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Down syndrome News

Mom angry after dashcam showed cops mocking disabled daughter

Toronto - A Toronto woman was shocked when she viewed the dashcam video of her traffic stop. The video shows two police officers sitting in their cruiser making fun of her 29-year-old daughter who was a passenger in the car. The woman’s daughter has Down syndrome

Football player takes friend with Down syndrome to prom

Harrisburg - At age 10 Ben Moser made a promise that he would take his friend Mary Lapkowicz who has Down syndrome to prom. Seven years later, Ben kept his promise, accompanying Mary to the Susquehanna High School prom in Pennsylvania.

Inside the civil rights movement for people with disabilities Special

One in six children in the United States will have a developmental delay or disability. Developmental disabilities begin during the developmental period of life, either prior to birth or during infancy.

Wife divorces husband who won't abandon son with Down syndrome

Yerevan - A woman, who gave birth to a son with Down syndrome, filed for divorce from her husband because she wanted to abandon the baby but her husband refused. She wanted to abandon the baby because she thought keeping him would bring "shame" to her family.

Link between Down syndrome and leukemia found

A link between people with Down syndrome and people at a heightened risk of developing leukemia during childhood has been uncovered through a new study harnessing advanced medical testing.

Down syndrome in mice reversed by injection

Researchers at Johns Hopkins University of Medicine in Maryland discovered a way of reversing Down syndrome in mice by injecting them with a small molecule called a sonic hedgehog pathway agonist.

Ali's Place: After school experience for youth with disabilities Special

Around 300 youth with disabilities could qualify for first ever after school career experience program in St. Lucie County, Florida.

Woman with Down syndrome wins over parents on guardianship case

A 29-year-old woman with Down syndrome will be allowed to live with friends, as is her wish, instead of living in a group home, after prevailing over her parents on a guardianship case.

Can the Down syndrome chromosome be switched off?

Researchers have managed to switch off the extra chromosome that causes Down syndrome in cells taken from patients with the condition.

Spain's Down Syndrome Councillor wants to be an honest politician

Valladolid - Hoping to make a difference with all the corruption scandals in the Spanish government right now, 30-year-old Ángela Covadonga Bachiller makes history by becoming Spain's first Down Syndrome Councillor in Valladolid.

Scientists discover how to turn off Down Syndrome chromosome

In a potentially revolutionary breakthrough researchers at the University of Massachusetts Medical School have demonstrated for the first time a procedure for turning off in vitro (in a laboratory dish) the extra chromosome responsible for Down Syndrome.

Sarah Palin tweets she hopes someone 'flattens' Bill Maher

Las Vegas - The tweet comes after a conservative writer claims he heard Bill Maher call Palin's son "retarded" during his Vegas stand up act.

New Down Syndrome protein found

Researchers have identified a protein involved in the chromosomal disorder 'Down Syndrome', that could explain its characteristic learning deficits.

Eli Reimer, 15, with Down Syndrome reaches Mt. Everest base camp

Eli Reimer, 15, with Down Syndrome reached the Nepal base camp of Mt. Everest earlier this month. Eli of Bend, Oregon, may be the first US teen with Down syndrome to climb to one of the base camps on the world’s highest mountain.

Death of Down syndrome arrestee ruled homicide

Frederick - The death of a mentally disabled Maryland man who was arrested by police after refusing to leave a cinema has officially been ruled a homicide.

Op-Ed: Lorenzo's Restaurant waiter supports Down syndrome child rights

Houston - In a city that goes the extra mile to support Down syndrome fund raising and awareness, it's hard to believe a waiter actually had to deal with this situation.

Waiter refuses to serve man who insulted Down syndrome child

Houston - A Texas steakhouse waiter is being applauded for refusing to serve a customer who made a disparaging remark about a child with Down syndrome.

Deputy pepper sprays, detains man with Down Syndrome

A 21-year-old man who is developmentally disabled was hit and forced to the ground, as well as pepper sprayed, before he was taken into custody by California sheriff's deputies.

Special Olympian responds to Coulter's use of the word 'retard'

Three day after Fox News' guest political commentator, Ann Coulter, called President Obama a "retard", a Special Olympics athlete has responded to Coulter's use of the word as an insult.

10-mth-old with Down Syndrome models in swimwear designer ads

A 10-month-old Miami girl Valentina Guerrero, with Down Syndrome, will be the face of a swimwear ad campaign for Spanish designer Dolores Cortes. She made her debut Friday at the Miami Swim Fashion Week where she was carried onto the stage.

Target and Nordstrom use Down syndrome boy in their fashion ads

New York - Ryan is a 6-tyear old the blonde-haired, blue-eyed model. He also has Downs syndrome and two big retailers, Target and Nordstrom have selected him for their clothing ads. Neither store made a big deal about it, and Ryan's father is thrilled.

A new blood test on a pregnant mom may eradicate Down Syndrome

San Diego - A simple blood test on a pregnant woman will now enable doctors to screen for the most common type of Down syndrome. But experts say since the results may involve abortion, it is bound to be a very controversial procedure.

Using Dolls To Reduce The Stigma Of Down Syndrome

Little girls love toting around dolls that look like themselves. Desi McKenzie's eldest daughter had that doll but when Aubrey was born the Hawaiian mother couldn't provide the same for her. Aubrey has Down syndrome.

Dancing for her life

"Dancing, for her life" by Daraine Luton For all those stories written about Jamaica, very few are written about the hopes and dreams of those suffering with a mental disability.

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John Franklin Stephens responds to Ann Coulter s use of the word  retard
John Franklin Stephens responds to Ann Coulter's use of the word "retard"
Screen Capture
Samuel Forrest: Twitter
Samuel Forrest: Twitter
Thai surrogate mother Pattaramon Chanbua (L) holds her baby Gammy  born with Down Syndrome  at the S...
Thai surrogate mother Pattaramon Chanbua (L) holds her baby Gammy, born with Down Syndrome, at the Samitivej hospital, Sriracha district in Chonburi province on August 4, 2014
Nicolas Asfouri, AFP/File
Ángela Covadonga Bachiller becomes Spain s first Down Syndrome Town Councillor in Valladolid.
Ángela Covadonga Bachiller becomes Spain's first Down Syndrome Town Councillor in Valladolid.
Down España
Melody and Dannie Hearn
Melody and Dannie Hearn
Ángela Covadonga Bachiller  Spain s first Down Syndrome Councillor starts her job with the Valladol...
Ángela Covadonga Bachiller, Spain's first Down Syndrome Councillor starts her job with the Valladolid city council.
Down España
Matthew Hearn
Matthew Hearn

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