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Lucky Thai dolls 'non-human' says aviation authority

Bangkok - Thailand's air safety body warned passengers Wednesday that lucky "child angel" dolls cannot be considered real people and must be properly stowed before take-off and landing.

Artist creates 'creepy' pregnant doll

Seeking to make a social statement on the nature of toys marketed to young girls, UK-based artist Darren Cullen has created 'Baby's First Baby' - a pregnant baby doll.

Plans for 'lifelike' Steve Jobs dolls scrapped

A company based in China has abandoned the production of a lifelike doll of the late Steve Jobs following objections from the Jobs family and the Apple Corporation.

William and Kate Royal wedding dolls go on sale

Dolls designed to resemble Prince William and Kate Middleton on their wedding day are now on sale, and are receiving a mixed reaction.

Fetus dolls handed out to elementary school kids

Norfolk - Virginia school chose to handout anti-abortion fetus dolls to 3rd, 4th, 5th grader students in a religious abortion message. Parents are outraged their children were exposed to the dolls. Principal and teachers were placed on leaved pending investigation.

Barbie's next gig? Computer engineer

Barbie has always been a career trendsetter so when Mattel decided it was time for new careers for their star doll they went to Facebook and Twitter for inspiration.

Op-Ed: $95 Homeless Doll From Mattel Causes Controversy

A $95 homeless doll from Mattel Toy Corporation is supposed to teach children about homelessness, but instead has raised questions.

Original Sasha, Malia Dolls are Fetching Mega E-Bay Prices

The fetching dolls, looking like a cross between Betty Boop and a kewpie doll are fetching mega E-Bay bucks since the White House expressed its dismay at the marketing of the First Daughter dolls and were removed from store shelves.

First Mom Not Pleased About Dolls With First Daughters’ Names

Not wanting to leave Jammin' Jenna, Happy Hillary, Precious Paris and Bubbly Britney as the few members of Ty, Inc.’s exclusive club of dolls named after famous people, the company has added Sweet Sasha and Marvelous Malia to its collection.

Op-Ed: Are The Beanie Babies Betting On Obama Kids?

The makers of the Beanie Babies is hoping that America will snap up "Sweet Sasha" and "Marvelous Malia." That's right folks, there are already dolls on the market featuring the Obama kids, well not really according to the company.

Top German toymaker drops US market over lead-testing Act

Citing the increased cost of doing business under the new Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act, top German wooden toy maker Selecta Spielzeug has ended distribution of its playthings in the United States.German toys often have high educational value.

Sarah Palin Action Figure Dolls Go On Sale

The newest Hero Builder dolls have been created of Sarah Palin and are now on the market along with Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, John McCain and John Edwards hero action figure dolls.

Using Dolls To Reduce The Stigma Of Down Syndrome

Little girls love toting around dolls that look like themselves. Desi McKenzie's eldest daughter had that doll but when Aubrey was born the Hawaiian mother couldn't provide the same for her. Aubrey has Down syndrome.

Charlie Sheen Plays With Dolls?

I'm not talking the good looking kind of doll you pick up at a bar or a wrap party. I'm also not talking the tiny porcelain kind. We're talking life size here. The kind you blow up.

Kmart launches multicultural doll brands

A growing minority population, and the success of such bilingual children's characters, like Dora The Explorer, have Toy companies looking at more multicultural toys then ever.

Sexy Pussycat Dolls Prowl for the PURRfect Kitten

The Pussycat Dolls girl band is on the prowl for a new member, and they'll use (what else?) reality TV to find her.

Sex fairs gaining popularity

Considering the size of their Population I wonder if they have anything else but SEX on their minds...

Japanese Adults Buy Barbie Dolls To Dream Of New Shape

TOKYO (dpa) - Japanese retailers have been finding that women who buy Barbie dolls are often not shopping on behalf of daughters: the elongated doll is coveted by adults who secretly wish they had the same impossible body shape."Unlike in the United St...

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Are any of these little faces listed on the TSA No Fly List for Tiny Terrorists?
Are any of these little faces listed on the TSA No Fly List for Tiny Terrorists?
A fetus doll that was given to 3rd  4th  5th graders as part of a religious teaching on anti-abortio...
A fetus doll that was given to 3rd, 4th, 5th graders as part of a religious teaching on anti-abortion and the pro-life movement at a public school in Virginia.
WVEC screen shot
Are any of these faces in the TSA s database for Tiny Terrorists?
Are any of these faces in the TSA's database for Tiny Terrorists?
The fetus dolls were distributed to 7 to 10 year old students along with religious themed literature...
The fetus dolls were distributed to 7 to 10 year old students along with religious themed literature at the Norfolk Virginia elementary school.
WVEC sceen shot

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