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Drinking News

Beer convoys en route to outback Aussie pubs as lockdown lifted

Sydney - Trucks laden with thousands of beer kegs headed to Australia's remote Northern Territory on Friday as pubs there prepare to reopen after a weeks-long virus shutdown.

Health risks around trying to drink your way out of COVID-19

Alcoholic beverage sales in the U.S. rose by 55 percent last month during COVID-19, while pre-mixed cocktail sales jumped 75 percent and online alcohol sales more than doubled over last year, This brings with it a secondary health risk.

Bars closed? House parties and happy hours move online

Los Angeles - Coronavirus lockdown or not, Amaya Howard plans to unwind after a hard day's work by sharing a few glasses of wine with her friends.

New warning about alcohol and brain damage

London - Reports on alcohol consumption vary. A few point out some beneficial effects from drinking; most highlight the risks. To add to the latter, a new report shows the damage that drinking can have on the brain.

Video games with heavy alcohol and smoking influence teens

Nottingham - It has been an on-going debate since the first home computer consuls: do video games affect behavior, especially in impressionable adolescents? For things like alcohol and smoking the answer seems to be a ‘yes’.

Protecting the liver: Binge or regular drinking?

One urban myth runs that binge drinking is better for your liver than regular drinking, on the basis that the liver has rest days. This is not so according to medical researchers who look at the total amount of alcohol consumed over time.

Effect of heavy drinking on the teenage brain revealed

Drinking in moderation ticks a number of health concerns since excessive drinking triggers a range of diseases. At what age should someone start drinking? Not as teenager, according to a new study.

You can make $12K travelling and drinking

Many people probably dream of making thousands of dollars travelling and drinking beer, and now there's an internship that will let them do that.

Alcohol-exposed pregnancy remains a risk in U.S.

Washington - Despite numerous warnings, many women in the U.S. consume alcohol while they are pregnant. New figures, from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), place the number of women at risk as 3 million.

The secret of happiness? A local pub

The secrets of happiness occupy voluminous books and an entire industry of analysts. The secret may be down the end of our roads: a pub we can call home. At least, according to a new study.

Mixing alcohol with diet beverages raises breath alcohol levels

Breathalyzers are used to assess the level of alcohol a person has consumed. It can be used to assess drink-driving or in some workplaces. New research suggests mixing alcohol with diet drinks makes the readings higher.

Binge drinking still too high with pregnant women

A U.S. based report has shown that one in 10 women aged 18-44 years consumes alcohol during pregnancy. This carries with it a range of ill-health effects for the mother and baby.

Memory loss from excessive drinking is on the rise with teenagers

San Diego - An adverse consequence of drinking is the so-termed blackout. Remarkably this has been reported by up to 50 percent of drinkers.

Most regular drinkers are not alcohol dependent

Atlanta - In the U.S., nine in 10 adults who drink alcohol above the recommended “safe” levels are not alcoholics or alcohol dependent, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) study.

College Pres: Rape happens because you drink and have casual sex

Donald Eastman, president of Eckerd College, recently said that the student body is blaming sexual assault on heavy drinking and casual sex.

Drinking during pregnancy could be made illegal in the UK

Depending on the outcome of a current case invovling a woman who drank while pregnant, drinking during pregnancy could become a crime in the United Kingdom

Majority of Canadians do not drink enough water

Toronto - Water filtration exporter Brita recently conducted a survey on beverage consumption habits of Canadians. The survey revealed some interesting facts: primarily, Canadians are not drinking enough water.

Op-Ed: Why we need to ban sororities

In America's discussion about the ongoing rape crisis on college campuses, the focus has recently turned to fraternities. Frat houses are being blamed for amplifying "rape culture," and Wesleyan University has decided to make its fraternities coed.

One in 10 deaths among adults due to excessive drinking

Washington - In the U.S., according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), excessive alcohol use accounts for one in 10 deaths among working-age adults ages 20-64 years.

Powdered booze, overlooked by feds, gets banned

New York - A powder that turns water into booze has been banned from distribution and sale after initially being approved "in error" by federal regulators.

Op-Ed: Study - Teen drivers still texting & drinking behind the wheel

A recent study shows that while teen drivers know which behaviors are risky, they don’t quite understand what it means to engage in those behaviors.

First self-serve beer tables now in Alberta Special

Edmonton - Want to pour your own beer during a night out? The first self-serve beer tables in Alberta are now in operation at a pub on Whyte Avenue.

A smartphone device could potentially prevent DUIs and save lives

Imagine having a couple of drinks and taking a breathalyzer test without a police officer's involvement. Gadgets like Bactrak and AlcoHAWK have made that possible for several years. But accuracy claims of these devices are often questioned.

James Bond is dead, or should be

Since 1962, James Bond has graced the silver screen in 23 action packed films. Movies about Agent 007, the British Secret Agent portray the Bond character as invincible.

Community encouraged to take their teens out for a drink

A plan to combat youth binge drinking in Ireland has pub owners setting aside family nights for their patrons to bring their teens in for a pint. The plan has backing from some unexpected sources.

UK Government: 'On holiday, don’t let drink do your talking'

The UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office is encouraging young travelers to think before they drink, to avoid putting themselves at risk of serious harm while holidaying in foreign countries.

Smoking and heavy drinking linked to cognitive decline

A new study indicates that a combination of smoking and heavy drinking habits can contribute to the acceleration of age-related cognitive decline.

Abstainers International supports those who just say No

In a world where drinking and drug use is commonplace, a new group is working to build a community that says no to partying but not to fun. Abstainers International launched today with a slew of celeb members.

Study: Smoking while drinking worsens hangovers

According to a new study that was published in the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs claims that smoking may make a hangover worse.

U.K. considering minimum alcohol pricing

A U.K. government agency has come out in support of proposals for a minimum price for alcoholic drinks. The idea is that by stopping alcoholic drinks from being sold too cheaply, this will deter vulnerable people.
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No Drinking and Driving
If you’re drinking, don’t drive.
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People at a bar
People at a bar
Glenn Harper
People  mostly men  discussing the different whiskies on offer during the tasting.
People, mostly men, discussing the different whiskies on offer during the tasting.
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The champagne bar at the International Horse Show, people enjoying an interval drink.
A view of Whisky Live 2015  held in London during the third weekend in March.
A view of Whisky Live 2015, held in London during the third weekend in March.
An ancient Chinese drinking vessel  called a Jué  used in the Xia  Shang and Zhou Dynasties.
An ancient Chinese drinking vessel, called a Jué, used in the Xia, Shang and Zhou Dynasties.
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Pouring a glass of California wine
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The bar area of The Peacock Theatre, prior to the performance of Horror.

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