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Disruption News

Waking up to change, how technology disrupts workplace culture

There is no one road to digital transformation — but the smoother journey focuses on culture as well as technology. While managers seek to combine the two, it stands that several technologies are affecting workplace culture.

Cummins is embracing disruption to stay innovative attract talent

This article is sponsored content from Cognizant. New skills and ideas are needed to keep up with the digital transformation of manufacturing.

Q&A: Can a business really be too big to fail? Special

GE is looking for a buyer for its San Ramon, California-based digital unit. This follows the company spending last month organizing an auction for its digital assets. Business expert Matt Mead provides an insight.

How to adopt a digital transformation strategy: Q&A Special

Matt Mead is an expert in aligning digital transformation and business strategies. In conversation with Digital Journal, he shares key warning signs that can signal if a company is vulnerable to digital disruption.

New digital disruptors are non-digitally native organizations

A new survey seeks to understand the impact of digital disruption on incumbent, non-digitally native organizations. The report predicts that these firms will become the next major tranche of digital disruptors.

How businesses can survive digital disruptions

Surviving the types of digital disruptions that are impacting on every industry requires a robust strategy, according to industry commentator Raméz Baassiri. This is especially so when disruptions happen that are beyond control.

Business leaders remain concerned about cyber threats

A new survey of C-level business leaders from PwC reveals what keeps them up at night. This includes cyber threats, economic uncertainty and an inability to deal with digital disruption.

Startup Rover looks to big projects to grow its parking app

Toronto is capturing the world’s attention as an innovation ecosystem — and success for startups like parking app Rover could be a sign of the bright things to come.

This company is taking cues from Amazon to reinvent manufacturing

3D printing was supposed to reinvent the world — giving common people the simple tools they needed to create any object they needed, right when they needed it, provided it was made out of certain metals or plastic.

Silicon Valley's old boy power structure is getting toppled

When Chris Sacca took the stage at the South by Southwest conference in March, the "Shark Tank" judge kicked off his talk by doling out cans of beers to the women sitting in the front rows.

Tesla's market cap soars above Ford, GM

2017 will likely go down in the history books as a year of disruption. Old industries are being reshaped by bold new ideas, technologies and modes of communication.

Op-Ed: American universities have a value problem

When something is essential, can it really be regulated by the free market? The demands and pace of change in the modern economy mean that decent-paying jobs require ever more skills, knowledge, and training to be filled.

Op-Ed: The 'Internet of Things' brings opportunities and disruption

The Internet of Things (IoT) is poised to fundamentally change and expand how businesses do business across the internet.

Man throws tantrum over reading light on Alaska Airlines flight

Tacoma - A man may find himself facing criminal charges after having an argument over a reading light. The incident occurred on an Alaska Airlines flight from Honolulu to Bellingham International Airport this past weekend.

Possum disrupts regional train service

Melbourne - A possum in Melbourne Australia caused interruptions in service to Newport railway system and 430 business and homes in the surrounding area.

City Birds Cope with Disruption Better than Their Country Cousins

Birds of a feather may indeed flock together but those who flock to the city have a better chance of surviving disruption that their cousins who remain in the country do. A University of Washington reports concludes.

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Students at JNTUH College in Hyderabad  India organized a movie screening of  Disruption  and conduc...
Students at JNTUH College in Hyderabad, India organized a movie screening of "Disruption" and conducted a big rally.
Eye-catching sign on the window of the Wellcome Centre in London  September 2017.
Eye-catching sign on the window of the Wellcome Centre in London, September 2017.
 Blockchain Disrupts Everything...or Does It?  panel discussion at the first IEEE Computer Society T...
"Blockchain Disrupts Everything...or Does It?" panel discussion at the first IEEE Computer Society TechIgnite conference.
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