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Watch out Siri: Microsoft Cortana comes to iOS, Android this year

Microsoft is going to bring its Cortana voice-controlled digital assistant in an enhanced form to iPhones and Android devices later this year after the launch of Windows 10, directly competing with Siri and Google Now already included on the platforms.

Op-Ed: Technology makes education more accessible than ever

The advent of the digital era has revolutionized education and learning for millions of children worldwide, enabling greater collaboration between teachers and pupils and bringing education to places where it was never available via virtual classrooms.

Quantum technology advances digital communications

Technologists have shown that information stored as quantum bits can be "exponentially compressed" without losing information. This technological feat will be useful for a new generation of communications and computer storage.

Op-Ed: A community space for the Digital Age moves into the neighborhood Special

San Francisco - With technology advancing, there still is the issue of the 'Digital Divide' where access to the Internet and other services are limited. With the help of City College of San Francisco, Coleman Advocates for Children and others,

Garth Brooks back with new record label, announces world tour

Country Music Hall of Famer Garth Brooks is officially out of retirement. He has inked a record deal with Sony Music Entertainment, according to Sony CEO Doug Morris, and he is going digital with his music.

Digital Health Summit set to showcase new technology Special

San Francisco - New technologies are set to revolutionize healthcare. Emerging technologies can monitor on-going body biometrics, create remote telemedicine visits, provide electronic access to patient information and undertake 3D body scans.

PR firms agree to abide by Wikipedia rules

Eleven large public relations firms have agreed to clean up the way they interact with Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia. Some of the companies have been involved in editing pages to favor their clients via pseudonymous accounts.

Op-Ed: How the Internet is helping expat children integrate

What happens if you're offered the promotion of a lifetime but it's in a different country? To some this'll be a no-brainer but to others, children need to be considered. So what's the best way of ensuring they integrate as well as you do?

Innovations to be announced at the Digital Health Summit Special

San Francisco - Living in Digital Times’ Digital Health Summer Summit June 18-20 in San Francisco promises to be an interesting event. Leading industry veterans will provide advice to help start-ups in this emerging, and thriving industry.

Bitcoin debit card nearly a reality

The first ever debit card to allow the transaction of Bitcoins in stores is set to hit the US market very soon, facilitating the usage of Bitcoin in more traditional, everyday scenarios where currency is used.

PC sales boost as York promised ultra-fast broadband network

York - Sales of PCs, tablets and internet-ready smartphones are set to go through the roof in the city of York, England as the local council announces a fibre optic network offering speeds of one gigabit.

Taking your band digital Special

You’ve spent the last year rehearsing in your garage with your bandmates and perfecting your sound. Now it’s time to get your band out from behind closed doors and into the public’s eye. But how do you go about doing this?

Norwegian law requires all books to be digitized

Oslo - It's been known for years now that the future means everything will be digital. For Norway, however, not only will all their books be digital, but they'll be available for free as well.

World’s best electronic artists converge at MUTEK IMG Special

Montreal’s experimental art summit will showcase the globe’s most innovative audio and video works from VJ-ing to creating high-tech sensory atmospheres in public spaces. shares soar

Sydney - The stock market debut of, the Australian on-line jobs site, has been a success. The share price rose 400 percent on Friday.

Planning for your digital estate Special

It is the age of the Internet, with all its convenience and opportunity. But as more and more people embrace the World Wide Web, there are emerging challenges that must be considered.

Op-Ed: 5 things your business needs in the technological age

Some few decades back, businesses would have been run differently. Today, in our digital age, there are a lot of new methods a business must do in order to succeed.

Op-Ed: Social media of the future Special

Austin - As news continues to transition away from traditional paper platforms, different age groups continue to turn to social media for news.

Op-Ed: Digital asset management heads to the cloud

As digital audiences and platforms expand in an ever-evolving market, content owners, agencies and advertisers find themselves struggling to manage, share and distribute assets.

Op-Ed: Liberty Reserve shut down in money laundering investigation

On May 24, 2013, U.S authorities seized control of the domain and redirected it into a sink hole along with arresting the owner Arthur Budovsky Belanchuk in relation to money laundering charges.

Digital music sales continue to rise

The rise of digital music and the relative decline of the CD continues to be the trend for many countries. In the U.K., digital music now accounts for 1 in 5 purchases.

Digital projection killing drive-in theatres

Drive-in theatres could be all but extinct in the US by the end of the year, when Hollywood plans to discontinue the distribution of 35-millimeter film prints to American theatres.

The top 2013 U.S. inauguration sound bites

Many sights and sounds where heard as the 2013 presidential inauguration commenced. Not only that, one photobomb exploded on social media as well.

Digital sales exceed $1.5 billion

In the past year UK consumers have spent more than $1.6 billion on digital products. This is the highest ever annual total and is part of a rising global trend.

Citizen science plays a key role in research

A growing citizen science movement has become increasingly successful. A recent U.K. report has heralded the success of science activists.

Op-Ed: CBC Music gives away digital tunes for free

Toronto - Canada's public broadcaster wastes taxpayers' money venturing into online music streaming by delivering popular, commercial content without user fees.

Digital Bill of Rights proposed by bi-partisan SOPA opponents

Two lawmakers from opposing sides of the political spectrum are proposing a Digital Bill of Rights to protect the Internet.

Tech Talk, Tips, Tours, Tête-à-Têtes: Internet Week NY 2012 Special

New York - Technology's power players, from Silicon Alley and beyond, shined during an action-packed Internet Week NY. With over 200 events ranging from tech talks and tips, to tours of startups, to parties, there was something for geeks and non-geeks alike.

UK Government announces plans to monitor digital communication

The UK Government will be able to monitor the calls, emails, text messages and web habits of every person in the UK under new legislation set to be announced soon.

Getting seniors wired costs little, has big ROI Special 

How can seniors become more empowered citizens? The answer is simple, according to Max Rothman, JD, LLM, President and CEO of the Alliance for Aging in Miami, FL.
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Many images benefit from being  printed.  I use Photoshop as my electronic darkroom.
Many images benefit from being "printed." I use Photoshop as my electronic darkroom.
Books on a tablet
Books on a tablet
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B/W Nature
B/W Nature
B/W Nature
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James Freeman  a chief technology officer at Digital Photography Journal
James Freeman, a chief technology officer at Digital Photography Journal
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An iPhone charging
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File photo of Toronto's Videoflicks store
Jimmy Manning  (b.1951)   Icebergs  - August  2012  digital chromogenic print. Courtesy of the Artis...
Jimmy Manning, (b.1951), "Icebergs" - August, 2012, digital chromogenic print. Courtesy of the Artist.
Jimmy Manning
This image is straight from the camera with only the size modified to make the image load faster on ...
This image is straight from the camera with only the size modified to make the image load faster on the Net.
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B/W Nature
B/W Nature
B/W Nature