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Review: Lissie masterfully covers 'Dreams' by Fleetwood Mac Special

Singer-songwriter Lissie is back with a stellar rendition of "Dreams" by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame band Fleetwood Mac.

Review: David Cook tips his hat to The Cranberries with 'Dreams' cover Special

"American Idol" champ, rock singer-songwriter and actor David Cook has covered The Cranberries' dream-pop classic tune "Dreams."

Op-Ed: Dreams are what art is made of for exhibit in Mill Valley Special

Mill Valley - As the weather turns to fall, the chill in the air and the shortening of days makes people more inclined to be indoors and to sleep. And it is when in deep REM sleep that scientists say that people have dreams.

Scientific mysteries of sleep revealed

Why do we twitch as we fall asleep? Why is yawning contagious? Why do we see bright spots when we close our eyes? These three sleep related mysteries are revealed.

Sleeping on your left side increases chance of nightmares

Want to avoid the chance of waking up in a cold sweat following a stomach-churning nightmare? Then sleep on your right-hand side, according to new research.

Rats dream about the places they want to go

London - According to new research, rats dream about places that they want to go next. This is a theory from neuroscientists following some classic maze and hidden food experiments.

Study: Blind have more nightmares than sighted people

A team of researchers in Denmark has compared the dreams of sighted and blind individuals. Their findings show that the blind have four times as many nightmares as sighted individuals, and they are more sensory than visual.

Men and women disagree on what makes a nightmare

Montreal - The University of Montreal has analyzed nightmares in both sexes and discovered more emotional themes, such as interpersonal conflicts in women and more disasters and calamities in men's nightmares.

Does sleep 'wash out' the brain?

Does sleep help the body to wash away toxins and other unwanted chemicals? New research suggests that sleep clears out interstitial clutter in the mouse brain.

Dream decoder: A machine from Japan to read your dream

Japan scientists say that specific visual experience during sleep is represented by brain activity patterns shared by stimulus perception, providing a means to uncover subjective contents of dreaming using objective neural measurement.

Tinkerbell's dreams are ruined

Florida - Poor Tinkerbell was left heartbroken after she was refused entry into Animal Kingdom and told to get changed into clothes that Disney World gave her.

A quarter of men still dream about their ex-partners

According to a survey commissioned by Premier Inn - the UK's largest hotel brand - a quarter of men regularly dream about their ex-partners.

Study finds women have more nightmares than men

According to a new study women suffer more from nightmares than men because they find it harder to switch off their emotions when the day is drawing to a close.

The Exit Door is Open: California’s Golden Luster is Tarnished

The exit door is open and more than previously reported, California residents are rushing through it looking for greener pastures that haven’t turned as brown as the state’s golden luster is tarnishing.

Unlocking the world of dreams

Japanese Scientists have developed a dream catching technology which is a major breakthrough in the field of what is widely known as 'sleep science'.

Op-Ed: Sarah Palin, The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of

Seriously. People are dreaming of Sarah Palin. The writers of Slate have shared some of those nighttime fantasies and are encouraging their readers to share their own dreams of Palin.

Op-Ed: 40 Years Later, The Legacy and Dreams of Martin Luther King; Part 2

The legacy of Martin Luther King now belongs to all of us. Have we acheived what Martin Luther King set out to do in the 60's?

40 Years Later, The Legacy and Dreams of Martin Luther King : Part 1

Martin Luther King died 40 years ago today promoting a dream of equality and prosperity for all of America. Can Americans say today that his dream has been fulfilled?

New Robot Machine Interprets Dreams

Researchers have created a robot that mimics your dream and presents an interpretive dance of those dreams. It is able to represent the physical movements of the human and tries to repeat that behavior.

Those Monsters In the Closet

You've just laid down after a hard day exhausted when you hear the screaming. Your child is having another nightmare. Or is he? The problem could be a night terror and they are different than the standard nightmare.

A little bloodbath with your coffee

Vivid dreams have always been a part of my life. Last night was no different.

First woman in space dreams of flying to Mars

The world's first female astronaut Valentina Tereshkova, marking her 70th birthday on Tuesday, says she still dreams of flying to Mars -- even on a one-way ticket.

Sock Dreams

Fun Fashions are every where but when a regular sock joins the fashion world, mixing and matching becomes endless as you find your creative you.

Scientists Know How, But Not Yet Why We Dream

MANNHEIM (dpa) - Why it is that we dream still remains one of the great mysteries. But in answer to the question of how we dream, scientific researchers have come up with some important answers. Contributing a lot to this knowledge has been observat...

Italians Sleep, Perchance To Dream Of Winning Numbers

ROME (dpa) - For most people, the interpretation of dreams is better left to psychiatrists. For some Italians deconstructing Morpheus, one of the sons of the god of sleep, could turn you into a millionaire. Like their Freudian counterparts, these dr...

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St. Jude Childcare Centre. Kolkata  India.
St. Jude Childcare Centre. Kolkata, India.
Director Chris Nolan and cast members Leonardo DiCaprio and Ellen Page on the set of  Inception
Director Chris Nolan and cast members Leonardo DiCaprio and Ellen Page on the set of 'Inception'
Warner Bros
The Nightmare (1781)
The Nightmare (1781)
Henry Fuseli
Schiaparelli - without heat shield and back cover.
Schiaparelli - without heat shield and back cover.
ESA/ATG MediaLab
Leonardo DiCaprio on the set of  Inception
Leonardo DiCaprio on the set of 'Inception'
Warner Bros
June flowers
June flowers
A graffiti work by Banksy in Boston
A graffiti work by Banksy in Boston
Chris Devers
June flowers
June flowers
St. Jude Childcare Centre. Kolkata  India.
St. Jude Childcare Centre. Kolkata, India.
Director Chris Nolan and cast members Ellen Page and Leo DiCaprio on the set of  Inception
Director Chris Nolan and cast members Ellen Page and Leo DiCaprio on the set of 'Inception'
Warner Bros

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