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Time Warner Cable: Up to 320,000 email passwords possibly stolen

Time Warner Cable Inc. reported Wednesday that email passwords for up to 320,000 customers may have been stolen. The company also said it hasn't determined how the information was harvested, but there no indications of a breach at Time Warner Cable.

Op-Ed: CBC Music gives away digital tunes for free

Toronto - Canada's public broadcaster wastes taxpayers' money venturing into online music streaming by delivering popular, commercial content without user fees.

UK High Court tells ISPs to ban The Pirate Bay

The popular Swedish based file-sharing website, The Pirate Bay is to be blocked by internet service providers in the United Kingdom

Man Blames Cat for Downloading Child Pornography

According to Florida investigators, a man who allegedly downloaded child pornography has blamed his cat who 'jumped on the keyboard.'

Total confusion over mandatory Internet Firewalls in France

French government efforts to regulate Internet use have run into yet another problem: The government wants to oblige Internet providers to supply firewalls to users (and force people to use them), but it's not clear which ones and what the conditions are.

France continues to plan tough new laws for the Internet

The French government is actively looking for new methods of penalising illegal file downloading from the Net, and is also examining ways of embedding emails and forums within a legal framework. The new law will be presented to parliament on July 20.

The Pirate Bay acquired by Swedish software firm for $7.7 million

A Swedish Software Firm called Global Gaming Factory X has announced it has purchased the online file sharing site 'The Pirate Bay' for $7.7 million (60 million Swedish crowns).

Moby calls for RIAA disbanding

Outspoken musician Moby, known best for his 1998 hit album "Play", has written on his website that the RIAA should "disband" after their actions on Jammie Thomas-Rassett.

Woman guilty of illegally downloading music, fined $1.9 million

Yesterday, a 32-year-old woman from Minnesota was found guilty of illegally downloading 24 songs. In a suit brought forth by the Recording Industry Association of America, the woman has been fined $80,000 per track, totaling $1.9 million.

Canada: Federal Copyright Law To Be Introduced Today

Minister of Industry Jim Prentice and the Minister of Canadian Heritage Josée Verner will introduce the bill to amend the Copyright Act.

Copyright Reform Bill On Hold, Maybe

Controversial copyright bill that could impose serious penalties for illegal downloading may be on hold due concerns about public opposition.

Comcast's Unlimited Internet Service Isn't Exactly Unlimited

The stories have been circulating on the net for months. Comcast drops broadband customers for heavy downloading, often without warning. What is the real limit? Comcast won't say, and customers cry "foul."

79% of Americans who download movies do it illegally

In spite of access to legal subscription services, Americans prefer to download movies illegally.

Downloading by USPS Postal Mail

USPS is used by web sites as a P2P network by mail to share books, music, movies and games.

Recording Industry of America Sues Man For Downloading 5 Songs!

23 year old also charged with sharing the illegal songs via P2P software...

Teen Not Backing Down to Music Industry

New York teen fights back against the record companies suing him for music piracy.

Italian Court Rules Downloading no Crime if not for Profit

An Italian court ruling paves the way for unrestricted downloading of It music, movies and software over the Internet so long as it's not done for profit.

MP3 Downloading Stations Coming to Starbucks

By this time next year, you may be able to get more than just your tall, venti, or grande caffeine fix at your local Starbucks.

Pirates of the Canadians....Now that's Funny, But I think Hollywood is Not Laughing!

Canadian theatres were the source for nearly 50 per cent of illegal camcords across the globe: “Much like an out-of-control epidemic, those Canadian camcords ... have become a leading source of worldwide Internet film piracy.”

Get out of getting sued by the RIAA!!!

Tammie Marson of Palm Desert, California responded to a lawsuit from the RIAA by stating that her wireless router was not secure, and that therefore the file sharing seen on her network could have been from any passerby. The defense worked, and the RIAA d

Universal Music Sues Video Sites

Someone wake me when the "Sky is Really Falling", I cried "Wolf" but they failed to listen...

File-Sharers Face the Music With a Fresh Wave of Lawsuits

Digital Journal — Brace yourselves, file-sharers. You’re under attack once again. The music industry has launched 8,000 lawsuits worldwide in an attempt to curb online piracy and encourage legal media purchases.

Metallica Signs On With iTunes Signalling the Sad But True Decline of Music Retail Stores

Digital Journal — After years of being poster boys for the anti-downloading music movement, heavy metal band Metallica has pulled their hair out of their eyes and joined the digital age of music. The band has announced they will be selling music throug.

Will People Pay for Legal BitTorrent films? Warner Bros. is Banking On It

Digital Journal — Call it a deal with the devil. Warner Bros. announced it will sell and rent movies and TV shows online using the BitTorrent’s massively popular peer-to-peer technology. The funny thing is: BitTorrent is the same program entertainment

The Internet Revolution Takes Off As Hollywood Offers Downloadable Movies

Digital Journal — Fighting piracy is becoming more and more frustrating for Hollywood, as new technology allows almost anything to be copied. The movie industry need only look as far as the music biz to see how much of a pain in the ass illegal downloa.

Online Music Market Being Investigated for Alleged Price Fixing and Anti-Competitive Practices

Digital Journal — The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) is investigating possible "anti-competitive practices" and price fixing among major recording labels that sell music online. Allegations have risen that suggest music labels have joined hands to..

Vast Forward: The TV of Tomorrow

From a vast wasteland to vast choices. Here’s what’s scheduled for the future of television Digital Journal — “Anyone afraid of what he thinks television does to the world is probably just afraid of the world.” So wrote Australian writer Clive

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