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Diabetes News

Electromagnetic fields could treat diabetes

A proof-of-concept study has demonstrated how electromagnetic fields can be harnessed to treat diabetes. The research to date is based on animal models.

Stem cell treatment offers new hope for diabetics

Apo - A new technique that grows insulin-producing cells and can protect them from immune attack after they are transplanted may offer new hope for treating some people with diabetes.

Cocoa could assist with walking pain caused by artery disease

A new study, looking at a form of leg weakening, finds that a flavanol-rich cocoa beverage can lead to improvements in walking. This relates to patients with peripheral artery disease (PAD).

WHO launches initiative to boost insulin access for diabetics

Geneva - The World Health Organization on Wednesday said it had begun an initiative that would cut prices and dramatically increase insulin access for diabetics.

Taking fish oil pills does not help with type 2 diabetes

A new medical study finds no benefits from taking omega-3 fish oil supplements where someone has been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. This follows concerns that taking omega-3might actually be harmful for those with this form of diabetes.

Essential Science: Why the time of day for exercising matters

If you exercise regularly, do you prefer to get up early and go for a jog or head to gym after a long day at work? The time of the day which you choose to exercise can be important, according to new research.

Q&A: Helping to manage diabetes costs Special

Patients with diabetes pay far more in medical expenditures compared with the general population. In the U.S., the Hispanic population is hit disproportionately. To help address this, Hoy Health have issued Diabetes Management Kits.

Good oral health can prevent diabetes

A new campaign has been launched to assist with World Diabetes Day, focused on dental health. The campaign is being run by Sunstar and the European Federation of Periodontology, and it is called the 'Perio & Diabetes' Campaign.

Amazon launches exclusive diabetes and hypertension devices

Amazon has expanded its array of unique healthcare products, in its bid to expand in the healthcare sector, by offering exclusive diabetes and hypertension devices.

Most nations to miss UN target on chronic diseases: study

Paris - More than half of all countries will likely fail to hit the UN target of reducing premature deaths from a quartet of chronic diseases by a third before 2030, researchers said Friday.

Q&A: New developments with inhalable medicines Special

MannKind CEO Michael Castagna has developed an inhalable insulin product, designed to help those with diabetes, and now he is looking at other medicines that can be inhaled.

Q&A: New AI system that tests for diabetic eye disease Special

Des Moines - The U.S. now officially have access to an artificial intelligence system that tests for diabetic eye disease in primary care. The system does not require patients to see an eye care specialist. Digital Journal spoke with the people behind the platform.

Insulin being developed in pill form

Researchers are developing a way to deliver insulin in a pill. The new technique could replace the need for daily injections for diabetics.

Essential Science: How nut diet can improve blood sugar levels

A new study indicates that consuming two ounces of tree nuts per day, in place of carbohydrates, can improve blood sugar level control and blood lipids in those with type 2 diabetes.

Taxes key in war on 'lifestyle' disease: health experts

Paris - Global health leaders declared war on lifestyle diseases Thursday, decrying the impact of tobacco, alcohol and soft drinks on the world's poor, while calling for taxes to curb consumption and finance healthcare.

New healthcare technology to reduce diabetes costs: Interview Special

Many employers and health plans are looking to integrate coverage for innovative healthcare technology solutions. One platform is provided by WellDoc, which has partnered with a leading analytics company to address diabetes management and costs.

Skin patch responds to sugar levels for diabetes care

A pain-free skin patch, which responds to sugar levels, has been developed for the management of type 2 diabetes. The patch, which has been tested out in rodents, continues to work for several days at a time.

Smartphone case assesses blood glucose levels

Monitoring blood glucose levels on a regular basis is important of diabetics. The process can be time consuming and some technologies are less accurate than others. A new method, using a smartphone case, promises a rapid assessment.

Fitbit and One Drop to share diabetes and activity data

As an example of business-to-business healthcare collaboration, One Drop has entered into an agreement with Fitbit to combine fitness tracker data into a diabetes management platform. This is for health data analysis.

Use of tattoos to measure blood sugar being researched

Cambridge - The Dermal Abyss project is a collaboration between researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) researchers Katia Vega, Xin Liu,. Viirj Kan, and Nick Barry with Ali Yetisen and Nan Jiang from the Harvard Medical School.

Changing diabetes management with monthly injectable medication

Biotechnologists have developed a process that can provide a patient with weeks of glucose control, aiding the symptoms of diabetes, thanks to a single injection. The method is far superior to existing therapies.

Artificial intelligence used to combat blindness

Scientists from Byers Eye Institute at Stanford University have discovered the means to use artificial intelligence to combat a complication of diabetes that affects the eyes, leading to vision loss.

Ben Rue launches Accu-Chek at iHeart Country Festival appearance

Rising country singer Ben Rue has launched an Accu-Chek sponsorship with Roche Diabetes Care at his iHeart Country Festival Appearance in Austin, Texas.

Intestinal bacteria may protect against diabetes

Medical research suggests that a high concentration of indolepropionic acid in serum helps to protect a person against type 2 diabetes. Indolepropionic acid is produced by intestinal bacteria, and it is higher with a fiber-rich diet.

Essential Science: Can medicinal food counter type 1 diabetes?

Melbourne - Medical researchers have discovered that a diet yielding high amounts of the short-chain fatty acids — acetate and butyrate — can impart a beneficial effect on the immune system. This protects an individual against type 1 diabetes.

Pancreas 'regenerated' through fasting diet

A new U.S. study has found that a major organ - the pancreas - can be triggered to regenerate itself through a type of fasting diet. This could be of potential benefit to those with diabetes.

Link between common synthetic chemicals and diabetes

Researchers have drawn a connection between the synthetic chemicals typically found in insecticides and other garden products and an affect these play on the receptors that govern our biological clocks. The disruption could lead to diabetes.

Smart watch designed to monitor glucose levels

Wearable technology continues to advance at a rapid rate, especially in the health-related field. A new smart watch, equipped with a standard heart rate monitor and step counter, can also measure glucose levels.

Diabetes drug slows down Parkinson’s Disease

A new drug, originally developed to help combat the effects of type 2 diabetes, has shown success in slowing down the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.

Diabetes monitoring breathalyzer developed

A new hand-held breathalyzer that allows individuals to easily assess their blood glucose levels has been developed. The device informs the user bout diabetes risk and it differs from a medical device we reported on earlier this month.
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Diabetes Image

Image of Paula Deen taken as part of a public relations campaign for the nonprofit group Civitan
Image of Paula Deen taken as part of a public relations campaign for the nonprofit group Civitan
Wikimedia commons
Google lab is making a contact lens to measure glucose in tears.
Google lab is making a contact lens to measure glucose in tears.
Patients with type one diabetes require regular injections of insulin
Patients with type one diabetes require regular injections of insulin
Sajjad Hussain, AFP
U.S. Navy photo
A person testing their glucose levels using an electronic device after taking a tiny sample of blood...
A person testing their glucose levels using an electronic device after taking a tiny sample of blood from a finger.
The cost of insulin has risen 200 percent in the past decade.
The cost of insulin has risen 200 percent in the past decade.
USC Clinical Pharmacy
Insulin supplies  as shown here  can be costly in the care of diabetes  a chronic condition that inc...
Insulin supplies, as shown here, can be costly in the care of diabetes, a chronic condition that increases health care costs.
wikimedia commons
Jamie Deen during cooking demonstration at ADA EXPO.  Chicago  IL.  April 2012.
Jamie Deen during cooking demonstration at ADA EXPO. Chicago, IL. April 2012.

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