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No 'half-naked' female students in library: Zambia university

Lusaka - Zambia's leading university on Monday asked female students to stop visiting the library "half-naked", suggesting that their skimpy outfits were distracting their male counterparts.

High school basketball star goes to prom with Down syndrome girl

A star of a Kentucky school's basketball team has asked a girl with Down syndrome to be his prom date, proposing to her with a sign and bunch of flowers that referenced Taylor Swift, the girl's favourite singer. The news has since gone viral online.

#thedress web sensation becomes powerful Salvation Army campaign

The furious Internet debate late last month around the perceived colour of a dress is now being used by charity the Salvation Army in a powerful new campaign about violence against women, saying "Why is it so hard to see black and blue?"

Blue and black? Or white and gold? Net debates color of a dress

On Thursday, the Internet became engrossed in a heated debate over the colors of a dress. Some said that the colors were blue and black, while others were equally convinced that the colors were white and gold.

Woman accused of posting selfies while wearing stolen dress

West Frankfort - Police in Illinois arrested a woman after they say she stole a dress from a local clothing and jewelry boutique and posted a picture of herself wearing the illicit apparel online.

ANC MP's fashion dress goes viral for all the wrong reasons

At the State Of The Nation Address, ANC MP Thandile Sunduza wore a rather remarkable dress on the red carpet that made social media go mental. She became an overnight Twitter sensation — for all the wrong reasons.

World's biggest dress collection goes on sale

Lomita - A California woman is selling off her collection of dresses, worth around $1million. Margot Brockman, 76, owns 55,000 dresses and ballgowns. Each dress was purchased by her husband to celebrate their ballroom dancing activities.

Madrid artists want Lady Gaga to wear their headphone dress

Madrid - Raquel Moreno and Mónica Gutiérrez are rubbish artists, based in Madrid, Spain. They have designed a dress, made entirely from hundreds of pairs of headphones donated by Spain's Renfe railway company, and they want Lady Gaga to wear it.

Wedding dress made of condoms to raise chlamydia awareness

On Friday Australia's Illawarra Mercury announced that the Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Area Health Service HIV and Related Programs Unit created a wedding dress made of condoms.

French MPs wolf-whistle over Housing Minister wearing a dress

Paris - Members of Parliament in France's National Assembly are in hot water this week after an incident took place where men whistled at Housing Minister Cecile Duflot because she was wearing a dress when she delivered a speech to her colleagues.

800-pound bride fitted with world's largest wedding dress

A bride to be is going to be getting married this summer and her wedding dress is going to be the largest wedding dress in the world.

UK store to sell replica of Pippa Middleton's bridesmaid dress

UK department store Debenhams has announced plans to release a replica of Pippa Middleton's bridesmaid dress, which she wore earlier this year at her sister Kate's wedding.

Video: Student Suspended From School For Wearing A Dress

Port Orchard - A 15 year old boy got suspended from school when he accepted a change from his mother to try to wear high heels for a whole day. He also borrowed a dress from her closet to pull the look off.

Prototype of Queen Mother's wedding dress sold at auction

Bristol - An original prototype of the Queen Mother's wedding dress brought five times what was expected, selling at auction for £3,500 ($5,634).

Vatican enforces strict dress-code, no naked shoulders or knees

Rome - Travellers, tourists and local Romans who visit Vatican City are in for a surprise: Swiss Guard officers will turn away women with bare shoulders or wearing a mini skirt, or anyone wearing shorts. At the Vatican, too much skin is taboo.

Teen makes prom dress, vest for date out of bubble gum wrappers

It could be recycling to the max for a teen who made her prom dress and her date’s matching vest out of bubble gum wrappers.

Kiefer Sutherland loses bet, dresses like grannie on Letterman

Kiefer Sutherland was so sure that the New England Patriots would win, he bet a friend that he would wear a dress on the David Letterman Show if they lost. Sorry, Kiefer, they lost.

Bride attempts to break record for longest dress

A Chinese bride got married in a wedding dress which measured 7,083 ft long. She wore the gown in an attempt to beat the world record for the longest dress.

Michelle Obama To Leno: We Buy the Clothes We Wear

Senator Obama’s wife Michelle appeared on the "Tonight Show" with Jay Leno on Monday night. Leno asked her a lot of questions about elections, dress, and other issues.

Republican party spent $150,000 for Palin's dress and makeup in September

The Republican National Committee (RNC) has spent more than $150,000 for clothing and accessories for Governor Sarah Palin and her family in September, according to their financial disclosure records.

Princess Anne Teaches Us How To Wear The Same Thing Twice in 27 Years

They say that if the Royal Family can be resourceful then anyone can. So when it comes to seeing one of ours in the public eye wearing something which has been seen before, we shouldn't be that amused

Create A Designer Dress This Christmas Almost Do It Yourself-Style

Want your own, unique dress for Christmas but are wildly inadequate on the sowing machine? There's hope. Almost Do It Yourself! Go to, pick fabric, design a dress and have a couture creation delivered at your home within 10 days.

Student tries to make roadkill pretty

What would you think if you were driving near Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville, Ill and saw the roadkill along some of the highways dressed up in pet or baby clothes? EDWARDSVILLE, Ill. - For the past several weeks, drivers near Southern

Miss Mexico's "Violent" dress sparks controversy

Miss Mexico's dress is being redesigned because her first one was too violent.

Researchers Develop Dress Made From Wine

An observation made by a University of Western Australia (UWA) researcher back in the days when he worked at a vineyard inspired him to literally grow dresses.

Student's Dum Dum Dress Wins Art Award

How 'dum dum' is this? A girl makes a dress up out of candy wrappers and wins an 'art' award. Quick, call Yves St. Laurent, have we ever got an inspiring and promising new protoge for you!

Audrey Hepburn's Dress For Education

The power of Hollywood put to an extraordinarily good use.

Female Pakistani minister shot dead for 'breaking Islamic dress code'

Female Pakistani Minister Shot dead by a Fanatic, who said she was breaking Islamic Code

Thai Actress punished for wearing sexiest dress ever

Thai Actress Choitros Suriyawong creates a storm in the Thai Movie awards.

Cross-Dressing Lawyer Hangs Up His Dress

A male lawyer who appeared in court dressed in women's clothes as a protest against what he said was New Zealand's overly-masculine judiciary was suspended Wednesday after being found to be in contempt of court
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After attending a mass at the Church  Ladies in White group in Havana peacefully march demanding the...
After attending a mass at the Church, Ladies in White group in Havana peacefully march demanding the release of their loved ones who are political prisoners.
dumplife (Mihai Romanciuc)
Shoulders are still in the spotlight but experimentation with straps and sleeves has been increasing...
Shoulders are still in the spotlight but experimentation with straps and sleeves has been increasingly ingenious this season.
A Tibetan in traditional garb.
A Tibetan in traditional garb.
These children were in dress inspired by Nguni traditions.
These children were in dress inspired by Nguni traditions.
The Salvation Army used the viral internet sensation #thedress to create a powerful campaign against...
The Salvation Army used the viral internet sensation #thedress to create a powerful campaign against the abuse of women
The Salvation Army
Crochet product sold by Cajun Crochet Chick
Crochet product sold by Cajun Crochet Chick
April Eldridge
(l – r) Hanna Schwarz as Herodias and Erika Sunnegårdh as Salome in the Canadian Opera Company’...
(l – r) Hanna Schwarz as Herodias and Erika Sunnegårdh as Salome in the Canadian Opera Company’s production of Salome, 2013.
Michael Cooper

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