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Deepest submarine dive ever finds plastic waste in Mariana Trench

An American diver broke the record for deepest submarine dive ever and found something disheartening at the bottom of the ocean — a plastic bag. Victor Vescovo traveled seven miles down to the deepest part of the ocean, the Mariana Trench in the Pacific

Op-Ed: The reality behind 'Eaten Alive' - We are being eaten alive

Reality TV was taken to the absurd on Sunday. Millions of viewers bombarded Twitter and other social media accounts with their displeasure at not seeing someone being eaten alive by an anaconda. The ridiculousness of the show tells us something important.

Op-Ed: Discovery Channel's 'Eaten Alive' more than distasteful

Controversy is nothing new to the Discovery Channel. The basic cable and satellite channel is now taking hits from PETA and other animal-rights groups over its plans to air "Eaten Alive," showing a man being swallowed by a snake on Dec. 7.

Video: Paul Rosolie to be 'Eaten Alive' by anaconda on Discovery

A wildlife filmmaker, Paul Rosolie, 26, has announced that he will allow himself to be swallowed alive on camera by an anaconda while dressed in a custom-built, snake-proof suit for protection.

Scientists studying great white sharks get an awesome surprise

Floating in the silent waters off of Guadalupe Island, an autonomous vehicle that resembles a torpedo floats in the blue. Then a great white shark, in a cautious arc ascends to investigate this unfamiliar intruder to its world.

'Cash Cab' host Adam Growe brings trivia and comedy to the stage Special

Toronto - “Joel Zimmerman chatted on the Internet about finding a dead rodent in his computer, which is how he got what nickname? a) I7chy b) Myk3 c) Rata23 or d) deadmau5?” That's a taste of what you may get as a contestant in “The Adam Growe Quiz Show”.

3 die in helicopter crash filming Discovery Channel reality show

Los Angeles - Three people died on Sunday in a pre-dawn helicopter crash at a remote area of northern Los Angeles County while filming a reality show for Discovery Channel. The incident has re-ignited debate about safety issues during production of reality TV shows.

Video: Rare giant squid filmed in habitat for the first time

A Japanese crew has captured the giant squid in its natural habitat in the Pacific Ocean for the first time. The mission was organized by the Japan National Science Museum in collaboration with the Japanese broadcaster NHK and the US Discovery Channel.

Discovery's Curiosity explores 'Brainwashed to Assassinate'

The Sunday edition of Discovery Network's Curiosity series airing 28/10/12 explores the dark realm of the mind when hypnotist Tom Silver endeavors to brainwash subjects using hypnotism. Can they be programmed to kill?

Video: Air Jaws Apocalypse to kick off Shark Week on Discovery

Ready for Shark Week on Aug 12? The Discovery Channel is. ITM Instruments, makers of an award-winning camera called 'The Phantom' has released some incredible footage of shark attacks in slow motion, captured by their super high-speed camera.

Video: Boeing 727 intentionally crashed in Mexican desert

A Boeing 727 crash in the Sonoran Desert in Mexico was staged in order to study the impact of plane crashes on the human body, and to test the impact on an aircraft's frame.

Robert Redford to produce Watergate documentary

Former " All The President's Men" star Robert Redford now has a new behind-the-scenes role in an upcoming documentary on the Watergate scandal.

MythBusters + cannonball + houses, equals repairs

Dublin - The MythBusters television show didn't achieve the desired results in the latest stunt, but the video shows the route of the errant cannonball and the results might make it to the outtakes segment of the show.

Discovery's 'Cash Cab' rolls into Chicago for Valentine's debut

Chicago - Tonight, February 14, the Discovery Channel is rolling it's disco-themed cab into a new city along with a new host, but the same trivial questions.

Michael Jackson autopsy show dropped by Discovery

The Discovery Channel has cancelled the airing of a show in which the autopsy of late singer Michael Jackson is re-enacted.

Gunman with hostages, possible bomb in Discovery Channel building

A gunman with at least one hostage and believed to have a bomb has entered a Discovery Channel building in Maryland. Police are currently trying to negotiate with the gunman via telephone.

Sarah Palin seeks $1-million per reality-TV episode

Anchorage - Former U.S. Republican Vice Presidential candidate and rumored 2012 presidential contender is reportedly seeking $1-million or more per episode of her own reality TV series, which has piqued the interest of both A&E and Discovery networks

'Deadliest Catch' Captain Dies

Phil Harris, a boat captain for the popular Discovery Channel TV show, 'Deadliest Catch' passed away Tuesday night from what has been described as a massive stroke.

Hail a cab, make some money in Toronto on Cash Cab

Toronto is the scene of Discovery's Cash Cab. The Cash Cab is a cab driven by Adam Growe. A stand-up comedian, Growe drives contestants around Toronto, asking trivia questions and giving away cash to people who answer correctly.

Bindi Irwin: Jungle Girl enters Marketing Jungle, trailed by critics

The kid’s had enough attention to flatten a water buffalo. Since her father’s death, she’s become a brand, and a global image. She’s also picked up some indirect criticism from people concerned for her sake about how all this is being done.

TreeHugger Rakes in $10 million with Discovery Channel Buyout

Renowned green-friendly site said today it was bought by the Discovery Channel in a move that should strengthen an upcoming cable network. Is going green a gamble that will pay off?

Awesome Trailer of Planet Earth, a Discovery Channel Mini Series

Planet Earth, Mini Series on Discovery Channel, a must see show.

mythbusters fecal matter tests

just a health tip on keeping your toothbrushes in your bathroom

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The Discovery Channel headquarters in Silver Spring  Maryland
The Discovery Channel headquarters in Silver Spring, Maryland
Chicago s own variation of  Cash Cab  premires February 14 with host Beth Melewski.
Chicago's own variation of 'Cash Cab' premires February 14 with host Beth Melewski.
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