demand a breath sample.

Would You Let idriver Drive Your Car?

With today's technology advancing, it is now possible for a computer to drive your car. The latest gadget is called idriver. Read on to find out more.

Rock Band will be limited on Wii due to lack of hard drive

The upcoming Rock Band for the Nintendo Wii will be restricted on downloadable content due to the fact that the console does not have a hard drive.

Toy Recalls Slow Charity Toy Christmas Drive

The Salvation Army Christmas toy drive, Toy Mountain, is concerned that the number of toy recalls issued this past year will hamper their efforts to provide toys for the charity drive.

Microsoft cuts European price of HD DVD drive

Berlin - Microsoft announced Monday a 20-euro cut in the price of its HD DVD add-on drive for the Xbox 360 gaming console, dealing a new blow to the rival Blu-ray disc system.

How Far Can You Drive With The Tank On Empty?

Justin Davis is on a mission. He wants to know how far various cars will drive after the gas-tank warning light comes on. The auto manufacturers won't tell him. His solution? Ask the internet.

DRIVE Reaches Its Finish Line

In an act of supreme benevolence, FOX will air the last 2 episodes of their cancelled (yet awesome) series DRIVE.

drive-by dog walk

Maybe this is why America is so fat.

"Don't Smoke and Drive" first ban in world

High Court of New Delhi, India on Monday imposed a slew of new measures aimed at deterring habitually bad drivers, including the smoking ban and a prohibition on using a mobile phone while at the wheel.

List of All Trailers For The T.V. Series DRIVE

Drive is a new Television show airing on FOX. It is about an illegal cross-country road race, for a grand prize of $32 Million. The show was created by Tim Minear, and stars Nathan Fillion. Watch the trailers, and read up about the show.
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Delphi took their self-driving Audi SQ5 on a 3400 mile road-trip across the US
Delphi took their self-driving Audi SQ5 on a 3400 mile road-trip across the US
Ron Perlman in  Drive
Ron Perlman in 'Drive'
A SanDisk USB stick
A SanDisk USB stick
File photo: Delphi took their self-driving Audi SQ5 on a 3400 mile road-trip across the US
File photo: Delphi took their self-driving Audi SQ5 on a 3400 mile road-trip across the US
G-Technology rugged hard drives
G-Technology rugged hard drives
SPCA teaches dogs how to drive
SPCA teaches dogs how to drive

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