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Discovering how rabies kills

Tel Aviv - Saliva transmitted by the bite of a rabid animal allows the rabies virus to enter a victim’s muscle tissue. However, a new study finds, to cause violent behavior and eventual death of the victim, the rabies virus must first reach the brain.

Great Dane ate 43 socks and survived

Portland - A three-year-old great Dane was miserable and retching, so the owners brought him to an animal hospital. It was there that they discovered he ate a bunch of socks.

GoPro plays Fetch with your dog Special

GoPro responds to customer demand with Fetch, a camera mounted harness system for your dog. GoPro expects Fetch to serve as a gateway product to a new, wider target market.

Study hints dogs might get jealous

A nine-month study published in the science journal, PLOS ONE, hinted in July there is a chance dogs might get jealous. Experts still aren't certain whether the exhibited behavior is actually jealousy, however.

Op-Ed: Why is my dog so hyper after a bath?

Ever wonder why your dog runs around like a banshee after their bath? Why they go from shivering meekly in a tub to booking it around your house, drenching your furniture, and yes, rolling in dirt as soon as they're free?

Cows kill Austrian dog walker

Media from around the world are covering a story about a 45-year-old Austrian woman attacked by a herd of cows. She reportedly died after being stormed by the large group while walking her dog.

New Zealand’s favorite dogs unveiled

According to the National Dog Database from the New Zealand Department of Internal Affairs, the Labrador Retriever remains the most popular dog breed in the country — over 41,000 of the pooches were registered in 2013/2014.

Can dogs 'feel jealousy?'

Dogs may have the capacity to feel human-like jealousy, according to a study. The study included diverse small dog breeds such as chihuahuas, Yorkshire terriers, and several mutts.

Pit bull killed by off-duty LAPD as it mauls face of child

Fontana - A male pit bull was killed by an off-duty LAPD officer as it mauled a four-year-old boy in the face and head on July 7 at 3:30 p.m. Two off-duty officers heard a woman screaming in a nearby home; one officer was forced to shoot and kill the dog.

Arizona to investigate 'Doggie Disneyland' where 20 dogs died

Gilbert - Authorities are investigating the deaths of 20 dogs at Green Acre Kennel, in Gilbert, Arizona. The place had billed itself as a "Doggie Disneyland" promising plenty of land for dogs to run free with no cages.

Op-Ed: Dog-eating festival starts early to avoid notice

Those who love dogs may be more than a little outraged by this article. One Chinese festival involves eating dogs and is being held early to avoid animal activists.

Dogs Immemorial: A radiant tribute Special

Cairns - Prolific Australian artist Rose Rigley has created a lovingly luminous testament to the special position dogs hold in our lives.

Study links dog ownership to autism benefits

A recent study published in the Journal of Pediatric Nursing has strengthened the notion that dog ownership can be beneficial to children on the autism spectrum.

Anti-Vick voices grow, as petition to ban Jets QB gains footing

The decision by the New York Jets to sign Michael Vick is being met with resistance, as Vick's animal cruelty past is coming back to the surface.

Dingoes are not 'wild dogs'

Once thought to be feral dogs, a new study suggests that dingoes are actually a separate species from their domesticated relatives.

It’s now time to start protecting your pets from heatworms

For readers in North America, it is time to start thinking about protecting your pets from spring pests, particularly mosquitoes, according to a Kansas State University veterinarian.

Op-Ed: An open letter to Woody Johnson on signing Michael Vick

New York - An open letter addressed to Woody Johnson, owner of the New York Jets, on having signed Michael Vick to the quarterback position.

OCD in dogs linked to genes

Dogs can suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder just like some humans. In exploring this, scientists have identified a genetic basis for the behavior.

Arizona infestation of feral chihuahuas no laughing matter

Phoenix - In an article which opens with an attempt at humour, an online news portal reports on an alarming trend: apparently, an Arizona neighbourhood is being plagued by an unusually large number of feral chihuahuas.

Infection risks from cat bites

Mayo - Cats often look cute and cuddly, however when they strike or bite a hand, they can inject bacteria deep into joints and tissue. In the U.S., one in three people bitten has to visit a doctor or hospital, according to a new study.

IOC says no 'healthy' dogs being killed in Sochi

Olympic chiefs tried to ease concern about the fate of stray dogs in Sochi on Wednesday, saying only sick and dying animals were being destroyed before the city hosts the Winter Games.

The world's oldest living transmissible cancer '11,000 years old'

Cambridge - The earliest written record of the disease we now call cancer dates to 1600 BC, with an Egyptian papyrus describing cancer of the breast. Hippocrates (ca. 460 BC – ca. 370 BC) first named the strange disease, using the Greek word "karkinos," or crab.

Dogs evolved from wolves due to human domestication

Chicago - A new genetic study of modern canines supports the theory that humans domesticated dogs from wolves, and this happened before humans began to grow crops.

Which direction does your canine friend face when going potty?

Quite the odd question. Nevertheless, scientists took a keen interest in answering the question: do dogs align their body axis with respect to the Earth’s magnetic field lines when seeking to relieve their bowels and bladders?

Dogs doing pretty much everything humans do (Music video)

Brussels - Most of us have seen the YouTube videos with the dogs with human hands, eating at a table. Well, a Brussels-based band called the Recorders have gone much further than that with this very entertaining video.

Dogs' Christmas: 32 unwanted Chihuahuas taken into NY shelter

Calverton - A dog shelter in Long Island regularly takes in abandoned Chihuahuas, but over the festive season, 32 arrived on their doorstep in a single delivery. The cute "fashion accessories" were no longer wanted.

Western media's take on Kim Jong Un's uncle being eaten by dogs

Pyongyang - Rumors are flying that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un's uncle Jade Song Thaek, was executed, not by the usual firing squad, but by being stripped naked and then placed in a cage with 120 attack dogs.

Dog deli causes howling controversy in Berlin, Germany

Berlin - Over the recent festive period, a special restaurant, just for dogs and cats, opened in Berlin, Germany. However, controversy has raised its furry head over whether a luxury deli for animals is a necessary item.

Study finds dogs poop in line with earth's magnetic field

A team of Czech and German researchers exhaustively studied canine defecation habits and found that dogs align themselves with earth's magnetic field when they poop.

Dog rescued from trash dump befriends pup saved from drainpipe

Los Angeles - A one-year-old female Husky dog found at a trash dump was presumed abandoned. It could have been the end for the young dog but she was rescued by a dedicated animal lover named Eldad Hagar. Then there was Frankie.
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Dogs Image

My friend  Pam Boobyer and I  holding 3 pups each.
My friend, Pam Boobyer and I, holding 3 pups each.
David Boobyer
Dog and cat friends in Fuengirola  Spain
Dog and cat friends in Fuengirola, Spain
Some of the people and dogs at Charlee s Angels for the Animals rally on April 27  2014.
Some of the people and dogs at Charlee's Angels for the Animals rally on April 27, 2014.
Dog and cat friends in Fuengirola  Spain - FC (Fat Cat).
Dog and cat friends in Fuengirola, Spain - FC (Fat Cat).
A golden retriever.
A golden retriever.
golbenge (골뱅이)
Amanda the dog with her puppies after a house fire in Chile
Amanda the dog with her puppies after a house fire in Chile
reddit/J. Monsalve
Just a few of my favorite pictures of my animals..
Just a few of my favorite pictures of my animals..
Maxine in a disguise
Maxine in a disguise
After a long game of chase  this worn out pup needed to take a nap.
After a long game of chase, this worn out pup needed to take a nap.
Dog and cat friends in Fuengirola  Spain - Hasha giving Nanu a little hell.
Dog and cat friends in Fuengirola, Spain - Hasha giving Nanu a little hell.
Heaven for dogs: Big ole  bones.
Heaven for dogs: Big ole' bones.
Just a few of my favorite pictures of my animals..
Just a few of my favorite pictures of my animals..
Just a few of my favorite pictures of my animals..
Just a few of my favorite pictures of my animals..
It s not a Music City event if at least one  person  doesn t show up sporting a cowboy hat.
It's not a Music City event if at least one "person" doesn't show up sporting a cowboy hat.
Department of the Navy
Jude and Samson  my daughter s two dogs...the taller one is a year old and the shorter one is 6 mont...
Jude and Samson, my daughter's two dogs...the taller one is a year old and the shorter one is 6 months old.
A screenshot from OK Go s music video White Knuckles
A screenshot from OK Go's music video White Knuckles
YouTube screenshot


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