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Taiwan military drill repels 'invasion' as China tensions rise

Taipei - Fighter jets, helicopters and thousands of troops in Taiwan fought back a simulated Chinese invasion Thursday as the self-ruled island faces increasing military and diplomatic pressure from Beijing.

Taiwan holds live-fire drills as tensions with China mount

Hualien - Taiwanese troops Tuesday staged live-fire exercises simulating a response to an invasion, as China steppeds up pressure on the island's President Tsai Ing-wen and a row over airline routes escalated.

N. Korea artillery drill targets South, Seoul unveils sanctions

Seoul - North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un conducted a large-scale artillery drill simulating an attack on the South Korean capital and other targets, as Seoul and Tokyo on Friday unveiled fresh unilateral sanctions against Pyongyang over its nuclear weapons prog...

Haiti drill preps city of Cap Haitien for major earthquake, tsunami

Cap-ha - A school gymnasium fills with hundreds of students seeking shelter from an earthquake and tsunami, with whistles at the ready in case they are trapped by rubble and need to be rescued.

North Korea slams South's live-fire drill

Seoul - North Korea on Tuesday bitterly criticised the South for staging a live-fire drill near their disputed sea border, hinting it may respond to Seoul's "confrontation" just days before the rivals were due to hold talks designed to improved relations.

Taiwan wargames against China attack

Hsinchu - Taiwan on Thursday staged a live-fire anti-landing drill simulating an invasion by China as President Ma Ying-jeou pledged to maintain a battle-ready force while seeking peace with the island's giant neighbour.

N. Korea launches firing drills in Yellow Sea: Yonhap

Seoul - North Korea launched live-fire drills near the disputed sea border with South Korea late Wednesday, the Yonhap news agency reported, amid high tensions over Pyongyang's recent submarine-launched ballistic missile test.

South Korea, US wrap up annual military drills

Seoul - South Korea and the United States on Friday wrapped up annual joint military exercises that always raise tensions with North Korea, which views them as provocative rehearsals for invasion.

N. Korea leader directs island assault drill: Report

Seoul - North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un warned the South would "regret bitterly" any incursion of their disputed sea border as he directed a large-scale mock assault on an island, state media said Saturday.

Vet mistakes zoo employee for gorilla, tranquillizes him

Santa Cruz De Tenerife - A vet at Loro Parque Zoo and Marine Park in Tenerife, Spain had a bad day recently. The zoo was running a drill on how to handle a gorilla escape. A guy was running around in a gorilla suit and the vet panicked and shot him with a tranquillizer dart.

N. Korea announces live-fire drill near sea border

Seoul - North Korea announced it would carry out a live-fire drill on Monday near its disputed maritime border with South Korea, Seoul's defence ministry said.

Japan holds cyber security drill ahead of Olympics

Tokyo - Japan held a government-wide cyber security drill Tuesday in a bid to improve coordination among public agencies and major businesses, as Tokyo prepares to host the 2020 Summer Olympics.The mock cyber attack for the first time brought together 21 gover...

Video: Military might — Russia's missile defense readiness drill

On Wednesday, the Russian Aerospace Defense Forces carried out surprise live firing exercises at the Kapustin Yar testing ground, to impressive effect.

Nationwide earthquake drill helps Japan prepare for the worst

Tokyo - On the 89th anniversary of the Great Kanto Earthquake, Japan held nationwide earthquake readiness drills as part of their Disaster Prevention Day. The drills were based on the scenario of a magnitude 7.3 earthquake striking northern Tokyo Bay.

Earthquake and tsunami drill in Chile mobilizes 500,000 people

San Antonio - About half a million people participated today in a major earthquake and tsunami drill in the Region of Valparaiso, including the port cities of Valparaiso and San Antonio along Chile's central coast.

BP gets green light to drill in the Gulf of Mexico

BP found themselves in hot water more than a year ago, but the company has gotten the OK to drill in the Gulf once again.

Hospital being investigated after drill bit left in patient

Providence - Rhode Island Hospital is being investigated by the state’s department of health after a piece of a surgical drill bit was left inside a patient's body following surgery.

Israel begins biggest civil defense drill in its history

Israel kicked off its biggest civil drill in its history on Sunday to prepare for the possibility of a regional war amid rising tensions with Iran.

Doctor Saves Boy With Household Drill

In an amazing act of quick thinking Rob Carson, an Australian, doctor saved 12-year old Nicholas Rossi using a common house hold drill.

Plasma drill to ease pain of dentist visits

The dentist’s drill is the epitome of pain and discomfort in the modern world, but that could soon change.

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Home construction on a kitchen
Home construction on a kitchen
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An image from a TV camcorder of one of the trapped Chilean miners
An image from a TV camcorder of one of the trapped Chilean miners

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