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Diamonds News

Off Namibia, an underwater diamond harvest

- A vast mechanical monster rises from the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Namibia, leaving a huge swell in its wake as seawater pours off its surface.

Quantum computing advanced with silicon-laced diamonds

Boston - Quantum computing could be advanced through a relatively simple process: the addition of a little silicon to a diamond, which turns diamond defects into efficient quantum bits.

Will we be wearing clothes of diamond nanothread?

An Australian chemist has been toying with the potential to create fabrics from diamond nanothreads. The new material has considerable potential.

'Blood diamond' suspect dies in Belgian prison

Brussels - A US-Belgian businessman accused of enslavement and diamond trafficking during Sierra Leone's civil war has died in a Brussels prison, officials said on Thursday.

Next generation tech needs a diamond at the heart

Diamonds have many useful properties, aside from being prized jewels. One such application is as semiconductors and, as a new application, they could become the basis of a new generation of electronic devices.

Most diamonds share a common point of origin

A new study suggests older and younger diamonds are formed under similar conditions, located deep within Earth. This is based on chemical analysis of trapped carbonates.

19 to face trial over spectacular Brussels diamond heist

Brussels - Nineteen people have been ordered to face trial over a spectacular $50 million diamond heist at Brussels airport almost three years ago, the Belga news agency said Thursday.

Contract workers accidentally throw out $5M worth of diamonds

Manhattan - The police have recovered most of the $5 million worth of jewelry contract workers at a Midtown jewelry store accidentally threw out on November 24.

Diamonds might be forever, but they're not rare

Turns out, diamonds might not be so rare afterall. Some key insights suggest diamonds may be able to form much more easily in the Earth's mantle than scientists previously thought.

Amnesty warns of conflict diamond stockpile in C.Africa

London - Amnesty International on Wednesday called on the Central African Republic to confiscate and sell diamonds amassed by traders worth millions that could be fuelling militia violence and child labour.

Spain to extradite Belgian diamond trafficking suspect

Madrid - A US-Belgian businessman accused of enslavement and diamond trafficking during Sierra Leone's civil war will be extradited to Belgium, a Spanish court official said Monday.

Custom gold-backed, diamond-adorned iPhone 6 costs $3.5 million

A custom-made iPhone 6 produced by Goldgenie is available to buy now for $3.5 million, finished in 24 carat gold or platinum and with other prestigious options available, just in case your iPhone wasn't flashy enough already.

Diamond prices remain weak in early 2015

Continuing a trend that started during the fall of last year, many diamond mining companies are getting ready for a softer market with weak diamond prices.

Blue diamond sells for record $32 million at auction

New York - Bunny Mellon's Blue Diamond sells for more than $32.6 million at an auction in New York. In doing so, it smashes a world record.

New nano-diamonds could lead to new computer chips

A new method that uses a pulsing laser to create synthetic nanodiamond films and patterns from graphite could herald a new generation of computer chips and special sensors for use in medicine.

World’s smallest diamonds produced by nanotech

Scientists have found out how to produce ultra-thin "diamond nanothreads." These nano-diamonds have greater strength and stiffness compared with any other nanotubes and polymer fibers.

They need CAR’s diamond so they use the national army

The CAR diamond situation is reaching an international level as the armed forces are going against militias in a power struggle surrounding the control of diamonds.

Lesotho’s giant diamonds and new partnerships

Governmental agreements on reducing royalty shares in Lesotho will make a new partership between the diamond mines in the Maluti Mountains and Firestone of Britain.

Are diamond dental implants the future?

Scientists have discovered that diamonds on a much, much smaller scale than those used in jewellery could be used to promote bone growth and the durability of dental implants.

Diamonds are not always forever

Researchers have shown that nanodiamonds in treated coal only last seconds before fading back into less-structured forms of carbon under the impact of an electron beam.

Cannes on alert after diamond heists

Paris - Movie stars like to sparkle on the red carpet but security is being tightened in Cannes this year after a spate of increasingly audacious thefts highlighted the ease with which jewel thieves can strike.

Report: United Nations to ease embargo on Ivory Coast diamonds

Abidjan - A decade-long embargo on diamonds from the Ivory Coast could be partially lifted this week, several United Nations diplomats said Friday.

Are diamonds the new gold? Commissioned

Read how diamonds are attracting the eyes of investors and turning heads in both the business and tech markets as some key players dabble with creating man-made diamonds.

Proposed Finnish diamond mine would be Europe’s first

A Finnish mining company has filed the necessary papers seeking government approval to open a diamond mine in that country. If approved, it would become the first diamond mine on the European continent

De Beers' new Canadian diamond mine delayed

First production at De Beers' Gahcho Kue diamond mine in northern Canada could move to early 2017 because of shipping delays, the Anglo American Plc <AAL.L> unit's chief executive, Phillipe Mellier, said in an interview.

Colored diamonds make for efficient superconductors

Berkeley - Flawed but colorful diamonds are among the most sensitive detectors of magnetic fields, according to a new study. This allows physicists to explore the minuscule magnetic fields in metals, exotic materials, and even human tissue.

Man takes ex to court for return of $40K family heirloom ring

When Owen Muir asked Stephanie Foley to marry him in August of 2012, neither could have known that less than two years later, they’d be going to court over the expensive family heirloom diamond ring he presented to her.

Scientists claim diamond rain occurs on Saturn and Jupiter

US scientists have calculated that diamonds big enough for celebrities to wear could be raining down on Jupiter and Saturn.

Why Mobiado's luxurious mobile phones are art

Vancouver - Mobiado is a Canadian company based in Vancouver which specializes in high concept and very expensive mobile phones which the fashion conscious and very rich lineup to purchase around the globe.

Gunmen crash Brussels airport, steal $50 million in diamonds

Brussels - Masked gunmen have reportedly stolen millions of dollars worth of diamonds after crashing their vehicles through the security fence surrounding the Brussels airport.
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Survival is calling for a boycott of Botswana diamonds
until the Bushmen are allowed water. © Surv...
Survival is calling for a boycott of Botswana diamonds until the Bushmen are allowed water. © Survival
Rough diamonds are shown in this photograph from 2013.
Rough diamonds are shown in this photograph from 2013.
Camila Mautschke/Wikimedia Commons
Strange Russian rock with 30 000 diamonds
Strange Russian rock with 30,000 diamonds
Larry Taylor, geologist at the University of Tennessee
Survival is calling for a boycott of Botswana diamonds
until the Bushmen are allowed water. © Surv...
Survival is calling for a boycott of Botswana diamonds until the Bushmen are allowed water. © Survival
The Koh-i-Noor or Mountain of Light
The Koh-i-Noor or Mountain of Light
This handout picture released on April 25  2014 by Christie's auction house shows "The Blu...
This handout picture released on April 25, 2014 by Christie's auction house shows "The Blue" a blue pear-shaped diamond weighing 13.22 carats, flanked on either side by two diamonds
Handout, Christies/AFP
Panning for diamonds in Sierra Leone.
Panning for diamonds in Sierra Leone.
An array of diamonds
An array of diamonds
Kim Alaniz
Typical engagement ring
Typical engagement ring
by Burnblue