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Q&A: What is in store for digital marketing? Special

Technology is impacting digital marketing in a variety of ways. This includes the latest voice assistants and tech companions, meaning companies have more access to consumer data than ever before.

Q&A: Email signatures are a key business communication tool Special

According to Templafy email is an underutilized marketing tool. However, there are also a number of common misconceptions when it comes to email signature marketing. Christian Lund provides some business tips.

Major cosmetics companies utilize digital platforms for growth

Major international cosmetics companies have seen growth increase through premium brands as a result of developing strong digital platforms. Growth has also been driven by millennial appeal.

Machine intelligence for digital marketing analytics: Interview Special

Marketing goods and services is becoming increasingly complex, and to gain a competitive advantage machine learning and data analytics are required to foster insights. A new tool for this comes from conDati.

Advances in digital marketing analytics: Interview Special

Digital marketing is seeing many changes, especially relating to the importance of data gathering and then using the analysed data for marketing purposes. conDati’s CEO Ken Gardner provides some insights.

New blockchain for very high transaction rates

Singapore - Following two years of development, technologists at the National University of Singapore have tested a new blockchain, based on the technology of ‘sharding.’ This is to facilitate extremely high transaction-rates.

Blockchain based digital content market launched

Bratislava - A new software solution called DECENT GO (Beta Release) has been launched to allow users to upload, download, browse, buy and sell digital content. This approach enables entrepreneurs to sell directly to clients without an intermediary.

Digital transformation is all about CIO/CFO collaboration

There are many factors that are required for a successful digital transformation project. One that's been called out as particularly important is CIO and CFO collaboration.

Why blockchain technology appeals to Generation Z

Amsterdam - Blockchain technology is being adopted across industries, from supply chains to finance. This means of transferring and storing value will appeal foremost to Generation Z, according to industry analysts.

Israeli top digital marketing startups join Sharper Solutions Special

The New York-based enterprise digital transformation company Sharper Solutions, announced its upcoming partnership with the top three Israeli SEO, digital marketing and app development firms Exactive Marketing, Online Performance and iApps Technologies.

Op-Ed: How blogging can help your business

Mobile, social media, and convoluted jargon have made digital content and brand communications into a more complex world.

CMO explains why improv and marketing go together in business Special

New York - Lending money is serious business but the CMO of one of the country's oldest lending institutions believes laughter is the key to acquiring new customers.

Op-Ed: What you need to know about marketing today

Don't miss out on growing your customer or client base. Below are the four trends that shine a light on the future of marketing.

Op-Ed: What you need to know about the future of marketing Special

Even if you do not play a major role in your company’s marketing decisions, you most likely realize that the type of advertising that works has shifted dramatically during the past few years.

Op-Ed: Taming the marketing monster for small businesses

Internet marketing. Content marketing. Digital marketing. Whether just starting up your small business or maintaining, these terms are a common part of your vocabulary, but do you know how to optimize your marketing strategy to get the best results?

Op-Ed: The murky future of Google+: Doomed, or primed for a comeback?

As Ello enters the social media world with enough vigor to challenge Facebook for its users, what might happen to the slumbering social giant, Google+?

Digital Marketing for Financial Services Summit in Toronto Special

Toronto - The fourth annual Digital Marketing for Financial Services conference in Toronto, happened June 10 - 12th 2014, and experts flew in from around the world to share stories and ideas about SEO, SEM and mobile marketing for banks and insurance companies.

Rubicon Project issues IPO amid questions on programmatic fraud

Advertising automation firm, Rubicon Project, successfully launched an IPO last week, but the company's impact on the advertising business is riddled with questions.

Op-Ed: Digital marketing strategists converge at DX3 in Toronto Special

Toronto - Ever wondered what happens inside Dx3? On March 5 and 6, Canada’s largest digital media conference filled the Toronto Metro Convention Centre with people eager to glimpse the future of online advertising.

Op-Ed: Don't write off traditional marketing tactics

Despite the effectiveness and convenience of today's leading digital marketing resources, it's important not to write off traditional marketing tactics either. Why? Because they still work, especially for small businesses.

Op-Ed: Others should follow digital lead of world's largest advertiser Special

Few would characterize Procter & Gamble Co. as an online innovator or cutting edge techie. But the consumer goods giant is poised to take advantage of a digital society as it bets more of its massive advertising spend on online marketing pursuits.

Op-Ed: The 'cost problem' of content marketing lives in misunderstanding

Claims made in some corners that content marketing programs are "expensive" have not been fully thought through when compared to the costs of existing creative services and lack of ROI from banner advertising.

RebelMouse brings curated social media for publishers, marketers

As advertisers become more aware of the issues facing social media marketing, one social media service firm is working to aggregate social media material into content modules for publishers and marketers alike.

Digital Marketing group Magic Logix looks to expand

On Digital Journal, most of us writers know all about digital marketing and its benefits. From free coupons via Facebook for Italian ice to celebrities mentioning how good a certain food chain is on their Twitter, digital marketing is all around us.

Digital Marketing Summit Wants Businesses to Wake Up and Smell the Web 2.0

Forget the old rules of advertising, according to speakers at a Toronto marketing conference. Going digital is the way of the future, especially if companies want an online presence customers will contribute to and always remember.

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Rob Campbell moderates a panel on digital marketing for mobile phone apps at #DMFSToronto 2014
Rob Campbell moderates a panel on digital marketing for mobile phone apps at #DMFSToronto 2014
Pixabay / John 86
Stephen Shaw is Chief Strategy Officer at Kenna
Stephen Shaw is Chief Strategy Officer at Kenna

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