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As Dow seeks growth, new Enlist crop/chemicals seen as key

Dan Kittle has spent more than a decade waiting for this day.

Op-Ed: Maybe Dr. Seuss’ Lorax needs to visit Dow

There was never a time the Lorax was more needed than today in Bhopal, India. It’s been 30 years since a chemical leak killed around 15,000 and contaminated the area. People still live in the area, and it has never been cleaned up.

Dow sues activists in India over Bhopal protest Special

Mumbai - Dow has filed its fourth lawsuit against activists in India that are seeking compensation for the 1984 gas leak at a Union Carbide Corporation facility in Bhopal.

Activist connects dots from Bhopal to Hammond, Stratfor, and Dow Special

Bhopal - In 1984, a Union Carbide Corporation plant expelled a deadly gas in the Indian city of Bhopal, killing an estimated 15,000 people. Thirty years later, the story continues and has involved people and corporations all over the world.

Coalition demands probe on Dow & Monsanto GMOs & pesticides

Farmers and food industry representatives are demanding a probe into the potential outcome of a new genetically modified crop in combination with the usage of the 2,4-D pesticide.

Op-Ed: In Clods We Trust, Dow reacts to consumer spending drop

The value of recent Wall Street cheerleading can be assessed pretty easily: Non existent. The “expected” drop in consumer spending produced a 2.5 percent drop on the Dow, and a return to the US dollar as a safe haven.

Canada, U.S. approve 'SmartStax' genetically engineered corn

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency and its U.S. counterpart, the EPA, recently approved a new GE corn created by Monsanto and Dow. Called SmartStax, Dow President Jerome Peribere said the corn represents "game changing technology."

Op-Ed: Dear Mr. President, Thanks Again For Cap And Trade

Dear Mr. Obama

, We are the heads of a few of your largest constituents, including Dow, GE and DuPont. This letter represents our sentiments in wishing to express our gratitude for your and Ms. Pelosi’s efforts on our behalf.

Tax Reform Group: Obama's First 50 Days Devastating to Taxpayers

Americans for Tax Reform today released a taxpayer time-line of President Obama's first 50 days in office. The results were hardly favorable to the new administration.

Stocks Tumble to Lowest Point Since 1997

The White House's stimulus package did nothing to calm investor anxiety as the two major economic gauges fell to lows not seen since 1997. The Dow Jones industrial average tumbled 250 points and the S&P 500 index lost 26 points.

Op-Ed: When the stock market stinks - 'Market Image' 101 for losers

The theory of market analysis is that people know what they’re doing. The practice is that things built on cosmetic imagery tend to look like that. The NYSE just scraped the bottom again, and theories are doing more business than industries.

Toronto, New York Markets Posts Triple Digit Losses

Both the Dow Jones and the TSX composite index were down over 400 points when they closed today, stock markets elsewhere are having similar experiences.

Op-Ed: Market farces strike again- Dow reflects lack of investors and traders understanding

I think the fact is stock markets don’t know a thing about the financial markets. Everything that needed to be done has been done. The banks have their lifelines, and the derivatives in the US are now legally controllable. But stocks keep dropping.

Tumble,Tumble, Tumble Down Goes The Dow

In the final hour Thursday the Dow tumbled down over 675 points. It is now in the lowest level in five years after a major credit ratings agency said it was thinking about cutting its rating on General Motors Corp.

Dow Drops Even Lower After The Feds Start Stepping In

The Dow has slide even further down as the federal government and the world's central banks cut rates. After the Feds cut the half point there was a slight surge in trade.

Op-Ed: Dow stampede, the markets get out from under as another load hits the fan

World markets are looking for somewhere to put their money, and it’s obviously not in stocks. A combination of repositioning and what looks very like a grab for cash drove the markets into another stall and nosedive routine.

Op-Ed: Credibility Crash - No trust left, Dow and lickspittle financial media in eclipse

The Dow culture is being hanged by its own methods. People were told for years their investments were great. They were dazzled by unheard-of levels of complexity. They had to trust their advisors. The trust is gone, and the market has gone with it.

Financial Report: Thursday Market Action

After shaking off a worrisome inflation report before the opening bell and a dismal real estate report soon after the opening, volume on the NYSE was 1,003,398,038; advancing shares were 663,931,108 and declining shares were 332,074,290.

With the theme from the Twilight Zone in the background, Dow dives

The economic euphemisms are drying up. The Dow isn’t buying the fairy tales. Apparently Chicken Little and the Subprime sky falling routine was enough for one bedtime story. People have been talking about “soft landings”, but on what?

Op-Ed: Diagnosis Denial- Dow’s delirious dives darken dolorous days

Homer Simpson is starting to look like Aristotle, compared to the Dow’s mental state. The latest multi-billion sprint off a short pier is based on a business confidence survey. It’s like asking passengers on the Titanic if they like swimming.

Op-Ed: Dow 360 point drop based on what it already knew

As the saying goes, “Markets don’t react; they overreact”. A raft of earnings drops and losses has spooked the very spookable Wall Street hermitage. What’s interesting is the signals and the interpretations, rather than the bovine social skills.

Belated angst from Wall St: Stocks drop, mortgages drip, markets mythologize

Chicken Little probably was a financial commentator at some point. Common wisdom says that profits have not met expectations, and that the mortgage market has put a damper on the US economy.

Dow Jones Industrial Breaks 14,000 For The First Time Ever

The Dow Jones industrial average leapt past 14000 today for the first time in history thanks to blue chips like Coca-Cola Co. and Merrill Lynch & Co. The well-known stock sticker jumped from 13,000 to 14,000 in just 57 trading days.

Dow-wager: Enter Burkle, and the Stock Jumps

Behold that it came to pass that another suitor did bid for the fair Lady Dow. The Good Sir Ron Burkle.

Dow drops 416 on global market plunge

In record volume, blue chips drop hundreds of points in mere minutes

Dogs of the Dow pay Dividiends

Short and sweet chart of dividends for folks interested in a "Dogs of the Dow" stock strategey

Dow hits record intraday high in New York+

The Dow Jones average hit a record intraday high on Wednesday in New York, buoyed by strong U.S. economic indicators.

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Enlist Duo has again gained approval from the EPA  despite troubling questions over chemical interac...
Enlist Duo has again gained approval from the EPA, despite troubling questions over chemical interactions.
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