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Doomsday News

World's 'Doomsday Vault' celebrates sixth birthday this week

Most people don't know where the "Doomsday vault" is located, and even fewer know what it is used for. But deep inside a mountain on a remote island in the Svalbard archipelago, halfway between Norway and the North Pole, is a treasure trove of seeds.

The End Of The World is here. What might actually kill us?

How many times will this earth be destroyed? Let's take a look at some of many world end scenarios, that have either come and gone, or are still coming.

Francis the Doomsday Pope, the last pope before the end of days

There will be only 112 popes before the doomsday. By sitting on the seat number 111, the resigned Pope Benedict XVI was making his successor Francis I the last pope on earth.

'Doomsday' Apophis asteroid 20% bigger, to fly by Earth tonight

Paris - What was first reported to be the "doomsday asteroid" when it was first discovered in 2004, 99942 Apophis will fly by Earth on Jan. 9. Scientists have discovered that the asteroid is 20 percent larger than first thought.

Op-Ed: Funny or cruel, this doomsday viral video may be the best of 2012

One of the biggest stories of 2012 was that people across the world were convinced that the end of the Mayan calender meant the end of the world.

Zombie doomsday at CERN: Low-budget horror movie 'Decay' released

While stressing that the film has not been authorized or endorsed by CERN, students have released "Decay", a zombie doomsday scenario film, sparked by the Large Hydron Collider and search for the Higgs Boson.

Mayans on '2012 Doomsday': Not happening at all

As December 21, 2012 soon approaches, the Mayans have weighed in on the talks of "doomsday." To the Mayans, this is not true and that the talks of the world coming to the end are misinterpretations.

Op-Ed: Nothing like Doomsday to bring out the entrepreneurs

With half the world convinced that the world is going to end in December 2012, several smart business men have jumped on an excellent opportunity to make some big money.

Doomsday 2012: Thousands queue for UFO rescue at Pic de Bugarach

Bugarach - Thousands of "New Agers" are flocking to the village of Bugarach in France to prepare for the end of the world on December 21. The people are expecting that aliens will come to save them from doomsday apocalypse by beaming them aboard their spaceships.

TopFinds: Couple has skydiving sex, man upset world didn't end

A couple manage to have sex while tandem skydiving. The pastor who predicted Doomsday is embarrassed the world didn't collapse. Why is a 9-1-1 call from Toronto's mayor attracting global attention? These are the top stories from around the world.

Doomsday predicted for October 21

Renowned doomsday prophet, Harold Camping, has predicted that this coming Friday will mark the end of the world. This is not the first of these types of predictions made by Camping.

Op-Ed: Doomsday — We've Heard it Before

It has been a few days since the talk of the world ending. All that doomsday stuff just didn't happen. If you have been around a few years, you've not doubt heard it before.

Harold Camping says Judgement Day was a spiritual event

The 89-year-old head of Family Radio network in Oakland, Harold Camping, who predicted May 21 as the day the world will end, is now singing a different tune. He is now saying that judgment day was a spiritual event and that it is not detectable for us.

Op-Ed: Science versus religion — Will the world end on October 21, 2011?

An ad I saw in the subway last Saturday grabbed my attention. It says that the Bible guarantees that the much-feared Judgment Day will be upon us on May 21. As a lover of science and evidence, I couldn't help but take a look at the claim.

US-based doomsday prophets say May 21 is end of the world

A religious group based in the United States have walked the streets of Manila handing out booklets to people in the crowded city early this week claiming May 21 at sunset will be the end of the world.

Astrophysicists: Time, universe will end in 3.7 billion years

Washington - A team of United States and Japanese astrophysicists have concluded that there is a 50 percent chance that the Earth, our galaxy, the universe and time itself will end in 3.7 billion years.

Vivos shelter system set to save a select few on 2012 doomsday

Del Mar - It's the end of the world as we know but those at Vivos will survive. That's the plan of founder Robert Vicino whose network of underground shelters are posed to save the human race with about 3,000 members.

Greenhouse gas agreement in jeopardy, but all is not lost: UN

With Canada and the United States holding out on an agreement to curb greenhouse gas emissions, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC) announced it is likely that the December conference will not result in a new agreement.

Op-Ed: Pseudo Archaeology and the Doomsday Movie 2012

Yet another cheerful Doomsday prediction courtesy of pseudoscience, in this case pseudo archaeology, has been brought down. The upcoming movie “2012” is Deep Impact meets Mayan calendars, Complete with rogue planets.

Scientists are getting death threats over Large Hadron Collider

Scientists working on the Large Hadron Collider are getting death threats via phone calls and emails from those who fear the world will end next Wednesday, when the collider will start smashing the atoms.

'Doomsday' Seed vault opens in Arctic

On Tuesday Norway opened a frozen "Doomsday" vault within an Arctic mountain. The vault will be used to keep millions of seeds safe against wars or natural disasters wiping out food crops around the globe.

Weekend Negotiations with Russian Doomsday Cult Fail

Weekend negotiations with 29 Russian cult members, mostly women and including four children, one as young as 18 months old, have failed. The group remains holed up in an underground bunker in a central Russia forest near Nikolskoye.

Russia sect holes up in cave to await end of world

A Russian doomsday cult of more than 30 members have barricaded themselves inside a remote cave and refuse to leave. According to the police the sect members told them they will be there till the end of the world, if forced they will commit suicide.

Arctic vault an ark for seeds

"t's known, ominously, as the Doomsday Vault. But it could be the world's safety net if a global catastrophe – extreme climate change, natural disaster, even nuclear war – ever destroys the planet's food sources. Far inside an Arctic mountain, th...

Remastered Star Trek Doomsday trailer

Remastered DOOMSDAY Original series Episode.

'Doomsday vault' to resist global warming effects

An Arctic "doomsday vault" aimed at providing mankind with food in case of a global catastrophe will be designed to sustain the effects of climate change.

Dodging Doomsday -- An atomic threat made in America

How the U.S. spread bomb-grade nuclear fuel worldwide -- and failed to get it back

Closer to Midnight - Scientists move time forward

The symbolic clock that scientists use to educate the world about negative changes has moved up two whole minutes. Scientists are growing concerned about climate change and the growing nuclear threat in other countries including the U.S.

Doomsday clock? Don't be Silly!

Everything's fine, just fine...

Scientists prepare to move Doomsday Clock forward

The keepers of the "Doomsday Clock" plan to move its hands forward next Wednesday to reflect what they call worsening nuclear and climate threats to the world.

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Doomsday Image

A photo I took earlier this year of one of Camping s followers advertising a May 21 doomsday
A photo I took earlier this year of one of Camping's followers advertising a May 21 doomsday
Video of doomsday prank goes viral.
Video of doomsday prank goes viral.
Screen Capture
An ad claiming that the Bible guarantees that the Christian Judgment Day will occur on May 21
An ad claiming that the Bible guarantees that the Christian Judgment Day will occur on May 21
An unobtrusive entrance to a vault holding mankind s chance at survival in case of a global catastro...
An unobtrusive entrance to a vault holding mankind's chance at survival in case of a global catastrophe.

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