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Dining News

Restaurant Review: Oakes Grill at Hanbury Manor Special

Hertford - Hanbury Manor in Hertfordshire, England, built in 1730, is a hotel, conference center and a place to play golf. It has two restaurants and a bar. Digital Journal sampled one of the venue's eating places.

Longtime San Francisco waterfront restaurant puts off eviction

San Francisco - An iconic waterfront restaurant that evoked a simpler time in San Francisco's colorful history filed for bankruptcy last Wednesday morning, just in time to head off eviction by the city's sheriff's department.

Lunching at the Grim's Dyke, restaurant review Special

London - Grim's Dyke is a splendid Victorian manor house located in North London. The house is used for jazz, comedy and opera themed nights. It also has a very good restaurant, which Digital Journal has reviewed.

Dining out at a historic Waterend Barn in St. Albans

Saint Albans - The Waterend Barn in St. Albans is a sixteenth century building that now functions as a comforting pub and restaurant. Digital Journal paid a visit.

Pizza Hut announces major brand overhaul

Dallas - Pizza giant Pizza Hut has announced plans to expand its offerings and personalize its menu, increasing everything from available toppings to the types of cheeses it uses.

Professional private chef gives Washington Redskins food boost

Over the past 13 months, American football team the Washington Redskins has attempted to boost the players' dietary nutrition by creating a made-to-order, healthy-eating outlet in their basement staffed by a gourmet chef and a full-time nutritionist.

Shake Shack restaurants plan to make it everywhere

New York City - Having already made it in New York and a dozen other places, the Shake Shack restaurant chain is said to be planning an initial public offering of its stock.

Op-Ed: Smartphones and the dining experience Special

My name is Paula, and I am addicted to my smartphone. Oh wait, no, I am actually addicted to social media. Either way, I am part of a new trend in dining.

New Panarottis opened in Wilkoppies, Klerksdorp Sunday Special

Klerksdorp - After months of anticipation, the people of Klerksdorp who have been eyeing the new Panarottis in Wilkoppies, patiently waiting for it to open, are finally getting the chance to patronize this restaurant since 10am this morning.

Ted's Montana Grill restaurant chain rapidly expanding Special

The first Ted's Montana Grill was opened in Columbus, Ohio in January 2002 by Ted Turner and restaurateur George McKerrow, Jr. Since that time, the chain has expanded to 44 restaurants in 16 states with bison as the centerpiece of the menu.

Oscars: Governors Ball Preview serves it up Special

As the annual Governors Ball Red Carpet Preview takes place, the minute the curtain is open, most press head right toward Chef Wolfgang Puck.

SAG Awards add twist to top film nominations

Los Angeles - UPDATE: Perhaps Bradley Cooper summed it up the best after hearing he was nominated for a SAG Award this morning (Dec. 12).

Diner refuses to tip, claims she is a 'single mom'

After a woman and her children enjoyed a pricey meal at a restaurant, she declines to leave a tip, but not because the service or food was bad. She wrote on the receipts she is a "single mom."

Florence restaurant lets patrons pay for food with fresh produce

Florence - What if the next time you chose to dine out, you could leave your wallet behind at home? A new restaurant set to open in Florence, Italy, is about to make the prospect a reality, allowing patrons to pay for their meals with fresh produce, in lieu of cash.

Leisurely Labor Day weekend on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina Special

Hilton Head Island - This three-day weekend is a time for honoring workers and is often celebrated by doing anything but work. Americans often go shopping, go to the beach, and have meals together, and such was the case on the Carolina coast.

Review: Capitola, Ca. get away from the madding crowd Special

Capitola, California has beautiful beaches, great hotels, beautiful beaches, fine dining, and beautiful beaches. Did I mention the beaches?

Tawilati: The Middle East's 1st online restaurant booking service

Offering up restaurant listings, menus, maps, deals and hassle-free online restaurant reservations, the new service Tawilati is making a splash as the Middle East's very first online restaurant booking destination.

An edible Oscar in 3D is on the Governors Ball menu Special

In keeping up with the times, Oscar is edible in 3D after the show at the annual Governors Ball, which takes place immediately following Sunday's Oscar telecast.

Here is the entire Oscar menu

To get a jump on the rest of the bunch, it's time to dine. Before the Food and Beverage preview gets underway today (Thursday on the red carpet), let's take a look at the entire menu.

Op-Ed: Table Restaurant - A Sampling Treat in Quebec City Special

Quebec - Recently I had the opportunity to stay at the Hotel Pur in Quebec City and popped into Table to grab a drink at the bar located on the premises.

'Best of the Best' in Northwest Arkansas: Pie, Dessert, Bakery Special

The results of a newspaper poll, which asked readers to pick the best businesses in Northwest Arkansas, are in and winners for Best Breakfast, Best Pie, Best Bakery, and Best Dessert are featured here.

Florida resturaunt offers free sushi to shark attack victims

New Smyrna Beach - Attention shark-attack victims: If you've lived to tell your story about being attacked by a shark, one Florida restaurant believes you also deserve a free meal. A free meal typically priced $8.99, that is.

Swedish restaurateur demands customers clean their plates

A restaurant owner in Gothenburg takes the old adage “waste not, want not” to new heights. He throws out customers who don’t finish the food on their plates and tells them not to come back.

It’s ‘Restaurant Week’ in Fayetteville, Arkansas Special

Fayetteville - Residents of and visitors to Northwest Arkansas are invited to dine in Fayetteville as part of "Restaurant Week," which continues through the 27th, and enter to win a Nook Ebook Reader.

ONE Travel Conference - Shopping, Dining, Culture

Pasadena - Thought leaders in the Shopping, Dining and Cultural-Heritage Tourism sectors have announced plans to combine three successful conferences.

A dining experience that is going down the toilet literally

If the special sauce wasn't enough to turn your stomach, how about eating poop for dessert? A young entrepreneur turned one "crappy" idea into a chain of relatively butt-worthy establishments.

Long Island, NY Diners Offered an Economic Stimulous Plan

An economic stimulus plan of sorts is being extended to some Long Island, New York diners, as the bad economy weakens restaurant bottom-lines, and keeps dining customers eating at home.

This Group's Motto Is No Hot Soup

John Ordover has a group of dining buddies that rent out New York City restaurants to get together and eat in the nude. That's right, naked dining is a new fad in the Big Apple.

'Edgy Eating'- LA Times searches for meaning in distracting dining

Also called Extreme Eating, this brave effort by the Times at covering the retail digestive tract deserves its place in cultural exchange kudos. Ruthless Ramen, food that fights back, and eating in pitch darkness are explored.

Chef Marco's wife puts divorce on the menu in his Dining Restaurant

Chef Marco Pierre White's Wife divorces him in his dining restaurant overturning the table and throwing wine and ashtray.
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The outside terrace area at Sopwell House; a pleasant place to have a drink or to take some tea and ...
The outside terrace area at Sopwell House; a pleasant place to have a drink or to take some tea and gaze at the interesting grounds.
TV honors are Sept. 23.
TV honors are Sept. 23.
Wolfgang Puck
Spase Yovanofski  the hotel s breakfast chef  and Dimitrios Zarikos  regional vice president and gen...
Spase Yovanofski, the hotel's breakfast chef, and Dimitrios Zarikos, regional vice president and general manager of the Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts posing for a picture with the hotel chain founder Isadore Sharp.
People  mostly French  eating at Le Bistrot de Lyon  France.
People, mostly French, eating at Le Bistrot de Lyon, France.
A wonderful dining room at Leeds Castle  in 1930s style.
A wonderful dining room at Leeds Castle, in 1930s style.
A buffet breakfast
A buffet breakfast
A restaurant in NYC
A restaurant in NYC