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Restauraunt offers discount for ordering in character voices

Burbank - Sales tactics and creative advertising are two concepts constantly being analyzed by business professionals around the world. Oddly, a small burger shack in California has shown mastery of these important skills with a silly, effective campaign.

Starbucks offers no tuition aid for Arizona State program

The discounts mentioned in an earlier Digital Journal article have turned out to be the only thing Starbucks is giving customers. They will not be giving any money to workers for the reduced cost of tuition.

Apple may be prepping a low cost iPhone dubbed the 'iPhone 5C'

The iPhone 5S, also rumored as the iPhone 6 ,has yet to launch. While many are eagerly waiting for this launch, Apple may be revealing another surprise - a lower cost iPhone for those on a tight budget.

Los Angeles restaurant giving 5% discount to dine without phone

Los Angeles - The owner of a Los Angeles restaurant is offering a five percent discount on your meal if you hand over your mobile phone to the wait staff during your dining experience. With a technologically-addicted society, most people go along with the initiative.

Op-Ed: The Increasing Price of Textbooks

The increasing price of textbooks can be an additional financial burden to students already struggling with paying tuition. Here is just one way to loosen the noose of student loans.

Cleveland resto offers discount for showing off special tattoo

Hungry for grilled cheese? Short on dough? Want a lifetime discount at a specialty restaurant? All these can be yours if you have the right tattoo.

Get your Gas Discount at Canadian Tire Gas Bar

If you live in Mississauga, Ontario, you may want to check this out tomorrow, but expect a huge line up, because they will be dropping 20 cents off the price of gasoline.

Gas Station Owner Told to Raise Prices

A gas station owner was just trying to be helpful to the senior citizens by giving them a 2 cent per gallon discount on gas. He has been ordered by the state to raise his prices. The deal is too good so no more discounts.

Pensioners To Get Brothel Discounts

In an attempt to cash in on the growing senior population a brothel in Germany is offering 50% off to pensioners for sex in the afternoon. The "Pascha" in the city of Cologne is offering reduced rates for sex sessions to clients 66 years and over.

Need Email Security Software?

If you need email security software, now's your change to get it. There's a promotion going on at Essential Security Software.

Discount Floor Mats employee makes rude comments to soldier stationed in Iraq

Soldier requesting shipment of supplies to an APO address gets a rude and uncalled-for response.

How to know that a price at Target won't go any lower

Target often discounts items in stores and offers them at a lower price. But you often wonder, if you should wait to see if the price goes any lower. Here is a tip that will help you know when the price is the lowest.

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Cell phone repairs
Screenshot of YouTube video of not a burger stand.
Screenshot of YouTube video of not a burger stand.
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A store advertising its sales
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