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Social networks face quandary on politics in misinformation fight

Washington - As social media firms ramp up their fight against misinformation, politicians have been largely left exempt. To some, that's a huge problem.

Disinformation efforts now used in 70 countries: researchers

Washington - Organized efforts to manipulate social media and public opinion are being carried out in at least 70 countries by government agencies and political parties, researchers said Thursday.

Twitter closes thousands of fake news accounts worldwide

Washington - Twitter said Friday it shut down thousands of accounts worldwide for spreading misinformation, including some artificially amplifying pro-Saudi messaging as part of a regional propaganda war.

Twitter closes thousands of fake news accounts worldwide

Washington - Twitter said Friday it has closed down thousands of accounts across the world for spreading fake news as well as pro-government propaganda, including in places like the United Arab Emirates, China and Spain.

Twitter has a new tool to track climate science disinformation

Bot Sentinel has become a tool for those trying to fight the spread of disinformation on Twitter. The platform uses an algorithm to identify accounts it labels as "trollbots."

Op-Ed: The latest disinformation threat online? Old news stories

Unless you read the caption under the picture below the headline, you would assume this is an image of a large fish kill. And that is my point - Legitimate news stories are playing a role in the spread of disinformation online.

Election ads urge Finns 'think for yourself' amid fake news fears

Apo - Ahead of elections in Finland on Sunday, officials have launched a publicity campaign to warn against fake news and disinformation amid fears that outside bodies may try to influence how Finns vote.Authorities in the Nordic EU country of 5.

Hoax busters: Indonesia's front line in the war on fake news

Jakarta - A small army of "hoax busters" in Indonesia is trying to hold the line against a swarm of fake news that threatens to sway millions of voters as the world's third-biggest democracy heads to the polls.

Mixing 'fake news' and outrage, far-right provocateur riles France

Paris - Armed with his computer and a video camera, former French politician Mike Borowski has emerged as a test case for social media companies under pressure to crack down on "fake news" ahead of next month's European Parliament vote.

Council of Europe says keep Russia in bloc to fight fake news

Apo - Russia should remain a member of Europe's rights body so that it can be subject to future rules outlawing the spreading of disinformation, the head of the bloc said on Tuesday.

EU accuses Russia of 'orchestrated' disinformation campaign

Strasbourg - The European Union on Wednesday accused Russia of pumping out thousands of pieces of disinformation in an "orchestrated strategy" aimed at destabilising the bloc.

Survey: Fake news sowing confusion in two-thirds of Americans

Close to two-thirds of American adults believe fake news stories have caused a great deal of confusion with regards to the basic facts in current events, according to a report from the Pew Research Center.

Op-Ed: Kudos to RFE/RL

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty is showing courage and practices good journalism in response to threats from Putin propaganda and disinformation.

Op-Ed: Putin's Russian victimhood on Voice of America

Western media both expose, but often just report, Putin's Russian victimhood propaganda claims, while poor management at Voice of America and insufficient funding from Congress prevent U.S. broadcaster from effectively countering Kremlin's disinformation.

Op-Ed: Propaganda war in which Voice of America helps Putin

Because of gullibility of officials in charge of U.S. taxpayer-funded Voice of America (VOA), the Obama Administration is helping President Putin win disinformation and propaganda war over Ukraine with some of VOA's reports and programs.

Review: Fifth Estate —The military industrial complex does Julian Assange

America has become the nation of cover-ups from lying us into wars to crimes against humanity to nuclear cover-ups to gag orders silencing crime victims. A public tired of lies, stays home as "The Fifth Estate" flops.

Anti-racism report adopted despite ‘disinformation’ campaign

At the close of the Durban Review Conference, 182 countries were able to come together on and produce anti-racism report .

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