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Dictionary News

‘Binge-watch’ is word of the year 2015

London - The English language continually evolves, with some words rendered archaic and new words adopted. For 2015, Collins Dictionary has included several words that are, apparently, becoming commonplace.

Feeling hangry? It'll soon be wine o'clock

London - Don't worry if you're feeling hangry, you could nibble on barbacoa and freekeh until wine o'clock. That would be awesomesauce.Oxford University Press on Thursday announced its quarterly update to OxfordDictionaires.

Oxford English Dictionary publishes 2014 additions

The people have spoken, and that means the Oxford English Dictionary is once again bending to their will. In August 2014, the OED released the latest editions to the online version of the dictionary.

Selfie and bromance among words added to Scrabble dictionary

A new Scrabble dictionary will be published on August 11, and it will include words such as bromance, selfie, hashtag and fracking.

@everyword completes tweeting the entire dictionary

Automated Twitter account @everyword has finally completed its task of tweeting out every single word in the dictionary to its many followers.

Offensive and shocking words get added to the Oxford Dictionary

The Oxford English Dictionary (OED) adds new terms four times a year, and this week roughly 900 words made their first appearance including "bathroom-break," "bestie", and four adjectives that refer to the highly offensive c-word.

Footballer Messi now immortalized in the Spanish language

Barcelona - It is well-known that Spaniards are a little football crazy. Now it has been proven in print, as Lionel Messi's name becomes immortalized in the Santillana dictionary as a brand new adjective, ‘inmessionante’

'F-Bomb', 'sexting' among new 100 words added to MW Dictionary

Springfield - The latest English words to be added to the Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary, which consists of more than 200,000 words, are quite reflective of modern day society. The editor announced some new words: "f-bomb," "sexting" and "bucket list."

'Amazing' tops annual list of words that should be banned

Lake Superior State University has compiled their annual list of words they believe should be banned because of their "misuse, overuse and general uselessness." The words "amazing" and "baby bump" were two notable choices.

Author: Key for child's success is building strong vocabulary Special

As children read less and fail to build up a vocabulary, the author of a new book says in an interview the vocabulary deficit is a worrying trend that threatens confidence, future job prospects, relationships, and even the ability to understand jokes.

The print version of the Oxford English Dictionary may retire

Bob Dylan said it best, ‘The times they are a-changin.’ That was 1964. Fast forward 46 years and it’s worth repeating. Technology has altered much of what was and has created a new way of living.

Oxford English Dictionary has vault full of rejected words

Millions of rejected words lie in a vault owned by the Oxford University Press. Although they have not been accepted for print, there is still hope for many of them.

Professor finds century-old Oxford Dictionary

Next time you are playing a game of Scrabble think twice before reaching for the Oxford Dictionary because errors do exist, as proven by an Australian professor who recently found an error that was almost a century old.

Californian school district bans oral sex definition dictionary

A school district in the U.S. state of California has temporarily banned the use of a dictionary that contains a definition for oral sex, a permanent ban being a real possibility.

New York judge sworn in on dictionary

A judge in New York takes his oath of office with his left hand on a dictionary, rather than the customary Bible; officials could not locate a Bible for the ceremony.

Op-Ed: Webster Announces New Words 2008. Pundits Give Palin Boost

Words have a way of entering a language through many channels. Some come from historical events, some from borrowed words from other languages as people migrate from region to region

Op-Ed: Oxford University Press Eliminates Words About Christianity, Monarchy

The Oxford University Press has removed words form its Junior Dictionary that have to do with Christianity and British history.

'w00t' crowned word of year by Merriam-Webster

Merriam-Webster dictionary has named “w00t” as the word of the year. The word is used as an expression of joy coined by online gamers. It is spelled with two zeros instead of the o’s.

New Dictionary Additions

Each year new words are added to the Oxford English Dictionary and this year is no exception. But are some words actual words or phrases? What happened to just having words in our dictionaries?

Google Translate launches dictionary

Google Translate adds another great feature "Dictionary", now one can get meaning for each word in five different language and phrases used by that word. It currently works with French, Spanish, German, Italian and Korean languages.

McDonald's seeks 'McJob' rewrite

McDonald's is planning a campaign to have the dictionary definition of a McJob changed

"Wiki" Wins a place in Oxford English Dictionary

If you think "wiki" doesn't sound like English, you are right. But it's English now. This word born on the Pacific Island of Hawaii finally got an entry into the latest edition of the online Oxford English Dictionary along with 287 other new words.

Most expensive Dictionary

The US $200 Dictionary Of Etymology

Wikipedia Main Page....Shocked!

I found this page, and was shocked! I wonder if they know this is up on their page.

Webster And AskMeNow Launch Mobile Dictionary

Mobile users can also access interactive features such as Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Day, which is designed to improve vocabulary and Open Dictionary, where members can create and submit their own new words and definitions.

Great Dictionary for your Personal Google Page

MakeMyWord Dictionary tool for your personal Google Page.

Reverse Dictionary

Describe a word you are thinking of and the reverse dictionary does the rest.

Mensa Invitational

It is almost time for the annual Washington Post Mensa Invitational again. So, you had better start working on your entry. Readers are asked to take any word from the dictionary, alter it by adding, subtracting, or changing one letter, and supply a n

''The Ego Has Landed''... Some Of The Quotes That Made The Year 2000 So Memorable

LONDON - "The ego has landed," was Frank Dobson's line on Ken Livingstone's independent candidacy for Mayor of London. Jeffrey Archer responded with the comment that "If the Archangel Gabriel had stood with the name of Winston Churchill, Ken would st...

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The vernacular born out of the Internet age is trickling into legitimate language.
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The vernacular born out of the Internet age is trickling into legitimate language. Merriam-Webster has added 3,200 contextual examples and 200 entries of the most frequently searched terms into the dictionary.
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