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Disney's 'Starbright Holidays' features LED-lit dancing drones

Florida's Disney World is offering up a new type of holiday entertainment this year that is sure to create a lot of excitement with children and adults alike. "Starbright Holidays" will feature 300 LED-lit dancing drones in the night sky.

Grandma died after snake bit boy at Disney park, family alleges

Orlando - An Alabama family alleges that an escaped snake at Disney's Animal Kingdom plopped out of a tree and bit a boy, leading to the death of the boy's grandmother. Matt Morgan, the family's attorney, said Thursday that the family plans to sue Disney World.

Watch Disney's Gaston challenged by tourist to push-up contest

Orlando - A tourist at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida got his ego thoroughly deflated after he challenged the villain Gaston from Disney's 1991 classic, "Beauty and the Beast," to a push-up contest.

Video: Sinkhole swallows Florida resort building

Around 30 per cent of a three-story villa in a central Florida resort has collapsed into a sinkhole on Monday night. Guests were evacuated safety and fortunately no injuries were reported.

Woman and grandson find gun on seat of Disney World ride

A visitor to Walt Disney World accidentally left his gun on one of the rides at the resort's Animal Kingdom park. A woman found the gun while she was on the ride with her grandson.

Disney announces 24-hour opening to kick off 'Monster' summer

Disney has announced that for the second year in a row it will open for one day and one night for 24 hours. The promotion is to kick off summer and also promote its soon-to-be-released "Monsters University!" film.

Disney plans to offer RFID bracelets for an 'enhanced' visit

Orlando - Walt Disney World is unrolling a new initiative this spring when it begins handing out MagicBands, an RFID enabled bracelet for guests to wear during their visit to the park.

Hand grenades found in downtown Disney trash can

Last night a maintenance worker in Downtown Disney found what looked like three hand grenades in one of the trash cans located on the site. It is being reported the grenades were hollowed out and pose no threat.

Man impersonates federal officer for free Disney World entrance

Orlando - Police arrested a 74-year-old man in Florida after he allegedly impersonated a federal agent in order to get free admission into Disney World's Epcot Center.

Tinkerbell's dreams are ruined

Florida - Poor Tinkerbell was left heartbroken after she was refused entry into Animal Kingdom and told to get changed into clothes that Disney World gave her.

Walt Disney World making progress on new 'Fantasyland'

Orlando - In 2009 Walt Disney World unveiled a plan to expand its Fantasyland section. The construction is anticipated to go until 2014, but reports say many attractions will be opening prior to this date.

Attraction features revealed for Magic Kingdom's new Fantasyland Special

Orlando - Disney's Magic Kingdom has been steadily at work for close to a year now. Visitors in early 2011 could see the beginnings of what looked to be a major revamp.

Disney's Magic Kingdom kicks off holiday season Special

Orlando - Over time Orlando, Fla. has evolved to become one of the world's most popular vacation destinations. Visitors from across the globe embark to this popular area, made famous through Walt Disney's vision.

British wedding wows world, so who wouldn't watch? Special

The wedding of Kate and William in the United Kingdom is reported to have captured 2 billion viewers; and while it may seem everyone watched it, there were naysayers who say they did not. Who were these folks and who disagrees with their view?

Tourist killed at Disney World Resort

Orlando - An accident at the Port Orleans Resort, a Walt Disney World hotel adjacent to the theme park in Orlando, Florida, claimed the life of a Massachusetts tourist who reportedly walked in front of a bus that was carrying guests of the Disney resort property.

Man falls at Disney's Tower of Terror

Anaheim - A 20-year-old man waiting in line for the The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror ride at Disney's California Adventure Park fell almost thirty feet Wednesday night. The man fell after leaning over a railing as he waited in line for the ride.

Theme park accident leaves riders dangling in mid-air (video)

Ten people at a theme park ride in St. Petersburg, Russia, were left hanging in mid-air after one of the cables snapped. It took rescue crews more than an hour to save the riders from the Space Rocket.

Wish granted, little Donavan went to Disney World

Childhood is a time of dreams and play. For some youngsters their playground is in a hospital. Children who face life-threatening illnesses can be given a wish through Kids Wish Network. Donavan, 5, is just one kid given a wish.

60 Year-Old Grandfather Found Guilty of Battery On Minnie Mouse

A Grandfather with no criminal record was found guilty of battery in an incident at Disney World that occurred in June, and maintaining his innocence to the presiding judge.

Florida's Big Troubles Mount as Bad Times Plague State

Orlando isn’t just Disney World these days. It’s a place where homes are vacant in big numbers and where high profile crimes involving children like Caylee Anthony and Haleigh Cummings are keeping folks transfixed. It's where Disney worries as well

Judge Allows Accused Child Molester to Go to Disney World

Frank D. Atherton is a convicted felon who has served prison time. He is currently charged with three counts of child molestation but an Illinois judge is permitting him to go to Florida for a two week vacation.

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A three-storey villa building in Summer Bay Resort near Disney World  Florida  collapsed into a sink...
A three-storey villa building in Summer Bay Resort near Disney World, Florida, collapsed into a sinkhole on Monday night.
Twighlight Zone- Tower of Terror
Twighlight Zone- Tower of Terror
Disney World Orlando  Florida
Disney World Orlando, Florida
Sam Howzit
A three-storey villa building in Summer Bay Resort near Disney World  Florida  collapsed into a sink...
A three-storey villa building in Summer Bay Resort near Disney World, Florida, collapsed into a sinkhole on Monday night.

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