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Technologists solve issues with smartphone document rotation

Why won’t my documents rotate properly? This is a common occurrence for frustrated smartphone users. A new technique has been devised to correct a smartphone's orientation to overcome this annoyance.

Microsoft shutting down its Office file sharing site

Microsoft has announced that it is shutting down, the company's little-known file sharing site that lets you upload and publish Office documents. The closure comes shortly after a major security incident on the site.

'Caliphate' leaves Iraqis in administrative limbo

Mosul - Families fleeing Mosul as Iraqi forces move in are taking their "official" documents with them but also wondering who will recognise the stamp of the Islamic State group.

Leaked IS documents to be used in French jihadist trial

Paris - French prosecutors will use leaked Islamic State documents to help identify seven suspected jihadists going on trial next week, including the brother of a Paris attacker, sources close to the investigation said Wednesday.

Google lets you write your own ebooks with new Google Docs update

Google has updated its online office suite, Google Docs, with a new export option that will benefit owners of ebook readers. Documents can now be converted directly to EPUB ebooks from within Google Docs, letting users write their own ebooks.

Calls for German city that ditched Windows to return to Microsoft

Munich - In 2004, the German city of Munich shut down its Windows systems and switched to the open-source Linux instead. Now, it has reportedly had enough. Senior IT members have called Linux "cumbersome" and "limited" and urged the mayor to bring back Windows.

PandaDoc closes $5 million Series A to enhance sales automation

PandaDoc, a document automation solution for sales reps, recently closed a $5 million Series A round of funding. With funding it looks to expand its team of 35.

Leaked documents reveal New Zealand planned to hack smartphones

A leaked top secret document has revealed that New Zealand and its spy partners attempted to exploit weaknesses in smartphone browsers to hack into the devices without informing companies or the public. The information was obtained by Edward Snowden.

Snowden documents reveal extent of CIA hacking of Apple security

Documents released by Edward Snowden have shown that the CIA has spent almost a decade trying to break through the security around Apple devices so that they could secretly plant malware onto the devices and monitor users.

Rob Ford documents reveal further drug, alcohol abuse

Toronto - One week after Toronto Mayor Rob Ford told the entire city that he has nothing left to hide, Justice Ian Nordheimer ordered the release of some blacked-out portions of documents. The information depicts the mayor as an alcoholic and avid cocaine user.

Harry Belafonte sues Martin Luther King Jr's heirs

New York - Harry Belafonte, 86, sued the estate of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Tuesday over three documents that used to be in Mr. Belafonte's collection of memorabilia, The New York Times reports.

Marikana: South African police 'lied over mine shootings'

A commission of inquiry has accused South African police of lying about the events of August 16, 2012, when 34 miners were shot and killed in the Marikana miners' strike.

Confidential confetti drops in Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

New York - In a case of possible recycling gone horribly wrong, shredded confidential police documents were used as confetti in the recent Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Released documents reveal US knowledge of 1940 slaughter

Washington - Newly declassified documents have been released by the U.S. National Archives showing the United States had knowledge of the slaughter of 22,000 Polish officers and prisoners in the Katyn forest on the western edge of Russia in 1940.

Op-Ed: Google launches cloud storage service Drive

On Tuesday April 24, Google launched the Google Drive. A look into how it works, pricing, analysis and comparison between competitors.

US home values keep falling, equal ‘darkest days’ of recession

Washington - Home prices across the country continue a downward skid, with first quarter values this year dropping by three percent in virtually every metro area, the largest quarterly drop since 2008, and experts suggest the trend will continue well into 2012.

Wikileaks reveals list of sites thought sensitive to US security

As the US government considers arresting Wikileaks founder Julian Assange on charges beyond the Espionage Act, the whistle-blower site released new damaging data on Sunday.

Wikileaks founder to release encrypted files if arrested

As an insurance against the possibility of arrest by any number of governments, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has promised to release encrypted files on additional government and private sector secrets.

US global concerns revealed in latest Wikileaks release

After much controversy and a sustained DoS attack on the website, Wikileaks has now released a set of leaked secret US files.

US alerts Israeli government on pending Wikileaks release

After a promise from Wikileaks that a pending release of confidential documents will be 'seven times' the size of the Iraq war papers, the US alerted the Israeli government of likely embarrassments.

Leaked army documents reveal that Bin Laden is alive

Among the 91,000 secret documents revealed by the WikiLeaks organisation last Sunday are reports that Osama bin Laden is alive - or at least that he still was alive in 2006.

Evidence for Israel being a nuclear player denied by Israel

Declassified documents from South Africa clearly show what all the world knows, that Israel is a nuclear power, yet one finds it necessary to deny the fact although the new evidence shows South Africa's apartheid regime to have been a potential buyer.

VoiceCorp launching software to read online documents out loud

Paris - A new tool from VoiceCorp will launch tomorrow, Digital Journal has learned. The product, called docReader, converts documents into a Web-readable and then dictates the content to you.

U.S. Congress subpoenas thousands of Toyota safety documents

Today, Congress subpoenaed thousands of documents that are alleged to show Toyota has been hiding and destroying important safety evidence for years.

Photography banned at National Archives Building in Washington,DC

The National Archives has announced that filming, photographing, and videotaping by the public will be prohibited in all exhibition areas in the National Archives Building starting February 25, 2010.

S. African Opposition Demands Documents On ‘Dodgy’ Arms Deals

South African opposition spokesman David Maynier has demanded more accountability from the South African government. Maynier wants to investigate what he calls “dodgy deals” in arms to undemocratic regimes.

Cuba to Allow Digital Access to Hemingway Archive

The Cuban Heritage Council has announced it will allow access to thousands of pages of documents once belonging to American novelist Ernest Hemingway. Hemingway wrote many of his greatest works while living on the island.

Convert Emails to Documents With One Click in Gmail

Gmail has added a new Labs feature that enables you to convert emails into documents with just one click. It totally eliminates the need to copy and paste.

Bush Administration Changes Ruling to Allow U.S. Border Agents Even More Authority

A 22-year-old policy has been overturned by the Bush administration to allow customs agents to seize, read and copy documents from those traveling into the United States at border stops and airports.

Anthrax Documents Ordered Unsealed by Federal Judge

Today, a federal judge in the U.S. has ordered that documents in the Anthrax case be unsealed. This order follows the recent suicide death of Bruce E. Ivins, who was reportedly under investigation as the prime suspect by the Justice Department.
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Passage at page C02884 in declassified CIA exhibits on Operation Merlin.
Passage at page C02884 in declassified CIA exhibits on Operation Merlin.
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Julian Assange
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