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Drinking water News

Q&A: Solution to the challenge of water phosphate regulations Special

Phosphate and phosphonate chemistries can help to control water systems. However, they can lead to dangerous levels of microbial growth. To overcome this, a nutrient-free industrial cooling corrosion control program has been developed.

Lead in some Canadian's drinking water worse than Flint

Montreal - Hundreds of thousands of Canadians have been unwittingly exposed to high levels of lead in their drinking water, with contamination in several cities consistently higher than they ever were in Flint, Michigan, according to a year-long investigation.

Barrels of agent orange chemicals found in Oregon lake

Joseph - Oregon's Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), along with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) this week began the removal of barrels recently discovered at the bottom of Wallowa Lake marked as containing chemicals used in making agent orange.

New handheld device to detect drinking water parasites

Scientists have developed a new handheld instrument that can assess microbiological contamination in water, providing the results of the analysis in real-time. The focus is on the parasite Cryptosporidium.

The toxic 'forever chemicals' lurking in our drinking water

At “community engagement sessions” around the country this summer, citizens are demanding the EPA act quickly and decisively to clean up local water systems that have tested positive for deadly chemicals called PFAs.

Making drinking water safer with new graphene filter

Australian researchers have developed a new filter that can remove organic matter from water intended to be of drinking water quality. In trials, 99 percent of the impurities can be removed through the filter process.

Tiny Canadian town goes up against the 'big boys' and wins

Montreal - The tiny municipality of Ristigouche-Partie-Sud-Est, on Quebec's Gaspé Peninsula only has 157 residents, but the tiny town was able to beat a $1.0 million lawsuit brought against them by an oil and gas exploration company.

Does fracking adversely impact on drinking water?

New research suggests a negative impact of hydraulic fracturing, intended to extract gas and oil, upon streams, plus downstream recreation water and drinking water. The research has been led by the University of Central Arkansas.

Startup developing reusable laundry sheet to remove microplastics

Waterloo - Microfibers have become a serious threat to our drinking water, and while no studies on their impact on human health have been done, a group of entrepreneurs has come up with something that looks like a dryer sheet that attracts and removes the fibers.

One Canadian Arctic community is running out of water

Iqaluit - Iqaluit, the capital of the northern territory of Nunavut, with a population of around 7,500. It is a fast-growing community. However, unless action is taken now, the city's water supply will run out due to climate change.

Towing an iceberg to the U.A.E. for fresh water met with ridicule

Abu Dhabi - While the idea of towing a massive iceberg from Antarctica to supply drinking water to millions of people in the United Arab Emirates may sound ludicrous, it is in the planning stages. But, does this "stopgap measure" actually address the real problem?

Ontario Power Generation refuses to budge on Lake Huron site

Ontario Power Generation (OPG) is refusing to budge on its contention that a planned nuclear waste repository near Lake Huron is still the best and most cost-effective site. The company issued a new analysis reaffirming its reasons for the preferred site.

India's arsenic-polluted drinking water causing cancers (Part 1)

Patna - In Bihar, India, literally millions of people are showing signs of arsenic poisoning, which can be linked to cancer, due to continually drinking contaminated water.

Neonic pesticides have been found in U.S. drinking water

Since their introduction in the 1990s, neonicotinoids have become one of the world's most widely used pesticides. However, and it was bound to happen, neonicotinoids have now been detected in our drinking water.

Affordable water may become a thing of the past in the U.S.

If water rates continue to rise as they have been projected to do, the number of households in the U.S. unable to afford water will increase threefold in the next five years, to nearly 36 percent.

Call for increased monitoring of U.S. drinking water

Washington - A call has been made for increased monitoring of U.S. drinking water supplies, specifically for chemical and microbial contaminants. The concern is with vulnerable people like pregnant women, infants and young children.

Nano device disinfects water using solar power

Washington - In many parts of the world there is limited access to clean water. Different devices exist to clean water but these are rarely portable. In a breakthrough, researchers have developed a nano-sized solar powered device.

Are Americans at risk from unsafe drinking water?

Washington - The drinking water supplied to over six million people in the U.S. could be unsafe, according to new research. This is based on a review of chemicals present in the water.

City of Vancouver sells rain barrels to save drinking water

Vancouver - With water restrictions starting in two weeks, the City of Vancouver is selling rainwater collection barrels. The city is advising residents to use the rainwater on their gardens.

Looking for the ultimate hangover cure? You'll be disappointed

Utrecht - The morning after feeling is one many of us contend with. Lots of people have their favorite hangover cures, and one of the most popular is drinking lots of water. Sadly, this turns out to be an urban myth.

Study warns against dangers of drinking too much water

Experts writing in the Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine are advising endurance athletes to drink water only when they are thirsty.

Call for Nestlé to pay for groundwater extraction Special

Toronto - A consumer group has demanded that the British Columbia Premier call in Nestlé’s water rates for review. This is, the group insists, to protect Canada’s water supply.

Alkaline based 'Healing Springs' said to hold curative powers

Barnwell County, SC may actually hold the "Fountain of Youth" that has been sought out for centuries, or at least the fountain of healing in its "Healing Springs."

Using UV light to purify water may not work

Using ultraviolet light to disinfect drinking water may simply drive bacteria to dormancy, rather than kill them. This means that taking such measures may be ineffective.

Yellowstone oil spill contaminates town's water supply

Glendive - Crude oil from the pipeline breach along the Yellowstone River has seeped into the town of Glendive's drinking water, the Environmental Protection Agency said on Monday evening. The EPA is calling the crude oil spill "significant."

Fuel oil spill closes 15-mile stretch of Ohio River

Cincinnati - A fuel oil spill at Duke Energy’s W.C. Beckjord power station outside of Cincinnati, Ohio has closed a 15-mile stretch of the Ohio River to navigation today. The U.S. Coast Guard estimates 5,000 to 8,000 gallons of fuel oil were released.

Op-Ed: Nicaragua Canal a boon to China but what about Nicaragua?

Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega has joined up with Chinese billionaire Wang Jing in literally slicing Nicaragua in half in the construction of a rival to the Panama Canal. The $49 billion project is expected to break ground in December of this year.

Ale, the world’s oldest European eel, dies at age 155 in Sweden

Normally a creature of the sea, Åle had resided in an old water well since 1859. His demise was discovered Thursday when the well’s present owner went to show him to some guests.

Wastewater turned into tap water thanks to man-made wetlands

Technology keeps healthy water continuously flowing between Dallas and Houston in Texas with the help of nature and human ingenuity.

Energy and power or drinking water: Choices to be made by 2040

Man cannot live without water for more than but a few days. Every single function in our body depends on this life-sustaining fluid. But with increasing demands for electricity, recent studies are warning of a severe water shortage in the next 30 years.
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Women filling water from the local tap in Mumbai.
Women filling water from the local tap in Mumbai.
The New River flows at 200 cf s as it enters Imperial County  Southern California (United States) fr...
The New River flows at 200 cf s as it enters Imperial County, Southern California (United States) from Baja California state (México). The water at this point is three colors: dark green, white (foam), and milky brown/green. The septic stench is pungent, particularly during the summer season when temperatures can reach up to 120º (48ºC).
Calexico New River Committee (CNRC)
Zero Mass Water
Zero Mass Water
Zero Mass Water
Two glasses of drinking water.
Two glasses of drinking water.
File photo: U.S. Army Sergeant Kornelia Rachwal gives a young Pakistani girl a drink of water as the...
File photo: U.S. Army Sergeant Kornelia Rachwal gives a young Pakistani girl a drink of water as they are airlifted from Muzaffarabad to Islamabad, Pakistan in Oct. 2005.
Technical Sergeant Mike Buytas of the United States Air Force
A Source pilot program in Ecuador shows that one solar panel can provide drinking water for a family...
A Source pilot program in Ecuador shows that one solar panel can provide drinking water for a family of four.
Zero Mass Water
arsenic poisoning raindrop pigmentation
arsenic poisoning raindrop pigmentation
School of Environmental Studies at Jadavpur University
Prof. Eugene Cloete with his magic water bottle
Prof. Eugene Cloete with his magic water bottle
YouTube video capture
According to the CDC  flouridated water is supplied to nearly three in four Americans (more than 211...
According to the CDC, flouridated water is supplied to nearly three in four Americans (more than 211 million people).
Alastair Pike, AFP
In India  many people defecate on the banks of the holy Ganges River. above is the line to the templ...
In India, many people defecate on the banks of the holy Ganges River. above is the line to the temple. Photo by Yaniv Malz in mid 2008.
Sustainable Sanitation Alliance (SuSanA)

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