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Disease News

After Ebola, World Bank creates pandemic insurance plan

Sendai - The World Bank announced Saturday a new program to mobilize funds quickly against virulent disease outbreaks after the world was caught unprepared in the 2014 Ebola disaster in West Africa.

WHO aims to wipe out malaria within two decades

Geneva - The World health Organization (WHO) is aiming to eliminate malaria from the planet by 2030. The United Nations health agency thinks that this feat is achievable, provided resources are provided by world governments.

New medicines for rare, but serious, childhood illnesses

In Europe advances have been made for children with Crohn's disease and with idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura. Both represent advances in the treatment of serious childhood illnesses.

New front opens in war on superbugs: Experts

Amsterdam - A newly-discovered antibiotic-resistant gene is threatening to open a new front in the war against superbugs by rendering a last-resort drug impotent, experts warn.

Refugees escape war, but face new threat in Europe — germs

Amsterdam - Having survived perilous escapes from war zones, refugees find themselves assailed anew in Europe by germs proliferating in crowded, unsanitary camps that could become outbreak hotspots, infectious disease experts have warned.

Regular exercise holds off cognitive diseases

New York - There could be a new incentive for undertaking regular exercise: holding off cognitive decline, according to a new research study. The benefit could be up to ten years.

Ash trees set to become extinct in Europe

The Ash tree is set for extinction in Europe. Ash trees have long-faced two serious threats: fungal disease ash-dieback and an invasive beetle called the emerald ash borer.

Zika virus was not introduced by football fans

A theory, doing the rounds on the Internet, that the Zika virus was introduced to South America by football fans has been dismissed in a new science paper.

Scarlet fever is infecting hundreds of kids a week

Doctors in the United Kingdom have been told to keep an eye out for scarlet fever, as it has been making a comeback and infecting hundreds of children a week.

New study draws genetic & inflammatory disease connection

A new study has revealed that hundreds of genes are linked to five key inflammatory diseases. The diseases are: ankylosing spondylitis, Crohn's Disease, ulcerative colitis, psoriasis, and primary sclerosing cholangitis.

Cuban woman has first known homegrown Zika case

Havana - A young Havana woman is the first known person to have contracted the Zika virus in Cuba, authorities said.The woman, 21, has been hospitalized though she so far does not have symptoms, the health ministry said.

Birth defect risk 1-in-100 for Zika-infected pregnant women: study

Paris - A woman infected by the Zika virus during the first three months of pregnancy faces a one-in-100 chance her child will suffer severe brain damage, according to a study released Wednesday.

The dangers of human fungal diseases

Fungal diseases are ever-present and millions of people around the world are at risk from different types of fungi. Yet research into fungal disease and preventative measures receives lower funding, according to a new report.

Zika virus implicated in brain infection in adults: French study

Paris - The Zika virus, already linked to brain damage in babies, can also cause a serious brain infection in adult victims, French researchers warned Thursday.

No Zika vaccine for another three years: Brazil expert

Ginebra - Global health experts agreed Wednesday to prioritise developing vaccines against the Zika virus suspected of causing birth defects, but a Brazilian specialist warned that doing so would take at least three years.

WHO advises pregnant women not to travel to Zika outbreak areas

Ginebra - The World Health Organization on Tuesday advised pregnant women not to travel to areas affected by the Zika virus outbreak, saying the new advice was issued amid mounting evidence that Zika can cause birth defects.

Zika 'link' to new, paralysing disease: report

Paris - Suspected of causing brain damage in babies and a rare neurological ailment in adults, the Zika virus was linked by researchers Tuesday to a third disorder: paralysis-causing myelitis.

Google backs Zika prevention and research

Internet giant Google has pledged $1 million to help fight Zika virus disease. The disease has been detected in 26 countries around the world, with Brazil the hardest hit.

First case of Zika virus detected in Philippines since 2012

Manila - An American woman was infected with the Zika virus while visiting the Philippines, health department officials said Sunday, the first case detected in the country for several years.

Experiments show link between Zika and foetal brain damage

Paris - Scientists said they had found the first evidence of a biological link between the Zika virus sweeping Latin America and microcephaly, a severe deformation of the brain among newborns.

Studying neurological diseases by making mini-brains

To speed up the process of studying neurological diseases, and to investigate novel treatments, researchers are creating "mini-brains" in the laboratory. These are composed of the neurons and cells found in the human brain.

Growers despair as disease ravages timeless olive groves of Italy

Gallipoli - Italian olive grower Federico Manni is at the end of his tether."You see this one," he says, waving in the direction of a majestic but diseased olive tree on his property near Gallipoli on the Salento peninsula on Italy's heel.

Europe creates Zika drug 'task force'

Paris - Europe's medicines watchdog said Monday it had assembled an expert team to aid the development of drugs and vaccines against the Zika virus, feared to cause brain damage in unborn babies.

Microcephaly: What is happening to the babies?

Paris - Pregnant women are being urged to think twice before travelling to Latin American and Caribbean countries battling a rise in cases of microcephaly -- a rare but brutal condition that shrinks the brains of unborn babies.

Long-term link between shingles and stroke

New York City - A new study has drawn a connection between the virus that causes the skin rash shingles with an increased chance of suffering from a stroke in later life.

Link between autoimmune disease and processed food

Washington - Researchers have drawn a possible connection between the increase in the rate of autoimmune diseases and the increasing amount of food additive used in certain processed foods.

Haiti hit with Zika virus outbreak: official

Port-au-prince - Haiti's health ministry said Friday the country has been hit by an outbreak of the Zika virus, a mosquito-borne ailment similar to dengue fever that is rapidly spreading through the Caribbean.

Deadly bacteria more prevalent than previously thought: Study

Bangkok - An often deadly and difficult to treat bacterial disease is much more prevalent than previously thought and kills tens of thousands of people worldwide each year, researchers said Monday.

Ebola survivors suffer 'persistent' health troubles

Paris - The lucky ones who survive Ebola may suffer potentially blinding vision problems, hearing loss and joint pain for months afterwards, medical experts reported on Wednesday.

420,000 die from tainted food annually, a third young children

Ginebra - Some 600 million people get sick from eating contaminated food each year, and around 420,000 die, the World Health Organization said Thursday, adding that young children account for nearly one third of those deaths.
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Disease Image

Witch s brooms on Downy Birch  caused by the fungus Taphrina betulina.
Witch's brooms on Downy Birch, caused by the fungus Taphrina betulina.
Tom Varco
My grandma
My grandma
Kudoa thyrsites (arrow) in body muscle of a yearling Atlantic salmon.

M-G G stain. X600.
Kudoa thyrsites (arrow) in body muscle of a yearling Atlantic salmon. M-G G stain. X600.
My grandma
My grandma
Walter Hodges
Ear Chair: Disneyland visitors sit atop Mickey Mouse ears that support a park bench at the Southern ...
Ear Chair: Disneyland visitors sit atop Mickey Mouse ears that support a park bench at the Southern California theme park.
Terri Hodges
The tick Amblyomma americanum (Lone Star tick)
The tick Amblyomma americanum (Lone Star tick)
CDC public library
self-portrait of Jonathan Youngblood  illustrating the concept  hipster
self-portrait of Jonathan Youngblood, illustrating the concept "hipster"
You can t call them lazy. Once a female rat reproduces  she could have 15 000 descendants by the end...
You can't call them lazy. Once a female rat reproduces, she could have 15,000 descendants by the end of just one year!
National Geographic screen grab
Color-enhanced electron micrograph of Ebola virus particles.
Color-enhanced electron micrograph of Ebola virus particles.
Thomas W. Geisbert, Boston University School of Medicine
My grandma
My grandma
Ash trees near Saxby UK
Ash trees near Saxby UK
David Wright
Nebuchadnezzar  by William Blake
Nebuchadnezzar, by William Blake,
Bringing Cholera symptoms under control with replacement fluids is the first step in treatment.
Bringing Cholera symptoms under control with replacement fluids is the first step in treatment.
Rats do carry a number of diseases  more than we realized.
Rats do carry a number of diseases, more than we realized.
National Geographic screen grab
A street rat looking for a meal.
A street rat looking for a meal.
Edal Anton Lefterov
Representative image of the region of the brain affected by Huntington Disease.
Representative image of the region of the brain affected by Huntington Disease.
Susann Schweiger
This patient presented on the third pre-eruptive day with “Koplik spots” indicative of the begin...
This patient presented on the third pre-eruptive day with “Koplik spots” indicative of the beginning onset of measles. In the prodromal or beginning stages, one of the signs of the onset of measles is the eruption of “Koplik spots” on the mucosa of the cheeks and tongue, which appear as irregularly-shaped, bright red spots often with a bluish-white central dot.

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