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Torrentz, one of the world's largest torrent sites, shuts down

One of the world's largest torrent sites has closed down without warning. Torrentz announced it is ceasing its operations in a message on its homepage, making it significantly harder for people to find torrents and pirate content illegally.

Play Store saves your data by cutting app update file sizes

Google has developed a method of compressing app downloads made through its Play Store that will heavily reduce the size of app updates. The new algorithm saves you data and speeds up downloads by compressing new content in patches.

Google Chrome has now been downloaded 1 billion times on Android

The Google Chrome web browser has now been downloaded over 1 billion times onto Android phones and tablets, a significant milestone for an app that is only available on relatively new devices and launched just three years ago.

Joke app destroys App Store charts, nobody knows how

A fake app that allows you to supposedly see which of your parents you look most like has somehow managed to rise to the top of Apple's charts despite producing completely random results and having hundreds of one-star reviews.

Christmas giveaway on iTunes, starting December 26

Apple's iTunes is giving away a range of free content for the fifth year, running over the 12 days of the Christmas period.

Israeli government ponders legalizing downloads

A group of Israeli lawmakers are encouraging the Knesset to pass a bill that would allow consumers to upload music, movies and even porn with impunity.

Rihanna is the world’s most illegally downloaded artist

A survey by Musicmetric indicates that the artist Rihanna is the world’s most illegally downloaded music artist. The country recording the most illegal downloads is the U.S., followed by the UK.

Consider another crime before file-sharing

Hefty fines have been handed to people who download music using file sharing programs. Does the punishment fit the crime?

Virgin launches unlimited music downloads for ISP customers

Two companies, Universal and Virgin, have made an agreement to let people who use Virgin's Internet access to download as much music as they want to every month. It is hoped this might also help the battle against Internet piracy.

Google allows free music downloads in China

Google has announced that it will offer free music downloads of licensed songs to people living in China. This is partly because of the use of unlicensed sites.

Spiral Frog Shuts Down, a Blow to Free Digital Music

Pioneering online ad-supported digital music service, Spiral Frog, fails to make its debt payments and goes under. The company's demise is a blow to the free music download model.

Op-Ed: New RIAA policy finally targets real illegal music file sharing

The RIAA has come up with a way of dealing with file sharing, opting for an approach called throttling, which restricts user access. It's possible this might work, mainly because for once it's targeting the right people.

Netflix Partners With TiVo For Streaming Movie Downloads

Movie rental behemoth Netflix is finally joining forces with TiVo to allow subscribers to get access to more movies and TV episodes. The partnership has been a long time coming, and will take effect in early December in the U.S.

Netflix Launches $100 Set-Top Box Offering Unlimited Streaming Movies

Netflix has always been an innovator when it comes to movie rentals, but this one takes the cake: Free movies when you buy a $100 set-top box. With the download revolution just on the horizon, Netflix's move should really, really scare Apple.

Op-Ed: Musician says he was 'duped' into a record company witch hunt

This isn’t in the script, as far as the record companies are concerned. Australian musician Lindsay McDougall (guitarist, Frenzal Rhomb) says he was in a film about surviving as a musician which was turned into an anti piracy crusade.

Firefox reaches 500 million downloads

The Firefox Internet browser reached a golden target of 500 million downloads today, and their parent organization Mozilla is celebrating by raising money to deliver 500 million grains of rice for the UN World Food Program.

Op-Ed: Qtrax launch botched, record companies deny authorization and pigs don’t fly

The Hideous Hydra of the music industry hasn’t gone all soft and cuddly, well, not yet, anyway. Warners and other music labels have now stated publicly they haven’t authorized Qtrax. Greed Inc. isn’t exactly famous for freebies.

Op-Ed: Single mother sued over Internet music downloads

Those famous altruists the music “industry” are at it again. A Minnesota woman has been ordered to pay $220,000 for sharing 24 files online, which would be worth about $24 retail. Nothing like a sense of proportion.

Digital Radio iPods expected on Wednesday

Apple plans to launch a new range of iPods this week, which are designed to receive digital radio and allow purchase of music of tracks being listened to at the digital radio station.

University Bans File Sharing Completely

Amidst several possible RIAA lawsuits, Ohio University gives in and will restrict the use of ALL peer-to-peer file-sharing on the campus computer network.

P2P Downloads at Warp Speed?

Now P2P file sharing can be downloaded at a faster rate than before with the new SET Protocol service.

Retailers Mull Over Movie Download Service

After getting burned by the shift of purchasing music online instead of buying CDs at the store, companies like Best Buy and Blockbuster are moving faster in getting an in-store move download service to lure customers back into their stores.

Sprint Upstages Competition With 99 Cent Songs & New Slim Music Phone

Good news for Sprint cell phone users. The carrier will cut song downloads to just 99 cents, and users can play their tunes on Samsung's slim, new Upstage.

Ohio University tops illegal file-sharing charts

Ohio University can finally claim it is tops in something: The RIAA says students there steal more music than at any other school. YAY OHIO

Top 10 downloads of the past 10 years

When CNET opened its doors in 1996, it was home to 3,000 small shareware and freeware applications. Online software distribution was still in its infancy. What a difference a near-decade makes! Since 1996, we've watched the rise of instant me

File-Sharing Doesn’t Hurt Music Sales, So How Will Labels Join the Digital Era?

The music industry should stop whining. Contrary to its claims, illegal downloads haven’t crippled music sales, according to a new study.

Top 10 Reasons Why Movie Downloads Suck

"Movie downloads suck. There are lots of reasons why they haven't caught on yet, and we have the Top 10 of them here. Sure, everyone's talking about movie downloads, but in reality hardly anyone is doing anything about them."

Wal-Mart to Launch Digital Movie Store

Wal-Mart Stores Inc. is launching its long-awaited online movie download store, entering a market that has yet to catch on with consumers but is expected to grow rapidly.

Nintendo to offer original game downloads for Wii!

Independent developers coming to VC!
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App Store v Google Play downloads and revenue Q1 2015
App Store v Google Play downloads and revenue Q1 2015
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A GIF explains how music industry sales have progressed over the past 30 years

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