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Oscar winner Jeff Bridges discusses 'Living in the Future's Past' Special

Academy Award winner Jeff Bridges chatted with Digital Journal about the new documentary "Living in the Future's Past," which he narrated and produced.

Documentary director opens up about 'Living in the Future's Past' Special

Acclaimed director and cinematographer Susan Kucera chatted with Digital Journal about her new documentary "Living in the Future's Past."

Review: 'Fire on the Track' details the life story of Steve Prefontaine Special

Coos Bay - "Fire on the Track: The Steve Prefontaine Story" is a compelling documentary on the life and accomplishments of the late American runner Steve Prefontaine, who had passed away at the age of 24.

Film-maker talks about Greek youth documentary 'Freedom Besieged' Special

Award-winning Canadian-Greek film-maker Panayioti Yannitsos chatted with Digital Journal about his Greek youth documentary "Freedom Besieged."

And then there were 3: 'The last mountain caribou herd'

The South Selkirk mountain caribou herd is unique because it is the only one that roams the Pacific Northwest between Canada and Washington State and Idaho. Sadly, today, there are only three of the “gray ghosts" left.

Dan Reynolds tugs at the heart with 'Believer' HBO documentary Special

Salt Lake - Dan Reynolds, the front-man of the Grammy-winning rock band Imagine Dragons, tugs at the heart on the new HBO documentary "Believers."

Review: Patti Smith soars on new 'Horses' documentary (Apple Music) Special

On May 22, the highly-anticipated Patti Smith documentary, "Horses: Patti Smith and her Band," was released via Apple Music.

Review: Hot Docs doesn’t want anyone left in the dark on these issues Special

Hot Docs knows the importance of documentary-filmmaking and activism, so they’re highlighting a few important issues at this year’s festival.

Review: Hot Docs world showcase is a brief journey to the other side Special

The world showcase at Hot Docs invites audiences to experience how other people live via documentaries that endeavour to portray honest fragments of real-life.

Review: Hot Docs special presentations creates real world connections Special

The special presentations section of Hot Docs looks at two very popular pastimes with mass appeal: food and video games.

Patti Smith releases trailer for new 'Horses' documentary film

On April 23, 2018, the trailer for the feature documentary "Horses: Patti Smith and her band" was released on Apple Music.

'Rumble' documentary wins 2018 Canadian Screen Awards

"Rumble: The Indians Who Rocked the World" just won three Canadian Screen Awards, which were presented by the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television.

Review: This week’s releases will stir audience’s emotions Special

This week’s releases include a comedy sequel that surprises with its quality; a summer adventure movie that is so much more; and several films that inspire because they’re true.

Review: Bad decisions lead to worse outcomes in this week’s releases Special

This week’s releases include the revival of sci-fi masterpiece; a new take on an endless day; an awkward situation of a man’s own making; a case of mistaken identity; and a twisted but amusing comedy.

Review: 'Rumble: The Indians Who Rocked The World' is an incredible film Special

"Rumble: The Indians Who Rocked The World" is a superb documentary about some of the most prominent Native American musicians of our time, including rock pioneer Link Wray.

Review: The past and present collide in this week’s releases Special

This week’s releases include the revival of the original zombie narrative; a new documentary highlighting an old problem; a mediocre action movie elevated by its cast; and the next chapter in a technological revolution.

Montreal filmmaker's fusion documentary — 'Let There be Light'

In France, scientists are building a machine already decades in the making: TOKAMAK - an artificial star that could provide millions of years of clean energy. Are scientists about to crack nuclear fusion, or chasing an almost century-old delusion?

If asteroid hit was 30 seconds off, dinosaurs might still be here

Dinosaurs were wiped out 66 million years ago after an asteroid struck Earth in the Yucatan Peninsula. Scientists now believe had the asteroid arrived 30 seconds earlier or later, dinosaurs might still roam the Earth and humans might not be here.

Review: ‘78/52’ invites Hot Docs audiences into the shower with Hitchcock Special

Hot Docs presents ‘78/52’, a fascinating analysis of the famous and often replicated shower scene in Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘Psycho’.

Review: ‘A Better Man’ is one of Hot Docs’ most stirring films Special

‘A Better Man’ is an inspirational depiction of restorative justice as a former couple invites Hot Docs audiences to revisit their abusive past with them.

Review: Hot Docs’ ‘PACmen’ expands on craziness of the 2016 US election Special

In a Hot Docs program called “Democrazy”, ‘PACmen’ explores the political influences and blunders of American political action committees during the recent election.

Review: ‘Recruiting for Jihad’ is an eye-opening Hot Docs selection Special

‘Recruiting for Jihad’ introduces Hot Docs audiences to a Norwegian Islamist who uses his well-honed people skills to enlist soldiers for ISIS.

Review: ‘Playing God’ is a tough job at Hot Docs Special

The Hot Docs selection ‘Playing God’ looks at the unenvious job of putting a dollar value on the loss of life and justifying the difference in amounts.

Review: Nothing is too taboo in Hot Docs’ ‘Ask the Sexpert’ Special

‘Ask the Sexpert’ is a charming film screening at Hot Docs about a nonagenarian who writes a sex advice column in India.

Review: ‘Shingal, Where Are You?’ brings faces of genocide to Hot Docs Special

Hot Docs selection ‘Shingal, Where Are You?’ follows an Iraqi Yazidi family displaced by Daesh, trying to negotiate the safe return of their kidnapped daughter.

Review: ‘Ramen Heads’ takes soup to a new level at Hot Docs Special

Foodies can add “slurpability” to their vocabularies after watching the world premiere of the Japanese documentary ‘Ramen Heads’ at Hot Docs.

Review: Hot Docs pay tribute to director & servers everywhere with ‘Dish’ Special

The enlightening 2010 documentary, ‘Dish — Women, Waitressing & the Art of Service’, is screening in a tribute to Canadian filmmaker Maya Gallus at Hot Docs.

Looking to the future of the planet in new documentary

What does the future hold for the planet? There are myriad possibilities and some of this in our hands. A new docudrama from National Geographic shines a light on the year one million for a round of speculation and debate.

'Parrot Heads' documentary soars to No. 1 on Amazon Special

Jimmy Buffett's fans, which are affectionately known as "Parrot Heads," are one of the most loyal fan-bases in contemporary music.

Taiwan director's courageous tale of family strife

Taipei - Filmmaker Huang Hui-chen felt bound by labels while growing up in Taiwan -- impoverished, a school dropout and daughter of a lesbian Taoist priestess who she yearned to understand.
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George Harrison and Joe Osborn in a scene from  The Wrecking Crew
George Harrison and Joe Osborn in a scene from 'The Wrecking Crew'
Video Services Corp.
A scene from  Sonita
A scene from 'Sonita'
Hot Docs
A scene from  Trapped
A scene from 'Trapped'
Hot Docs
A scene from  4 Years in 10 Minutes
A scene from '4 Years in 10 Minutes'
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A scene from  Doc of the Dead
A scene from 'Doc of the Dead'
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A still from the documentary film Indie Game: The Movie
A still from the documentary film Indie Game: The Movie
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Canadian filmmaker Sharon Hyman
Canadian filmmaker Sharon Hyman
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A scene from  Tickled
A scene from 'Tickled'
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A scene from  A Skyjacker s Tale
A scene from 'A Skyjacker's Tale'
H.R. Giger in  Dark Star - H.R. Gigers World
H.R. Giger in 'Dark Star - H.R. Gigers World'
Icarus Films
A scene from ‘Raiders!: The Story of the Greatest Fan Film Ever Made’
A scene from ‘Raiders!: The Story of the Greatest Fan Film Ever Made’
Drafthouse FIlms
A scene from  Best of Enemies
A scene from 'Best of Enemies'
Hot Docs
Hot Docs
A bin of discarded hummus discovered during  Just Eat It: A Food Waste Story
A bin of discarded hummus discovered during 'Just Eat It: A Food Waste Story'
Hot Docs
A scene from  Welcome to Leith
A scene from 'Welcome to Leith'
Hot Docs
A scene from  The Barkley Marathons: The Race That Eats Its Young
A scene from 'The Barkley Marathons: The Race That Eats Its Young'
Hot Docs
Ziggy Gruber is a  Deli Man
Ziggy Gruber is a 'Deli Man'
Search Engine Films
A scene from  Monty Python: The Meaning of Live
A scene from 'Monty Python: The Meaning of Live'
Hot Docs
Hot Docs