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Minecraft to be given free to every school in Northern Ireland

Every secondary school in Northern Ireland is to receive free copies of the massively popular computer game Minecraft after the title was recognised for its unique educational potential and ability to teach children about the world.

Windows 10 will be a free upgrade even to software pirates

Microsoft has announced that users currently running pirated versions of Windows will be able to upgrade them for free to Windows 10 when it launches later this year in what could be a historic moment in the lengthy battle against software pirates.

Users of pirated copies of Today Calendar told "walk the plank"

The developer of the popular Android calendar app Today Calendar has started to fight piracy of his product by adding pirate-themed messages to the app that suggest users of pirated copies "walk the plank" or attend a "pirate party."

The Pirate Bay returns a month after forced closure

Notorious torrent site The Pirate Bay has returned to life just a month after being taken offline by Swedish police last December. The site is blamed for copyright fraud amounting to billions of dollars by the music, film and software industries.

UK tourist gets £12,000 phone bill after downloading TV abroad

A British O2 customer had a nasty case of bill-shock recently after returning from a holiday abroad to find a data charge of £12,500, accumulated by downloading two TV programmes.

Robin Thicke claims UK's most downloaded song

Robin Thicke's highly controversial hit single "Blurred Lines" has been named as the U.K.'s most-downloaded song of all-time. The song was released in May 2013.

Qualcomm aims to triple Wi-Fi speed

New York - The Fortune 500 company is looking to sell new chips to router manufacturers that could increase wi-fi speeds up to three times as part of a new approach to wireless accessible devices.

Candy Crush most downloaded app of 2013

Candy Crush Saga was the most downloaded free app of 2013. The addictive game was downloaded over 500 million times from Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play store after being launched last year.

ListenApp launches news application in UK

The popular news application, ListenApp, has been launched in the UK. The news application allows people to catch up with the headlines with a daily audio and text summary.

The Pirate Bay to continue offering 3D-printed gun blueprints

The US Statement Department asked the designer of the Liberator 3D-printed firearm to take down the blueprints from the Internet. However, popular file-sharing website The Pirate Bay is, well, sticking to its guns by keeping the torrent available.

Judge: IP-address does not identify person or bit-torrent pirate

New York - The MPAA and RIAA's anti-piracy efforts are about to experience a setback due to a landmark ruling by a judge in New York, stating that an IP-address is not a person.

Up to 10 years in jail if you download copyright music in the UK

With ACTA not yet completely ratified, it seems the UK is taking matters into its own hands, with SOCA "tackling the crimes"

RIAA on suing file-sharers, appealing Tenenbaum ruling Special

A representative from the Recording Industry Association of America spoke to about scaling back its lawsuits targeting Americans who download copyrighted movies or music. Also, will the RIAA appeal a judge's recent surprising decision?

Pink Floyd Wins Legal Settlement From EMI Records

Commerce takes one on the chin from Art, as a UK judge upholds Pink Floyd's right to sell their music in album form only. The move puts an end to EMI's selling of PF singles online

Study: Illegal downloaders purchase the most music

A new study in Britain has found that those who download music illegally from the Internet are also the ones that spend the most for their music.

Canada's Rogers Wireless upgrades download speed to 21 Mbps Special

Rogers Wireless has launched a new HSPA+ Mobile Internet Stick featuring the fastest wireless speed available in North America, 21 Mbps, has learned. Currently, its other products offer speeds of 7.2 Mbps.

U. K. Authorities to Cut Illegal Downloaders' Internet Connection

Authorities in the U.K. have announced plans to cut the Internet connections of those found to be sharing files illegally on a consistent basis.

UK Group Proposes Internet Ban on Illegal Downloaders

If you think you're saving money, downloading your favourite television shows and movies, be prepared to start paying up one way or the other.

YouTube Adds Download Links For Videos

Many prefer to download YouTube videos either to their computer or their iPod, iPhone, and other handheld players. Recently, they had to use other tools or sites to download YouTube videos, but now YouTube has added download links in selected videos.

Google: 10 Million Chrome Browser Downloads in 100 Days

Google has removed the beta from the Google Chrome with the new update. It has been downloaded by 10 million users in just 100 days of launch.

Firefox 3 Sets A New Guinness World Record

As expected, Mozilla achieved a new Guinness World Record, as Web users downloaded its Firefox 3 a record eight million times in just 24 hours.

Firefox aiming for a Guinness World Record today

Firefox wants to become a part of history on the web by becoming the most downloaded program within a day worldwide on June 17. If it pulls it off, it'll win a Guinness World Record.

Digital Journal TV: PlayStation 3 could soon offer movie downloads, but is too late?

Sony's PlayStation 3 wants to be more than just a gaming device: it's planning to introduce a film and TV show download service. In this episode, we look at how PS3's digital media maneuver could compete with Apple's iTunes and Xbox 360's Live service.

Internal Memo Shows Time Warner to Charge Extra Based on How Much You Download

Time Warner is going to test a new pricing structure for high-speed Internet that will charge users based on how much they download, according to new reports. The move will no doubt leave millions of Internet users miffed at the idea.

Let the Media Download Battle Begin

Apple has announced an online TV series download product in its iTunes store, being made available for Canadians, joining the growing competition that began with the recent launch of TiVo and Microsoft's Xbox Live.

Download SnagIt screen capture software for Free - Full Version

TechSmith gave away a free software Camtasia Studio yesterday, today, they are giving another great software SnagIt screen capture software for free. Or you upgrade this free version at 50% off.

Download Camtasia Studio Screencasting software for Free

For a limited time, the screen-casting software Camtasia Studio can be downloaded for free. It only works on Windows, but it's easy to use and creates video formats suitable to upload to YouTube.

RealPlayer 11 Lets You Download Videos from the Web

The new Real video player RealPlayer 11 allows easy downloading of videos from the web to be saved on your computer. A link is provided to download this new Real Player, not available at

Download US Patents in PDF via Google Patents Search

Google Patent adds Download PDF button for US Patents.

Tired of Videos getting Stuck? Download and Watch Faster

SpeedBit Video Accelerator helps Youtube videos download faster with pauses or delays.
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