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Betaworks to buy social-media company Digg

Seven-year-old media company Digg inc. will be acquired by Betaworks, a technology-investment company based in New York.

Digg staff going to Washington Post

It's not looking good for Digg, the once popular social news aggregator portal, as the company's tech team heads off for The Washington Post.

How reddit is not so quietly dominating the Internet Special

The company's general manager is leading the Time 100 poll. Its users take real-world action for charitable causes. It also attracts more than 2 billion pageviews monthly. Find out why reddit will continue to be one of the most influential forces online.

Op-Ed: Could new Facebook features bury Digg, other social media players?

At yesterday's f8 developer conference, Facebook announced a number of new features. Among them, a new "Like" button is slated to appear on billions of pages across the Web. Digg, Stumbleupon and just about everyone else: Watch out.

Twitter Passes Digg in Traffic

Neither site has managed to turn a profit; both are relying on investors to keep growing their technologies, while they try to produce a profitable business model. Will Twitter’s success continue, and will Digg continue to flat line? Who will pay?

Will Google buy Digg?

Are algorithms the way to go, or is human participation the key to a successful news-aggregation site? Are there other flaws in the Google News system, which hinder its success as well? Maybe Digg knows something that Google doesn’t.

TechCrunch: Google In Final Negotiations To Acquire Digg For '$200 Million'

TechCrunch is reporting Google is negotiating a deal to buy for $200 million. The deal is expected to be finalized within two weeks.

Google starts 'Digg-like' search results experiment

Google has set up an experiment that will make the users vote for the best search results and make them appear at the top of the page. Users can comment and review the search results.

Digital Journal Mavericks: Stumbling Through the Web With Garrett Camp

Searching for your fave sites can be time-consuming, but StumbleUpon has found one of the best ways to list recommended sites, photos and videos. The Web discovery tool hasn't stoped improving its technology, founder Garrett Camp told

Inside the mesh Conference: Webtrepreneurs Usher in Era of New Front Page

How has reading the news changed in this digital era of Digg and other recommendation-oriented sites? Are traditional media obsolete? These were some of the questions posed to a panel of Web entrepreneurs at Toronto's new media conference, mesh.

Yahoo Creates Digg-Like Site, But Will It Get Buried?

A Digg-like social news aggregator from Yahoo is catching some Buzz. The new service allows anyone to vote on stories that may appear on Yahoo’s home page. It looks like the Internet giant is playing catch-up in a young wide-open market.

For Sale:, Asking Price $300 Million reports that is planning to sell its site for $300 million and has hired a private investment banking firm to negotiate on its behalf with any potential buyers.

Digg Invades as Rupert Murdoch Kills Subscription Services

Rupert Murdoch announces no more paid subscriptions at followed by Kevin Rose (of announcing that tonight, the Wall Street Journal website will begin adding DIGG buttons to their (now free) online articles.

Is Digg Being Sold For $300 Million to the New York Times?

The word on the street is that is not only up for sale, but very close to closing a deal worth $300 - $400 million. The company has been on the auction block several times over the years but this time it appears a sale is imminent.

Massive Web 2.0 Summit Pools Best and Brightest in Internet Industry

Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook. Rupert Murdoch of MySpace. Jay Adelson of Digg and Meg Whitman of eBay. These are just some of the Internet superstars who will be discussing their business strategies at this week’s Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco.

Netscape Closing User-Generated News Homepage

After much criticism on the fact that Netscape's new "social news website" was a direct rip-off of Netscape has decided to pull the plug on it's user-generated news website.

Digg Will Do Product and Services Reviews in 6-12 Months

Digg will expand into product and services review in the next 6 months, will also add photo section.

How Digg Can Redefine Photography on the Web

Its users have been clamouring for a photo section for months, but has been deafeningly quiet on the subject. No features. No section. So why is the company staying mum? It might have a few tricks up its sleeve. If not, it should.

Digg Removes Posts On Cracking DRM, Digg Users Revolt

In response to content being removed by site owners from, Digg users revolted and reposted the posts thousands of time and actually took down the bohemoth news website.

The End Of Digg? [UPDATE 1]

The whole Internet community is up in arms over the recent censorship of the HD DVD hex code that has been leaked to many websites. Digg users value freedom of speech and this has gotten them virtually rioting the site.

Digg adds a Mobile Version of Digg

Digg adds a mobile version of its site,

DIGG Jobs, An Open Call To Fill Positions At opens it's doors to the community, literally.

MySpace News: The Digg Killer?

MySpace is launching a news aggregator called MySpace News in the second quarter of 2007. It’ll rely on both algorithms and user rating - basically a combination of Google News and Digg.

1 Miiiiiillion (Million) Users in Digg

Kevin Rose announced today in his blog, Digg has reached 1 Million users.

Bravo To USATODAY, embraces Social Network

USAToday embraces Social Networking concept with user comments, voting system added to each article. - Out Of Service?

Popular news site is currently out of service

'I bought votes on Digg'

A reporter scams Digg and gets her story on the front-page.

Digg Upgrades Spam Armor, Unblocks Sites

Digg unblocks previous banned sites and instead says has better monitoring of abuses inside the site.

Digg May Lose Their Trademark to Lucasfilm

Lucasfilm files a lawsuit against for trademark violation.

Yahoo Rips Off Interface, Joins User Generated Content Revolution

Yahoo launches new "Suggestion Boards" that allows users to post and vote on articles
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