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Disabled News

Blind visitors in Colombia try salsa, paragliding

Cali - Salsa and paragliding may not seem unusual to many visitors to the Colombian city of Cali. But exotic dances and extreme sports are brand new thrills to blind tourists from around the world.

Germany remembers Nazis' 'euthanasia' victims

Berlin - Germany on Friday marked International Holocaust Remembrance Day with a tribute to the 300,000 ill and disabled people killed under the Nazis' "euthanasia" programme, who are often seen as forgotten victims of that era.

Wounded in east Ukraine struggle for artificial limbs

Donetsk - Yulia Mikhailova considers herself lucky after surviving a shell strike on a trolley last year that killed 15 people in war-scarred east Ukraine's pro-Russian rebel-held territory.

Australia urges Rio security boost after Paralympian robbed

Sydney - Australian Olympic chiefs Tuesday demanded Rio Games organisers immediately improve security after a decorated Paralympian and her physiotherapist were robbed at gunpoint, underlining a crime wave sweeping the city.

Disabled protesters clash with police in Bolivia

La Paz - Bolivian police fired water cannons Wednesday at disabled protesters, many of them wheelchair-bound, who tried to get near the presidential palace to demand increased benefit payments.

Footless Ecuadoran mountaineer aiming to scale K2

Alfaro - An Ecuadoran who lost both his feet is aiming to become the first climber to scale the world's toughest mountain, K2, with artificial limbs and without oxygen supplies.

Tokyo dreams fuel Cambodia's first disabled basketballers

Battambang - Slamming into each other with a metallic crunch, Cambodia's first women's wheelchair basketball team are changing attitudes to disability in a nation where unexploded landmines claim new victims every week but physical impairments are scorned.

Man in wheelchair robs Croatian bank: Report

Zagreb - A Croatian man in a wheelchair robbed a bank after passers-by helped him to enter the premises, local media reported Friday."I have a bomb!

Ukraine leader, wife defend disabled man kicked out of eatery

Kiev - Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko and his wife Maryna took the unusual step Thursday of defending a disabled man who was pushed out of a restaurant because of his "suspicious" behaviour.

Disabled Czechs get new lease on sex life

Prague - Tomas Pik has lost nothing of his lust for life despite the crippling disease that confined him to a wheelchair five years ago as the nerves in his limbs withered.

Painful memories for blind activist who escaped China's grip

Paris - Blind and a prisoner in his own home, he escaped when a guard had a moment of inattention, feeling for obstacles and scrambling over walls, breaking his foot and crawling away covered in blood to find help.

UN investigates UK Govt. over human rights welfare reform abuses

The United Nations plans to visit the UK to investigate whether Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith's welfare reforms have caused harmful and systematic abuses of disabled people's human rights, The Independent reports.

Startling figures on U.S. disability rates

Washington - One in 5 adults in the U.S. has some form of disability, according to a new report. The most commonly reported issue is mobility, shown with difficulty in climbing stairs. This is followed by dementia.

Fund for pensioner mugged outside home raises £215k in three days

A donation fund set up to help a disabled pensioner who was mugged outside his own home has drawn over £160,000 from gracious members of the public wishing to help the victim.

An artsy solution provides disabled artists employment Special

Chicago - One of the biggest ongoing advocacy efforts by anyone in the disability community is employment awareness. Activists promote the message that disabled people are just as competent, sometimes better, workers than their non disabled colleagues

One dead as French military plane crashes into home for disabled

Tours - One person was killed and five were injured in central France Wednesday after a military training jet crashed into a home for the disabled, authorities said.

Pistorius sentence set for Tuesday

Pretoria - South African Judge Thokozile Masipa adjourned Oscar Pistorius's sentencing hearing on Friday and scheduled the handing down of his sentence for Tuesday 21 October.

New artist residencies focused on disability culture Special

Chicago - There are not many residencies for artists and or writers with disabilities. Mostly residencies are for everybody, but a nonprofit organization has partnered with a university to provide unprecedented residencies.

Germany opens national memorial to Nazis' disabled victims

Berlin - To the mournful strains of a single cello and tearful remembrances by family members, Germany on Tuesday inaugurated a national memorial to the 300,000 ill and disabled people systematically murdered by the Nazis.

Germany to open memorial to Nazis' disabled victims

Berlin - Germany will inaugurate the first national memorial to the estimated 300,000 ill and disabled people systematically murdered by the Nazis on Tuesday, at a ceremony with victims' relatives.

Disabled vet put needles in meat 'Just for the hell of it'

Belleville - A 68-year-old Belleville, Illinois resident is facing up to 70 years in prison, accused of "food tampering" after allegedly inserting sewing needles into packages of meat at the local Shop n' Save supermarket.

Video of Chihuahua learning to walk without front legs goes viral

Indianapolis - The video of a disabled Chihuahua learning to walk with the help of a modified children toy is the latest feelgood video to go viral.

Horror as Gaza handicapped care facility bombed

Gaza - Twenty-year-old Palestinian Sally Saqr lies in a hospital bed in Gaza's Shifa hospital with burns that have turned her cheeks an angry pink beneath her ventilation tube.

President seeks to abolish subminimum wage for the disabled

United States President Barack Obama is moving forward with a plan that will guarantee that disabled federal workers will no longer receive less than the federal minimum wage.

Boy tied to bus stop highlights struggle for disabled Indians

Mumbai - The nine-year-old boy dressed in blue lay listlessly on the pavement in the scorching Mumbai summer afternoon, his ankle tethered with rope to a bus stop, unheeded by pedestrians strolling past.

Pistorius introduced Steenkamp as 'fiancee'

Pretoria - Oscar Pistorius introduced Reeva Steenkamp as his fiancee just a week before he shot her, a close neighbour of the runner testified in his defence Tuesday.

Back pain biggest global source of disability

Paris - Lower back pain causes more disability around the world than any other single condition, and accounts for a third of work-related handicaps, a specialist journal reported on Monday.Nearly a tenth -- 9.4 percent -- of the world's population has lower ba...

Lost limbs and uncertain futures as Afghan army casualties mount

Kabul - Taking his first faltering steps since his left leg was blown off by a landmine, Sergeant Muneer Ahmad is grim proof that the Afghan army is paying a heavy price in its war against the Taliban and struggling to care for its wounded.

Spain blind association puts disabled to work

Madrid - After completing high school, 46-year-old Spaniard Ricardo Velesar struggled to hold down a job as a degenerative eye disease slowly robbed him of his sight.

Video: Passersby amazed by mannequins of 'not-so-perfect' people

Not everyone is perfect in this world. Pro Infirmis, an organization for the disabled, did something amazing earlier this month, which astonished passersby on Zurich's popular shopping street, Bahnhofstrasse.
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Disabled Image

 Miteinander Leben   the annual trade dedicated to the disabled and elderly persons has been taking ...
"Miteinander Leben", the annual trade dedicated to the disabled and elderly persons has been taking place in Berlin from 8 to 10 April, 2010.
Disabled sign.
Disabled sign.
Creative Commons
U.S. Social Security  Medicare funds could run out by 2035
U.S. Social Security, Medicare funds could run out by 2035
wikimedia commons, R. Chamnes
3Arts Fellow Robert Schleifer at the University of Illinois at Chicago  where he is working to trans...
3Arts Fellow Robert Schleifer at the University of Illinois at Chicago, where he is working to translate Yasmina Reza’s "Art" completely into American Sign Language. Image courtesy of the artist.
 Miteinander Leben   the annual trade dedicated to the disabled and elderly persons has been taking ...
"Miteinander Leben", the annual trade dedicated to the disabled and elderly persons has been taking place in Berlin from 8 to 10 April.
 Miteinander Leben   the annual trade dedicated to the disabled and elderly persons has been taking ...
"Miteinander Leben", the annual trade dedicated to the disabled and elderly persons has been taking place in Berlin from 8 to 10 April, 2010.
Inclusion: disabled people s protest at the Brandenburg Tor in Berlin
Inclusion: disabled people's protest at the Brandenburg Tor in Berlin
An agency devoted to  empowering the disabled . Yet for one client  it seemed like they were determi...
An agency devoted to "empowering the disabled". Yet for one client, it seemed like they were determined to keep him "dependent" and "in line."
Ray Graham Association Website Front Page
A wheelchair in a church
A wheelchair in a church
Corey Elsen
Ashley Kyd
In the UK  benefit cuts to the disabled are drastic and unfair  the CWR reports.
In the UK, benefit cuts to the disabled are drastic and unfair, the CWR reports.
Center for Welfare Reform