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New species of dinosaur discovered in Alaska

According to a new report that was published on Tuesday, researchers have unearthed a new species of plant-eating dinosaur.

Man's 17 girlfriends discover each other during hospital visit

A man in China secretly had 17 girlfriends, but they all found out about one another when they arrived at the hospital to visit him.

Snapchat introduces 'Discover' in new update

Snapchat released a new update Tuesday which included the new Discover feature, which allows content creators to share information through stories on the Snapchat platform.

Scientists discover 'God's bathtub' in Australia

Australian scientists uncover a lake that has not been affected by climate changes or any man made influences. It has maintained its same water state for the past 7,500 years.

2013 ETA Annual Meeting & Expo kicks off Tuesday in New Orleans

On Tuesday, the 2013 Electronic Transactions Association (ETA) Annual Meeting & Expo kicked off in New Orleans, Louisiana.

British researchers discover 'ultra-bad' cholesterol

Warwick - A form of “ultra-bad” cholesterol has been discovered by researchers from the University of Warwick (Warwick Medical School) in England. The study was published in the latest edition of Diabetes - an academic journal.

Couple with child shocked to discover they are siblings

Dublin - A young Irish couple have discovered they are half-brother and half-sister after a two-year relationship and raising a child together.

Archaeologists Discover ‘Count Dracula's’ Cellar

Archaeologists have found a cellar in the university town of Pécs in southern Hungary, which they believe to have belonged to Wallachian Duke Vlad III, more commonly known as ”Dracula.”

Archeologists unearth King Herod's ancient quarry

JERUSALEM, Israel – Archaeologists have discovered another breathtaking historical find -- an ancient quarry which is believed to be the quarry that King Herod deduce for the construction of the Jerusalem Temple, some 2,000 years ago.

Op-Ed: Muslims Discovered America?

At the rate we're going, pretty soon I'll have to start all over again... in kindergarten! I believe everything that transpired since 1492 was pretty much the way it was. Unless, of course. you are a paid-off institution of higher learning.

Iran discovers a new billion-barrel oil field

Iran's Oil Minister reported the country has discovered a new oil field in southwest Iran with an estimated 1.1 billion barrels of sweet crude oil.

New Adhesive Material Developed by Revealing Nature's Secrets

A team of scientists with support from the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research (NIDCR) have developed a new adhesive thanks to the gecko and the mussel. The adhesive can handle both wet and dry conditions.

Scientists Discover 'Natural Barrier' to HIV

Researchers have discovered that cells in the mucosal lining of human genitalia produce a protein that "eats up" invading HIV -- possibly keeping the spread of the AIDS more contained than it might otherwise be.

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