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To speed up deportations, 12 cities to get immigration judges

The Department of Justice is working on a plan to send immigration judges to 12 cities across the country in an effort to speed up deportations of illegal immigrants who have been charged with crimes.

Private prisons are to be phased out says Department of Justice

Private corrections companies took a beating on Wall Street on Thursday when a report came out that the Department of Justice is moving away from using private prisons, with the eventual goal of not having any private corrections facilities.

Man who sold bleach as a miracle cure gets 51 months in jail

Spokane - It was hailed as a miracle cure for cancer, AIDS, malaria, asthma, hepatitis, Lyme disease and numerous other ailments, but it was actually industrial bleach, used for hydraulic fracking, wastewater treatment, and as a pesticide.

DOJ seizes the largest illegal music-sharing site in the U.S.

The U.S. Department of Justice has seized control of Sharebeast, the popular music filesharing site. was the largest illegal filesharing site for music operating within the U.S., according to the RIAA.

New limits on racial profiling released by Department of Justice

Washington D.c. - Attorney General Eric Holder's efforts to have the new limits on racial profiling to be finally pushed through are the result of an expansion of the Guidance Regarding the Use of Race by Federal Law Enforcement Agencies originally put in place in 2003

'Toxic mix of problems' used to describe Alabama state prisons

In Alabama, prisoners are being stabbed in their cells while sleeping because cell doors don't lock. Overcrowding, under funding, wardens that don't care, and drug-dealing guards whom allegedly order hits on inmates if crossed make for a toxic mix.

A year later, DOJ unable to answer questions over Swartz’s death

Washington - A bipartisan group of lawmakers has called for an investigation into the death of hacktivist Aaron Swartz. The group criticized Attorney General Eric Holder about the Department of Justice’s handling of the prosecution of the activist.

DOJ secretly collected AP phone records

Washington - The Associate Press revealed on Monday that the US Department of Justice secretly obtained telephone calling records from April and May 2012 , for more than 20 of its reporters and an editor, as part of the administration's war on leaks.

Op-Ed: The greatest failure of the DOJ

Four years have passed since we experienced the economic near-collapse of our economy, and for four years we have also witnessed complete and utter failure in the administration of justice.

Op-Ed: On-line poker goes on outside the USA as FBI war continues

An update on the FBI's war against on-line poker from a slightly irreverent viewpoint, and a perspective on poker outside the USA.

Op-Ed: Absolute and Ultimate – Poker sites quit US for good Special

A short report on the continuing difficulties faced by poker sites in the wake of the FBI seizure of their domains and freezing of their assets.

Op-Ed: Poker players fighting back against the FBI Special

An article concerning the banning of on-line poker in the United States, and the seizure of domain names and bank accounts by the US authorities.

Op-Ed: DoJ connection to Chamber's Wikileaks plot deserves a closer look

The recent revelation of the Wikileaks plot and collusive smear campaign by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is not surprising, but the implication of the U.S. Department of Justice is, and that warrants a closer look.

Op-Ed: Kids not the only bullies of kids

Writing a personal opinion column sometimes requires revisiting unpleasant experiences and looking at them in the context of current events.

Op-Ed: How President Obama is Damaging Race Relations in America

For taking sides in the Gates case without knowing all the facts, Obama is taking a great deal of heat from across the political spectrum, including other blacks. Yet this is not the first time Obama has taken sides in a heated racially-tinged affair.

DC Voting Rights Bill Could Further Be Derailed By DOJ Split

The political battle to grant voting representation in Congress for Washington DC continues to rage on. This time, the Justice Department is being thrown into the mix. It could complicate things further.

DOJ's Legal Counsel Picks Offer Change From Bush Years

During the eight years of the Bush administration, the U.S. Justice Department's Office of Legal Counsel became the epicenter of allegations of ideological hiring practices, political manipulation and the source of memorandum's on detainment and torture.

Obama '08 Urges DOJ to Quash McCain Ads - McCain Comes Back Strong

Barack Obama is asking TV stations and the DOJ to stop a recent ad campaign produced by the American Issues Project. A McCain spokesperson fired-back with some choice tough talk: " many of us are friends with unrepentant former terrorist bombers?"

DOJ Audit Concludes Top Aides To Gonzalez Discriminated Against Applicants

According to the conclusive reports of an internal audit of the Justice Department, it has been revealed that two top aids to then Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez discriminated against applicants for not being either Republicans and/or conservatives.

US Department Of Justice Has Hands Full Dealing With Sea Of 900+ Fraud Cases

The United States Department of Justice has its hands full as it deals with a decade long backlog of cases dealing with alleged fraud on the parts of contractors and pharmaceutical companies.

DOJ Discriminated Against Liberal & Dem. Applicants, New Audit Finds

A new audit has given details that could put both the administration of United States President George W. Bush and the rest of the GOP in hot water.

Japanese Corporation Fined $2.46 Million for Conspiracy Under the Competition Act

OTTAWA - The Competition Bureau announced today that a Japanese corporation and one of its senior executives have been convicted of an international price fixing and market sharing conspiracy which affected prices over a 17-year period. The conspi...

Microsoft's Gates Voices Second Thoughts On The DOJ Trial

WASHINGTON - Microsoft's otherwise unrepentant chairman wondered after the judge's Wednesday breakup order whether an in-person explanation by him of the innovation and competition in the personal computer industry would have made a difference. ...

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