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Disasters News

Climate change spurs doubling of disasters since 2000: UN

Geneva - Climate change is largely to blame for a near doubling of natural disasters in the past 20 years, the United Nations said on Monday.

Op-Ed: Climate Change — The great disruptor of life as we know it

America’s worsening climate change problem is as polarized as its politics. Some parts of the country have been burning this month while others were underwater in extreme weather disasters. Yet this worsening situation is being ignored by many of us.

Climate crisis emergencies are becoming a weekly event

A "staggering" new warning from a top United Nations official that climate crisis-related disasters are now occurring at the rate of one per week has provoked calls for immediate global action to combat the human-caused climate emergency.

Disaster-linked losses in 2018 hit $155 billion: Swiss Re

Geneva - Losses from natural and man-made disasters are estimated to total $155 billion (136 billion euros) this year, down sharply from a hurricane-plagued 2017, the reinsurance giant Swiss Re said Tuesday.

Humanity faces simultaneous climate disasters: study

Paris - By century's end, many parts of the world may have to cope with up to six climate catastrophes at once, ranging from heat waves and wildfires to diluvian rains and deadly storm surges, researchers warned Monday.

Cost of climate-linked disasters soars: UN

Geneva - The economic cost of climate-related disasters hit $2.25 trillion over the last two decades, an increase of more than 150 percent compared to the previous 20 years, the UN said Wednesday.

Disaster mayhem doubled in 2017: Munich Re

Frankfurt Am Main - Financial pain inflicted by natural disasters worldwide almost doubled in 2017, German reinsurance giant Munich Re said Thursday, with a new record in losses from weather-related catastrophes.

Global disaster costs soar in 2017: Swiss Re

Zurich - Total economic losses from natural and man-made disasters have soared by 63 percent to strike an estimated $306 billion in 2017, reinsurance firm Swiss Re said Wednesday.

Indian temple fire kills 110, injures over 350

Trivandrum - A fireworks display at a temple in the southern Indian state of Kerala resulted in a fire breaking out, that has killed at least 110 and injured over 350 people.

France: Nantes' Basilica Saint-Donatien in ruins after inferno

Nantes - Fire destroyed much of one of the most celebrated churches in Nantes, France’s sixth largest city, on Monday when an inferno engulfed the Basilica Saint Donatien in the city center.

Natural disasters killed over 22,000 in 2013, Red Cross says

Geneva - Natural disasters claimed over 22,000 lives last year, with Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines the deadliest of all, the Red Cross said Thursday.

Op-Ed: The Top 5 worst mistakes Nintendo ever made

Despite being the most recognizable brand in video games, the Wii U is currently the worst selling console on the market. We take a look back at the Top 5 mistakes Nintendo has made to gain some perspective.

Carnival Cruises splits CEO and chairman offices

Miami - CEO Micky Arison has decided to split the CEO and chairman offices of the largest cruise line in the world to improve governance practices after a few years of problems and tragedy.

Agencies warn of scammers looking to profit from Hurricane Sandy

Government agencies in the U.S. are warning the public that scammers may try to exploit good-hearted people in order to profit from the destruction caused by Hurricane Sandy.

Ron Paul protests FEMA during disaster seasons of 2011 Special

Ron Paul has announced his candidacy for President of the United States and in declaring he would get rid of FEMA if elected he is already causing a firestorm as the agency, and those at risk continue to protest disaster needs.

65-year-old Japanese tsunami survivor rescued 10 miles out of sea

Tokyo - A Japanese military vessel rescued a man ten miles out at sea two days after the tsunami that followed the 8.9-magnitude earthquake that devastated the country of Japan.

Strong earthquake shakes Sulu Islands in southern Philippines

A strong earthquake with a 6.5 magnitude shook Sulu Islands in southern Philippines Thursday according to Desiderio Cabanlit, chief seismologist of the Philippine Volcanology and Seismology.

Death toll in Indonesia's twin disasters rises to 16

Indonesia's twin disasters involving a train collision and a ferry fire have risen to 16 since 2:30 p.m. Friday when an eastbound train collided with another train that was trying to switch lanes.

2010 natural disasters killed 296,800 people, cost $110 billion

More than 296,800 people died in 373 natural disasters in 2010. In addition, about 208 million people were affected by the disasters. The figures have just been released by the Centre for Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters (CRED).

Philippines hit by 99 disasters during first half of the year

Almost a hundred disasters have hit the Philippines during the first half of the year affecting about 600,000 families according to Citizens Disasters Response Center (CDRC).

Recent disasters highlight need for travel safety plans

With headlines full of young people meeting tragedy overseas safety is a concern. A new iPhone app could help students stuck overseas in times of disaster.

Expert Advises: Prepare Pets for Emergencies 2009

Recently the country has been experiencing severe tornados, rain and windstorms causing emergencies, and evacuations. But what do people do with their pets and how can folks prepare animals for disasters?

Expert: Prepare Elderly and Disabled for Any Disasters in 2009

The hurricane season is beginning, and experts say to be prepared. They stress that the elderly and disabled should be especially prepared because crises impact them greatly. A lesson from Hurricane Katrina means having a plan in place now.

Internet Can Warn of Ecological Changes

The Internet could be used as an early warning system for potential ecological disasters, according to researchers from the University of East Anglia and Stockholm University.

UN: Death Toll From Disasters Surged in 2008

The number of people killed in natural disasters spiked in 2008, with most of the lives claimed by Cyclone Nargis in Myanmar and the Sichuan earthquake in China,

MSF 2008 Top Ten Humanitarian Disasters

Massive forced civilian displacements, violence, and unmet medical needs in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Somalia, Iraq, Sudan, and Pakistan are among the year's top humanitarian crises

UNICEF: Schools Must be Made Safe for Children

UNICEF called today for more concerted action to make schools safe for children as 2008 was marked by a number of school collapses – many of them fatal

Revised Theory Suggests Carbon Dioxide Levels Already in Danger Zone

If climate disasters are to be averted, atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) must be reduced below the levels that already exist today, according to a study.

Sooner Or Later, Hurricanes Will Hit The Northeast

On September 21, 1938, a hurricane hit New England killing hundreds and razing thousands of houses. Next week is the 70th anniversary of that storm disaster. Stan Goldenberg of NOAA believes that it could happen again and the results could be far worse.

Op-Ed: Who's really to blame for climate change?

With the extremes in temperature and the rising amount of global disasters, the the first decade of the millennium will be likely remembered by the growing global instability and the struggles of mankind - all a byproduct of climate change.
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Coal miners have worked under harsh conditions, as shown here in a picture of miners of the last century; but in some places safety remains a problem.
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