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Dell loses control of important domain name to cybersquatters

Dell has suffered an embarrassing cybersecurity incident after it forgot to renew a domain name used by one of its services. Squatters had control of the domain for a month. It's thought it may have been used to distribute malware before Dell regained it.

TrumpFraud, TrumpScam: Two of Trump's thousands of domain names

New York City - A recent investigation revealed the president of the United States owns 3,643 domain names. While some of these were purchased to protect Trump’s businesses from cybersquatters, others were acquired to prevent his political enemies from using them.

Sought after Internet domain sold for $135 million

A sought after Internet domain — the ".web" extension — has been sold for a whopping $135 million via auction. The winning company now plans to licence the domain name out.

What the new GTLD roll out means

For the past decades, there have been only a handful of domain extensions, making it difficult to find a good web address since there were so few options. However, in the next few years we can expect over 1,300 new domain extensions added.

Op-Ed: Why letting go of ICANN is a bad idea

Right now, an invisible war is waging in cyberspace. It is happening right under our noses and it will affect the way the Internet is governed for years to come – quite possibly for the remainder of our lives and well beyond.

London to become an Internet domain

London - Got your own website? Sure you have. How would you like a .london domain for it? Or .paris? These are already in the pipeline.

Colleges, businesses snap up .xxx domains to thwart porn

Universities and businesses are buying up their names and variations with the xxx domain to prevent their good names from falling into the hands of the pornography industry.

Canadian Firm May Keep the Name Groovle

Google versus Groovle. The National Arbitration Forum of Canada has ruled that the two names have too little in common to represent a conflict

ICANN approves non-English domain names

A change that will transform the Internet and users experience is being accepted by officials at the Internet Corporation For Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). This change is the most dramatic the Internet has seen in 40 years.

Op-Ed: Canadian Internet Agency Should Give Out Domains, Not Door Prizes

The Canadian Internet Registration Authority, which administers the dot-ca domain name, held its AGM this week. As CIRA moves into its second decade, the promise of a leading Internet voice in Canada and an active, engaged membership is fading away.

Cybersquatting Cases Grow

Allegations of cybersquatting, or holding web domain names hostage for profit, rose to record levels in 2008 according to the UN

Before You Name Your Baby, Make Sure Their Website isn't Taken

Think you have the perfect name for your new baby? Just be sure to check that their domain name is open. In the world of domains some parents are making sure that their child grows up with a domain as special as they are.

What’s in a domain name? Millions, these days

There’s a finders fee for this article. Domain names now have brokers, and the money is flying around. A name like Digital Journal might have suddenly become worth a lot more.

Class Action Lawsuit Against Register Fly

People want their domain names, it is that simple... Hacked

In February 2007, was hacked by it's CEO, Kevin Medina.

New Domains: .name, .info, .biz, .pro, .aero, .museum, .coop

LOS ANGELES Calif. - The Internet got its first new batch of international domain names last Thursday with the selection of .biz, .name, .info, .pro, .museum, .coop, .aero that will enable a lot more Web site variety. The decision by the Internet C...

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