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Disabilities News

Scanning the brains of infants to predict disabilities

Toronto - A new way of assessing a premature infant’s brain, following birth, can predict whether the child will go onto develop a disability. The research has been empirically tested and there is a high level of predictability.

Pope denounces marginalisation of handicapped people

Vatican City - Pope Francis, addressing an audience of 20,000 sick and handicapped people at the Vatican on Sunday, decried the marginalisation of those with disabilities, pointing to the way body image has become big business and "anything imperfect has to be hidden...

Couple eating in restaurant claim their snake is 'service animal'

Nixa - So when is a service animal not a service animal? A restaurant manager in Nixa, Missouri is asking that very question this week after a couple came in to dine at his establishment with what appeared to be a boa constrictor.

Inside the civil rights movement for people with disabilities Special

One in six children in the United States will have a developmental delay or disability. Developmental disabilities begin during the developmental period of life, either prior to birth or during infancy.

High school basketball star goes to prom with Down syndrome girl

A star of a Kentucky school's basketball team has asked a girl with Down syndrome to be his prom date, proposing to her with a sign and bunch of flowers that referenced Taylor Swift, the girl's favourite singer. The news has since gone viral online.

Comcast launches talking TV interface for the blind

Philadelphia - In the U.S., TV accessibility for those who are blind and visually impaired is far behind in advances, compared to other countries, such as the UK. Today, however, Comcast is taking the first step to an accessible future

'Hero' the Calf's story of survival and inspiration

Greenville - "Hero" survived a case of frostbite that should have killed him. It took his legs but he received prostheses which help him move normally. Soon he will be the star of a children's book series.

Disabled 'professional plaintiff' deported to Mexico

Los Angeles - Alfredo Garcia is a convicted felon and undocumented immigrant who has filed more than 800 lawsuits against businesses under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). In response he was recently deported back to Mexico.

Workers at Lowe's repair veteran's wheelchair for free

Staten Island - Michael Sulsona lost his legs in Vietnam. In his own words the Veteran's Administration had refused to give him a replacement chair. So a trio of employees caught him as he was coming in and took it upon themselves to fix his chair for him.

Blind entrepreneur creates a Netflix for the blind Special

Toronto - To people who are blind or visually impaired, audio description IS important. Audio description can be found on various platforms except video on demand services. This is changing with an audio description on demand service.

Cell phone providers to support text to 9–1–1 throughout 2014

Washington - For someone with a hearing or speech disability placing a call to 911 is very time consuming. The FCC have adopted previsions where people can now text 911 in an emergency.

Ali's Place: After school experience for youth with disabilities Special

Around 300 youth with disabilities could qualify for first ever after school career experience program in St. Lucie County, Florida.

Wonder named UN Messenger of Peace

Stevie Wonder became the 11th Messenger of Peace for the United Nations at a ceremony at the UN headquarters in New York today.

Singer Justin Hines Releases Seasonal Album Special

A Newmarket, Ontario soulful singer caps a busy year with the release of seasonal album Season's Greetings to the Toronto crowd at Hugh’s Room this Wednesday. Should Bing Crosby be worried? Should Bob Dylan?

Americans with Disabilities Act still has a long way to go

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was passed in 1990 to provide equal rights and accessibility to American citizens with disabilities. But 19 years later, how much progress has been made?

Parents Object to One-Armed Burnell as 'Frightening' to Tots

While folks debate affirmative action, one thing is for sure. People with disabilities need advocates. At least that's what the Cerrie Burnell controversy implies. Parents are objecting to her hosting a children's show because one arm is deformed.

UNICEF and Special Olympics launch partnership

The Special Olympics and UNICEF have formed a partnership to "advocate for health care, education, recreational sports and employment policies to benefit children with intellectual disabilities."

A new program for adults with disabilities helps them learn new skills

A community-based center has opened to teach life skills to adults with mental disabilities. These adults are being taught skills so they can go out in their city and do volunteer work.

Adaptive Technology Helps Disabled Students Succeed

BLOOMINGTON, , Indiana (voa) - The computer revolution has made life easier for many. But for people with disabilities, computers are more than just a convenience - they're something of a miracle. A growing number of universities are providing "adaptiv...

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One of the Braun Corporation vehicles.
One of the Braun Corporation vehicles.
Braun Corporation
The Homestead building at Milton Hershey School.
The Homestead building at Milton Hershey School.
3Arts Fellow Robert Schleifer at the University of Illinois at Chicago  where he is working to trans...
3Arts Fellow Robert Schleifer at the University of Illinois at Chicago, where he is working to translate Yasmina Reza’s "Art" completely into American Sign Language. Image courtesy of the artist.
President Bush originally signed the act to help Americans who had Disabilities get ahead in busines...
President Bush originally signed the act to help Americans who had Disabilities get ahead in business.
U.S. National Archives and Records Administration

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