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Diet News

Tar-sands may be an unwanted part of many Canadian diets

Many Canadians, and even possibly some Americans, may be ingesting tar-sands from water and the meat of animals who had already been poisoned by it.
In the Media by Walter McDaniel - 3 comments

Dieting worms live for longer

Reducing the food to a worm called C. elegans triggers a state of arrested development. The end result is that the worm can live twice as long as normal.
In the Media by Tim Sandle - 1 comment

Op-Ed: Fast food reduces your ability to enjoy life? Apparently, yes

Toronto - Of all the information available about fast food, a new study may well be the most disturbing. The new study by University of Toronto's Rotman School of Management indicates that fast food can actually reduce your ability to appreciate pleasures.
In the Media by Paul Wallis

Gluten sensitive? Maybe it isn’t gluten

Some people who think that they are gluten sensitive may not actually be so. Instead, they could be sensitive to something else entirely.
In the Media by Tim Sandle - 2 comments

Can dietary changes combat cancer?

A new study suggests that calorie restriction during treatment for breast cancer changes cellular programming and lowers the chance of metastases. This is according to a study carried out using mice.
In the Media by Tim Sandle - 4 comments

Olive oil and lettuce can ‘reduce blood pressure’

London - New research suggests that a diet that combines unsaturated fats with nitrite-rich vegetables, such as olive oil and lettuce, can protect from hypertension.
In the Media by Tim Sandle - 3 comments

Op-Ed: Brazilian cancer patient and daughter grateful for alkaline diet

A few years ago, a young Brazilian woman working and studying in Italy left the country to return to Brazil, so that she could care for her father who was recently diagnosed with cancer. Before she left, she met a woman who told her about alkaline diets.

Jillian Michaels is a 'natural' on her new tour

"I have a secret," Jillian Michaels, a well-respected health and fitness expert of "The Biggest Loser" fame, said last week during a stop on her nationwide tour at Rialto Square Theatre in Joliet, Illinois.
In the Media by Michael Essany

Will sunlight help you to lose weight?

Bright morning light is associated with weight loss, according to a new study. People who had most exposure to bright light in the morning had a significantly lower body mass index (BMI) than those who had most of their light exposure later in the day.
In the Media by Tim Sandle - 1 comment

Eat more fresh fruit and veg, Brits told in health study

London - Britons should eat seven portions of fresh fruit and vegetables a day, according to new research into healthy eating, published on Tuesday.
In the Media by AFP - 2 comments

Weight loss pills recalled due to illegal tampering

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) is voluntarily recalling all Alli weight loss products from U.S. and Puerto Rico retailers. The company believes that some packages of the product were tampered with and may contain product that is not authentic Alli.
In the Media by Tim Sandle

Is a low protein diet healthier?

Two new studies suggests that low-protein diets are linked to longer life spans in mice and humans. These findings cast doubt on the widespread dietary trend of reducing carbohydrate intake and loading up on protein.
In the Media by Tim Sandle - 2 comments

Op-Ed: Should you feed your kids organic food?

Should concerned parents feed their kids organic food or does it make little difference? Or does it even cause harm? According to a new report the jury is still out. See what you think and comment below.
In the Media by Tim Sandle - 3 comments

Op-Ed: World facing tsunami of preventable cancer cases

London - The World Health Organization says the world is facing a tidal wave of cancer that can be controlled by healthier diets. Much of it could be prevented.
In the Media by Robert Weller - 3 comments

High fat diet affects the body clock

Irvine - As well as other ill health effects, a new study shows that diets high in fat also alter circadian rhythms. This means that high fat diets can alter the body clock, leading to various sleep disruptions and body changes.
In the Media by Tim Sandle - 2 comments

Lingonberries could prevent obesity and diabetes

Stockholm - Lingonberries, a fruit common in Scandinavian cuisine, may be able to help prevent weight gain and high sugar and cholesterol levels, Swedish scientists said Thursday of a new study.
In the Media by AFP

Warning over ‘Mass Destruction’ diet supplement

The U.S. FDA has warned consumers to immediately stop using a product called Mass Destruction, marketed as a dietary supplement for muscle growth.
In the Media by Tim Sandle - 3 comments

Op-Ed: The newfound benefits of the Mediterranean Diet

The typical Western style of eating is full of processed foods, bad fats, and sugar. It is no surprise we are a country suffering from chronic illness and obesity, all directly tied to our eating habits.
In the Media by Alyssa Sellors

Food, bacteria and immunity

Research is starting to show that the food we eat has a huge bearing on the composition of the microbes in the gut, and that these microbes can affect health and immunity.
In the Media by Tim Sandle - 2 comments

Several nutritional research papers are 'overstated'

A new study suggests that nutrition researchers, often in relation to "new diets," sometimes overstate their findings. This could apply to up to 10 percent of science papers.
In the Media by Tim Sandle - 2 comments

Jamie Silva: The harshness of discipline and the beauty of it Special

Sacramento - Today, the National Physique Committee's Sacramento Bikini Contest is underway. Jamie Silva, an Elk Grove, CA resident is among the competitors.
Digital Journal Report by W. Mark Dendy

Strips of pork belly linked to reduction of ‘normal’ sperm

The traditional breakfast meat that pairs well with eggs and hash browns has become a pop culture staple. Forget the bacon cheeseburger.
In the Media by W. Mark Dendy - 1 comment

Study pins weight gain to drinking, ignores many other factors

A recent study published in the May issue of the peer-reviewed American Journal of Clinical Nutrition indicated that men that drink a moderate amount of alcohol tend to consume more than 400 extra calories on the days they drink.
In the Media by W. Mark Dendy - 3 comments

Paleo diet: Eat like a caveman and feel better

London - The Paleolithic diet is a modern nutritional concept based on ancient diets before the development of agriculture. It consists mainly of animal protein sources, vegetables, roots and nuts. Benefits include weight loss, control and better overall health.
In the Media by Eduardo Arrufat - 2 comments

Eating at your desk makes you stressed

London - A recent German study affirms that having lunch in your desk in front of the computer will produce higher stress levels, lower your creative control and reduce your connection to fellow workers.
In the Media by Eduardo Arrufat - 3 comments

Man claims he lost two stone on the Long Breath Diet

A new diet gaining widespread exposure in Japan could help people who are struggling to lose weight. The Long Breath Diet involves breathing exercises for just two minutes per day.
In the Media by Bethan Rose

New nutritional labelling system coming to U.K.

The U.K. Department of Health has given final approval to a new front-of-pack nutrition labeling system that will appear on food products across Britain.
In the Media by Tim Sandle - 2 comments

Too much fructose can cause liver damage

A new study suggests that high levels of dietary fructose can cause liver damage even without any association with weight gain, according to an animal study.
In the Media by Tim Sandle - 3 comments

Human evolution linked to dietary changes 3.5 million years ago

Carbon analyses of fossilized tooth enamel indicate that early humans expanded their diet to include savannah grasses and succulents some 3.5 million years ago, marking a definitive shift in human evolution.
In the Media by Jordan Howell - 3 comments

Girl, 9, confronts McDonald's CEO on childhood obesity

At the McDonald's annual shareholder meeting on Thursday, a 9 year-old girl faced the company's CEO in objection to the fast food giant's poor nutrition - just days after the return of the "mega potato" in Japan.
In the Media by Michael Krebs - 8 comments
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A woman showing off how much weight she lost
Phoney Nickle
A woman showing off how much weight she lost
Hoangkid (Đặng Thái Hoàng)
Harvard School of Public Health
Research shows that a diet low in  or free of  meat is the best for weight control.
Research shows that a diet low in, or free of, meat is the best for weight control.
Chris Voigt  Executive Director of the Washington State Potato Commission  is living on a diet of po...
20 Potatoes a Day
Chris Voigt, Executive Director of the Washington State Potato Commission, is living on a diet of potatoes and only potatoes for 60 days.
The juice from watermelons have health benefits for post workout nutrition.
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The juice from watermelons have health benefits for post workout nutrition.

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