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Disability News

'One team': disabled duo help each other in war-torn Syria

Damascus - One is deaf and mute, the other is paralysed from the waist down; but together, Ahmad and Bader form a duo equipped to handle life in war-torn Syria.

2020’s best and worst U.S. cities for people with disabilities

The U.S. is a country marked by extremes of inequality and with social support. One example of this is with the treatment of people with disabilities. New data compares and contrasts different U.S. cities.

Sexual abuse, assault: Grim prospects for China's blind women

Bejing - When Xiao Jia lost her sight as a teenager she was told the "respectable" career choice was to become a massage therapist. Instead she found an industry rife with abuse and aggression, where women are afforded little protection.

Ivory Coast fights stigma with beauty pageant for disabled

Abidjan - Cheered on by the audience, a young woman walks onstage in a glittering gown, beaming as she addresses the jury. But this is no ordinary beauty contest -- all 10 contestants are disabled.

A fifth of women over 65 in Europe disabled by 2047: study

Paris - More than one in five women and a sixth of men in Europe over the age of 65 will be afflicted by serious physical disabilities before mid-century, according to a study published Tuesday.

Rowling sorry after accusing Trump of ignoring disabled boy

London - "Harry Potter" author J.K. Rowling, an outspoken critic of US President Donald Trump, apologised Tuesday for suggesting he ignored a child in a wheelchair at a White House event.

Nepal quake injured stalked by disability two years on

Kathmandu - The day after Nepal was struck by a devastating earthquake, Samrat Basnet opened his doors to the wounded as hospitals overwhelmed with thousands of victims had to send away those without life-threatening injuries.

Scanning the brains of infants to predict disabilities

Toronto - A new way of assessing a premature infant’s brain, following birth, can predict whether the child will go onto develop a disability. The research has been empirically tested and there is a high level of predictability.

Op-Ed: 'Man with the hook' in films had to step aside, says filmmaker Special

San Francisco - When we look at our diverse society in this 21st Century, one aspect to that diversity that still has yet to be fully understood is the subject of disability. The lives of people with disabilities is important.

Syrian war amputees join torturous Balkan migrant route

Rent - "However hard you try, you just can't imagine how hard this journey is for me," says Abu Fahed, 25, who lost both his legs in a bombing and is fleeing Syria's war through the Balkans in a wheelchair.

Startling figures on U.S. disability rates

Washington - One in 5 adults in the U.S. has some form of disability, according to a new report. The most commonly reported issue is mobility, shown with difficulty in climbing stairs. This is followed by dementia.

Op-Ed: 'Marvelous' Superfest event highlighted disability with 52 films Special

San Francisco - With over 52 films from all over the world, organizers of the annual Superfest disability-celebrating film festival considered the event this past November 2, "a marvelous day, highlighting the intersections of disability, art and film.

Op-Ed: Audio Describer donates her voice to help those with disabilities Special

San Francisco - With so much these days about access and having a voice to be heard, voice-over artist Michele Spitz is very outspoken when it has to do with access to the arts.

Op-Ed: Rise of disabilities among wealthy youth not surprising

A new report finds a surge in disabilities among wealthier youth, which is surprising some analysts. This trend should come as no surprise: A combination of better diagnostic abilities and competitive gamesmanship explain the boost.

VIDEO: Double amputee puppy newest GoPro star

Vancouver - A Vancouver Washington puppy refuses to let the double amputation of his hind legs get in his way of living life to the fullest.

Video of Chihuahua learning to walk without front legs goes viral

Indianapolis - The video of a disabled Chihuahua learning to walk with the help of a modified children toy is the latest feelgood video to go viral.

Customers order with sign language in Canada's only 'deaf' diner

Toronto - At this Toronto restaurant, most of the servers have limited or no hearing and only take their orders in American Sign Language.

Disability rates in the U.S. reviewed

Washington - More than 21 million U.S. adults 18–64 years of age have a disability. These are adults with serious difficulty walking or climbing stairs; hearing; seeing; or concentrating, remembering, or making decisions.

Teen engineer develops a braille printer out of LEGOS Special

San Francisco - One of the greatest challenges for lowering the cost of printed braille is making braille printers affordable to everyone. A seventh grader, though, has made a solution that may eradicate this problem entirely.

Purple Day raises Epilepsy awareness Special

Social media has been overtaken by the colour purple today, March 26, to raise awareness about epilepsy and how it affects the lives of sufferers and their family and friends.

Rome restaurant serves up new attitude toward Down syndrome

Rome - It was another busy night for the staff with Down syndrome at the Girasoli restaurant in Rome, which serves up traditional pizza and pasta dishes along with a new way of looking at disability in the workplace.The neon-signed restaurant was set up in a ...

Samsung and the Carroll Center team up to test TV Accessibility

Newton - Finding inaccessible devices were as common as expectant weather changes. A lot of companies are making the right move and caring about accessibility. Today, a partnership will enhance inclusion even more.

Op-Ed: Remembering a teacher of the blind — Amanda Labbe Perry Special

Saint Augustine - Everyone remembers the teacher that has changed their lives. At The Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind I had many influential teachers but one stood out for me.

Disabled teen stands strong against bullies

Chicago - Today bullies still exist in an alarming number of schools. Disabled people are often targets. One girl, however, is positively fighting back with many methods.

High tungsten levels double stroke risk

High levels of tungsten in the body could double the risk of suffering a stroke, a new study suggests. The concern is with tungsten released into the environment.

Review: 'I Have A Secret' by Justin B-Terry Smith Special

A small voice of awareness can open up a world of acceptance. In the case of “I Have a Secret” it does more than aware kids about the importance of HIV acceptance.

Verizon FIOS offers audio description on demand

Chicago - Usually if blind people want to see a movie with audio description on demand they have to get DVDs or subject to the few described movies on iTunes. Verizon now brings description on demand.

Comcast improves disability services in a number of areas

Philadelphia - This month Comcast has announced three new initiatives to support their customers with disabilities. No other cable provider is making such accessibility improvements at the time of this writing.

Freedom Scientific releases JAWS 15 screen reading software

Fort Lauderdale - JAWS has been one of the popular screen readers that incorporate features to make navigating the computer and web just as effortless, and in some cases, more effectively than the sighted populace.

Blindness doesn't stop Robert Kingett from becoming a Digital Journalist Special

Chicago - His school didn't have a newspaper so he created one. His journalistic reportage tackles the oft-neglected stories on disabilities. Welcome to the world of Robert Kingett, a blind Digital Journalist whose reporting aims to educate and inspire.
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Disability Image

 Fixed  is one of the films that will be featured at this year s Superfest  beginning on Nov. 14.
"Fixed" is one of the films that will be featured at this year's Superfest, beginning on Nov. 14.
Courtesy of Superfest 2015
Disabled sign.
Disabled sign.
Creative Commons
On Nov. 2  2014  Superfest was held at the Contemporary Jewish Museum which featured over 52 films a...
On Nov. 2, 2014, Superfest was held at the Contemporary Jewish Museum which featured over 52 films about and by people with disabilities.
Courtesy of Superfest 2014
Turning the world purple for epilepsy awareness
Turning the world purple for epilepsy awareness
Epilepsy Action
A transparent orange symbol of a person in a chair to express personhood  leaning forward with a dou...
A transparent orange symbol of a person in a chair to express personhood, leaning forward with a double wheel to suggest movement.
Independent Living Centre of Waterloo Region supports persons with disabilities
Independent Living Centre of Waterloo Region supports persons with disabilities
Independent Living Centre
Superfest 2014  Festival Coordinators Catherine Kudlick Director of San Francisco State’s Paul Lon...
Superfest 2014, Festival Coordinators Catherine Kudlick Director of San Francisco State’s Paul Longmore Institute on Disability with Bryan Bashin, CEO of the LightHouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired.
Courtesy of Superfest 2014

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