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Target announce big growth, boosted by online earnings

Target announced its fourth quarter earnings this morning, with brick-and-mortar sales growth of nearly 3 percent, and online sales growth of 31 percent. The growth in both areas show changing consumer preferences.

CDs and vinyl outperform digital downloads in the music business

Music listeners do not need to mourn the decline of CDs and vinyl albums. In 2018, CDs and vinyl made more money for the record labels in America than the digital downloads.

Chris Hemsworth launches Centr, new digital health app

In February of 2019, world-renowned actor Chris Hemsworth and his wife, actress, and fitness author Elsa Pataky, launched their new health and wellness app, Centr.

Screen time does not harm children

London - A new study into the amount of time spent on electronic devices (‘screen time’) finds that the use of devices is not necessarily harmful to the health of children, provided devices are turned off an hour before bedtime.

Imagine Dragons is Spotify's most-streamed group of 2018

Grammy-winning rock group Imagine Dragons have a digital milestone to celebrate. They are Spotify's most-streamed group of 2018.

Nick and Joe Buscarino open up about Long Island Podcast Studio Special

Nick and Joe Buscarino chatted with Digital Journal about their Long Island Podcast Studio, as well as their future plans and the impact of technology on the entertainment industry.

Merkel says German 'Mittelstand' mustn't fall behind in AI race

Nuremberg - Chancellor Angela Merkel on Tuesday warned that Germany's vaunted "Mittelstand" must not fall behind in the digital era, as the economic powerhouse races to catch up to foreign rivals in new technologies like artificial intelligence.

Digital without purpose will fail

This story is sponsored content from Cognizant. Cognizant (Nasdaq: CTSH) is dedicated to helping the world’s leading companies build stronger businesses — helping them go from doing digital to being digital.

The future is all about being connected – through digital

The following article is sponsored by Cognizant. By: Frank Antonysamy “We are all connected.” This mantra from the 1960s had a spiritual connotation, informing both a growing environmental awareness and the peace movement.

Drake surpasses 50 billion streams in digital platforms

Global music star Drake has a major digital milestone to celebrate. The acclaimed rapper became the first artist to surpass 50 billion streams.

Digital transformation will impact on employment

Digital transformation will change employment. However, the full impact is uncertain in terms of the loss of jobs. What is certain is that many traditional occupations will need reskilling.

Driving digital strategy and reimagining business: Q&A Special

Digital technologies have had a profound impact, disrupting entire industries. Incumbents have struggled as new and nimble players have emerged with innovative business models. Sunil Gupta provides expert oversight.

Digital business models help set companies up for future success

Two researchers from the MIT Center for Information Systems Research have developed a framework, in the form of six questions, that can help inform an enterprise’s digital transformation strategy.

Understanding threats will help inform transformation strategy

Two researchers from the MIT Center for Information Systems Research have developed a framework publication in the form of six questions that can help inform an enterprise’s digital transformation strategy. Here's an explainer of one of those questions.

Digital medical visits: Risks and benefits

It's estimated that one in ten people record their consultation with their doctor. A new report recommends that doctors should embrace this, although both parties need to weight up the good and bad points.

Three startups disrupting the insurance industry

The insurance industry may not be entirely prepared for digital transformation, but insurtech is coming. Here are a few of the startups disrupting the insurance industry.

Inside Google's Digital Garage in Manchester Special

Manchester - Google has opened a 'Digital Garage' in Manchester's city center, which is a space on the high street for people to learn digital skills and access technology – for free.

How companies can prepare for digital transformation

Digital transformation is impacting every sector and business, and with all the guides being published it's easy to get lost. Here's a roundup of how experts think companies should be preparing for digital transformation.

Employee retraining essential to driving digital transformation

A new report from MIT Sloan Management Review and Deloitte Digital on digital business found that both employees and upper-level management need non-traditional, on the job and continuous retraining and re-skilling to drive digital transformation.

How brick and mortar grocers benefit from digital transformation

Brick and mortar grocery retailers have the potential to adopt artificial intelligence to help with stocking their stores, pricing their products and being competitive with online retailers like Amazon.

Nearly half of U.S. teens are online 'almost constantly'

Any doubts that the future is digital should be dispelled based on a new survey looking at on-line use among U.S. teenagers. Research suggests that the typical teen spends more time on-line than any other activity.

It’s Digital Literacy Day in Toronto tomorrow

Toronto - In a forward-thinking collaboration between the City of Toronto and the Toronto Public Library, citizens can look forward to learning all about how technology has changed the world with the city’s first annual Digital Literacy Day.

Mixed reactions to Toronto's waterfront becoming a 'digital city'

Toronto - Sidewalk Labs, the company owned by Google's parent Alphabet, is to develop Toronto's Eastern waterfront into the first 'digital city'. However, not all residents are happy with the plans and have flagged data privacy concerns.

Big plans for Digital Literacy Day

Toronto - What digital literacy is currently about and what it can be, on both an individual and collective scale, are to be explored and celebrated through various activities and education sessions across Toronto as part of the first Digital Literacy Day.

Facebook changes two-factor authentication

Facebook has changed how the two-factor authentication process works — now users don't need to use their phone numbers and can use an authenticator app instead.

Advertising's digital transformation journey

The shift from print to online by many advertisers has been well-recognized. What's happening now is that advertising is becoming more sophisticated, making use of automation and algorithms.

How to overcome digital addiction

San Fransisco - Are you addicted to digital technology? Always on social media? Be warned, a new psychological study finds that digital addiction increases loneliness, anxiety and depression.

Why social media is banning cryptocurrency ads: Interview Special

Following the footsteps of both Google and Facebook, Twitter will now also ban advertisements related to cryptocurrencies. Why is this and what do they fear? Joe McCann, Founder and CEO of NodeSource explains.

Is the digital age affecting kids' writing skills?

Is swiping affecting writing? A new concern has arisen about a reduction in motor skills of children, who are more used to using tablets and smartphones than they are in manipulating a pen or pencil.

Review: Epson FastFoto scanner preserves documents, photos with style

John Lennon famously said that life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans. The same thing can be said for vast piles of documents and photos piling up at home.
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James Freeman, a chief technology officer at Digital Photography Journal
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File photo of Toronto's Videoflicks store
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Jimmy Manning, (b.1951), "Icebergs" - August, 2012, digital chromogenic print. Courtesy of the Artist.
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Deployments of technologies is still low
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