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Dominican republic News

Haitians not welcome in Dominican Republic

Thousands of black migrants and citizens of Haitian descent in the Dominican Republic are facing arbitrary deportation, raising apprehensions of an impending human disaster. An estimated 500,000 undocumented people could face mass deportations.

Op-Ed: Race war between Haiti and Dominican Republic goes back centuries

Two years ago I wrote a piece for the (then) Communities at Washington Times entitled, “Dominican Republic: Transit point for xenophobia.” Since then, not much has changed regarding racial tensions between the Dominican Republic and Haiti.

Aspiring singer fakes kidnapping to finance CD

Barcelona - A 22-year-old woman from Barcelona, Spain was arrested Thursday after allegedly faking her own kidnapping in the Dominican Republic. Apparently she needed to raise money to record a CD and hoped her father would hand over the necessary cash as a ransom.

Video: Airbus A330 jet engine explodes just prior to take off

Manchester - Passengers on this Airbus A330 heading for the Dominican Republic were rather lucky that the engine exploded prior to takeoff at Manchester Airport in the UK.

GoPro Hero camera lost at sea, found by spear-fisherman (video)

Kitesurfer Jens Knof lost his brand new GoPro Hero in the water while on vacation in the Dominican Republic. Two and a half months later, a spear-fisherman found it. All was intact, including the footage.

Novelist A.J. Sidransky on his work: Forgiving Maximo Rothman Special

New York - AJ Sidransky's Forgiving Maximo Rothman reminds us that 'life is too short to make enemies of those we love,' and I connected with the novelist to learn more.

Montreal man, 82, arrested by Interpol for child sex offences

Montreal - The octogenarian was arrested in the Dominican Republic and returned to Canada where he faces several child pornography and sexual offences against children charges.

Canadian family of smokers cause flight to be diverted

Hamilton - A flight from Halifax, Nova Scotia to the Dominican Republic was diverted to Bermuda after a family of four were found smoking in the washroom.

Graphic Video: TV host sets magician's head on fire

A popular American magician was seriously injured when his hair was set on fire by the host of a Dominican Republic television show.

Protests against toxic gold mining in the Caribbean

“I’m too old for this. I’m not going to be driven off of my land again,” says Juliana Guzman, a farmer from La Cerca in Dominican Republic. The walls of her house are riddled with cracks from the explosions that shake the ground every day.

Hurricane Sandy's Caribbean trip — devastation in Haiti and Cuba

As the world concentrates on the latest devastation in the US, Sandy has already done some serious damage to other countries, including Haiti and Cuba. Sandy took the lives of 54 people in Haiti and 11 in Cuba.

Doctors won't treat pregnant teen for cancer due to abortion ban

Santo Domingo - A ban on abortion in the Dominican Republic delayed for several weeks a pregnant 16-year-old receiving treatment for leukemia. Doctors refused to provide chemotherapy because they feared they would be prosecuted in the event that the fetus is aborted.

Haiti prepares for flooding from Tropical Storm Emily

Port-au-prince - Tropical Storm Emily left Puerto Rico flooded and is now aimed at Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Haitian authorities are preparing to evacuate thousands of people who are still living in tents and temporary structures following last year's earthquake.

10 People Arrested for Haiti/Dominican Crossing

A group of 10 adults and 33 children were stopped today while trying to cross the boarder from Haiti to the Dominican Republic. It is possible that as many as six Americans may be part of the group.

Pregnant and Desperate in New York City

Women who live in a Dominican enclave of New York City are handling their pregnancies in their own ways, with the silent approval of the entire community.

Kim Jong-ils son has Portuguese passport?

Kim Jong-nam, the oldest son of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il, has been reported to be living in the former Portuguese territory of Macao, a feat he managed apparently for being in possession of a Portuguese passport.

Blaze Kills 9 at Nightclub in Dominican Republic

Fire had struck a nightclub after it had closed early Monday, killing nine employees who lived on the floor above the establishment, officials said.

Dominican Women Show How Self-Help Projects Can Get Results

LOS NARANJOS (dpa) - For nearly 25 years now the women of the Dominican Republic town of Los Naranjos have been running in their own small cocoa factory. "We are certainly not hostile to men," chuckles Sofia Paredes. The 50-year-old is one of the...

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A resident surveys the open pit gold mining operation in the Dominican Republic.
A resident surveys the open pit gold mining operation in the Dominican Republic.
Rainforest Rescue
TRIBUTE: Late Cardinals outfielder Oscar Taveras gets his cuts during a spring training game with th...
TRIBUTE: Late Cardinals outfielder Oscar Taveras gets his cuts during a spring training game with the Houston Astros last year.
Bryan Green/Wikimedia Commons

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