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Dick Cheney News

Rand Paul: Cheney pushed for Iraq war to benefit Halliburton

A five-year-old video has emerged of Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) accusing former vice president Dick Cheney of pushing for an invasion of Iraq because it would benefit Halliburton, where he was previously CEO.
In the Media by Brett Wilkins - 6 comments

American University students walk out on 'war criminal' Cheney

Washington - More than two dozen American University students staged a walk-out protest during an address by former vice president Dick Cheney at the Washington, DC school on Thursday.
In the Media by Brett Wilkins - 1 comment

Op-Ed: Hey Cheney, military families rely upon food stamps to survive

San Francisco - In the wake of US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel's proposed "defense" cuts, former Vice President Dick Cheney lambasted the Obama administration for choosing programs of social uplift over militarism, even though the president has done no such thing.
In the Media by Brett Wilkins - 4 comments

Op-Ed: Cheney ordered docs to turn off heart device because of terrorism

Washington - While he was still vice president in 2007, Dick Cheney ordered his doctors to turn off the wireless component of the defibrillator attachment to his failing heart. According to an interview, he feared terrorists would use it to kill him.
In the Media by William M. Schmalfeldt - 1 comment

Op-Ed: Cheney did 'hurt' US by leaking Plame, no 50 years like Manning

The day was June 22, 2005. In the congressional hearing room, former CIA agents and covert ops professionals were stating, one after the other, how the leak of Valerie Plame's undercover status as a spook had harmed the country.
In the Media by Ralph Lopez - 11 comments

Dick Cheney: Obama isn’t credible and Snowden is a traitor

About Snowden's flee to Hong Kong, Dick Cheney said that could be hinting he’s a Chinese spy. Snowden committed crimes in effect by violating agreements given the position he had. He argued the NSA surveillance is critically necessary to prevent attacks
In the Media by Eko Armunanto - 8 comments

Bush-Cheney began illegal NSA spying before 9/11, says telcom CEO

Contradicting a statement by ex-vice president Dick Cheney on Sunday that warrantless domestic surveillance might have prevented 9/11, 2007 court records indicate that the Bush-Cheney administration began such surveillance at least 7 months prior to 9/11.
In the Media by Ralph Lopez - 8 comments

Op-Ed: Letter to Cheney and Bush from dying Iraq vet on 10th anniversary

On the 10th anniversary of the Iraq War, a veteran of that war wrote a letter to George W. Bush and Dick Cheney. It is a letter that all Americans should read. (Updated with video interview.)
In the Media by Anne Sewell - 9 comments

Sarah Palin fires back at Cheney over 'mistake' comment

Sarah Palin has fired back at Dick Cheney for saying that picking the former Alaska governor as John McCain's 2008 running mate was "a mistake."
In the Media by Brett Wilkins - 3 comments

Former V.P. Dick Cheney says Sarah Palin a 'mistake' in 2008

The former U.S. Vice-President Dick Cheney, a man still involved in American politics, said on Sunday that John McCain enlisting Sarah Palin as a running mate in 2008 was a "mistake." He said while he knows and likes her, she lacked experience.
In the Media by Marcus Hondro - 12 comments
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