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HP's newest laptop is a premium Chromebook with a 4K display

HP has launched a new Chromebook, the 13-inch Chromebook 13. The laptop is one of few to be billed as a premium Chromebook, starting at $500 and including an all-metal chassis and high-end features. HP said it is "built for performance" on the go.

BlackBerry planning two mid-range Android phones for 2016

BlackBerry CEO John Chen has said the company will launch two mid-range Android-powered smartphones this year. BlackBerry's first Android device, the premium Priv, has failed to revive the firm's falling sales due to quality issues and a steep price.

Huawei unveils the P9 and P9 Plus — Flagships to rival the iPhone

Huawei has officially announced its new flagship smartphones, the Huawei P9 and P9 Plus. The handsets target the premium end of the market and aim to demonstrate that the Chinese company can rival the likes of Apple and Samsung.

Meet the world's thinnest laptop: HP introduces the new Spectre

HP has announced a new ultra-premium laptop with the world's thinnest chassis design. The Windows 10-powered device aims to appeal to professionals who may previously have opted for Apple products, incorporating powerful hardware and crafted style.

Fitbit's Blaze off to a blazing start, 1m sold in first month

Fitbit has managed to surprise investors by selling over 1 million of its new Alta and Blaze fitness wearables each in the first month of availability. Shares fell at the announcement of the devices which now appear to be an unexpected hit with customers.

Microsoft admits Windows 10 Mobile isn't moving, 'not our focus'

Microsoft has explained its plans for Windows 10 Mobile for the year ahead, revealing that smartphones currently aren't its focus and the company won't be concentrating on the platform in 2016. The news may dishearten Windows Phone fans.

Amazon bans dangerous USB Type-C cables to protect devices

Amazon has officially banned low-quality USB Type-C cables from its website. The company has made the move after reports of some cables failing to adhere to the USB specification and damaging devices due to incorrectly-rated components.

Acer's new laptop is a 14-inch Chromebook with a 14-hour battery

Acer has announced a new premium-looking laptop targeting the ultrabook space with a 14-inch display. The laptop's body is built entirely from aluminium and includes a 14-hour battery for all-day use. Acer has used Google's Chrome OS instead of Windows.

Brighter, clearer AMOLED displays to come to more smartphones

Higher quality displays are likely to be available on more smartphones in the near future, giving you a better experience regardless of your budget. The price of high-quality AMOLED displays has recently dropped significantly to undercut older LCD panels.

Apple clears up iPhone naming confusion, SE is 'special edition'

Apple announced the iPhone SE yesterday, revealing a new four-inch device aimed at people looking for a smaller smartphone with flagship specifications. It did not explain the new "SE" branding though, leading people to speculate on what it means.

Apple unveils the 'ultimate upgrade', a 9.7-inch iPad Pro

Apple has announced a new smaller model of its iPad Pro premium tablet. The 9.7-inch alternative will join the 12.9-inch original, opening up the line to people who want the Pro's high-end internals without the large and sometimes unwieldy display.

Apple announces 4-inch iPhone SE, starting at $399

Apple has officially announced the 4-inch iPhone SE, the first small-screened device it has launched since 2013's iPhone 5s. The SE includes the same high-performance components as its larger siblings but will retail at a significantly lower price.

Unannounced 'Google Glass Enterprise Edition' spotted on eBay

A development version of an unannounced Google Glass headset has appeared on eBay and is currently fetching in excess of $8,000. The device is believed to be an example of the 'Enterprise Edition,' a Glass variant that Google has yet to reveal.

Kindle owners urged to update their device to keep using it

Amazon has warned owners of older models of its Kindle e-reader that they need to install an important software update today or face the device becoming unusable online from later this week. From March 22, Kindle services will be inaccessible.

Apple's new 4-inch iPhone SE 'identical' to 2013's iPhone 5s

Apple has a press event scheduled for next Monday during which it is expected to announce its first new small-screened iPhone in over two years. The 4-inch "iPhone SE" may be familiar to owners of 2013's iPhone 5S, according to a new report.

Amazon's Alexa partners with Fitbit to remind you to exercise

Amazon has released a new update for its Alexa digital assistant on the Amazon Echo. Alexa now integrates with exercise tracking app Fitbit, letting you ask how active you've been, tell Alexa to register a new activity or hear supporting prompts.

Less than 10% of Android devices encrypted, nearly all iPhones

Over 95 percent of all iPhones in use are encrypted, according to a report today. Apple enables encryption out of the box, making it much more prevalent among iPhone users than Android fans. Only 10 percent of Android phones are thought to be encrypted.

Apple wants to 'loop you in' on the new 4-inch iPhone on March 21

Apple has seemingly confirmed the longstanding rumours of a new iPhone and iPad coming this month. The company will be hosting a press event on March 21 where it is expected to unveil new hardware and software updates as it refreshes its products.

Triada Trojan 'almost impossible' to detect, very sophisticated

A new Trojan malware has been discovered that is capable of making in-app purchases and gaining root access to phones. It could affect as many as 60 percent of all Android devices, is very sophisticated and almost impossible to remove.

Amazon removes encryption from Fire tablets, reduces security

Amazon has issued an update for its range of Fire tablets that removes the option to encrypt the device's storage. The company has confirmed the latest version of Fire OS won't encrypt data amid a lawsuit between Apple and the FBI over the technology.

Samsung's huge 15 terabyte SSD is now available to buy

Samsung has launched its enterprise-grade 15.36TB SSD. The ultra-high capacity drive offers more storage space than the majority of mechanical hard drives while offering performance that HDDs cannot reach.

Shady $17 smartwatch sends your data to an unknown Chinese server

Smartwatches are usually quite pricey accessories but, as with most electrical products, cheap knockoffs can easily be found online. One such device is the "U8" $17 smartwatch, recently caught transmitting user data to an unknown Chinese server.

Apple planning to unveil a smaller iPad Pro in March, not Air 3

Rumours of Apple updating its iPad Air line of premium tablets this March have been around for a while. With only a few weeks left, a new report now claims that plans may have changed and a smaller version of the iPad Pro will be launched instead.

Engineers unveil Wi-Fi that uses 10,000 times less power

A team of U.S. engineers have developed a Wi-Fi system that uses 10,000 times less power than traditional Wi-Fi. Unlike other futuristic wireless technologies, "Passive Wi-Fi" could be commercialized soon and works immediately with current products.

Review: Tronsmart Titan – The most powerful USB charger available

The Tronsmart Titan is an attractive and powerful USB charger. As most new devices can charge over USB instead of via mains outlets, the Titan provides several Quick Charge ports to simultaneously charge a fleet of phones and tablets.

Apple confirms third-party repairs will leave iPhone 6 dead

Apple has confirmed that getting a third-party repair shop to replace the home button or Touch ID sensor on an iPhone 6 will 'brick' the device and leave it unusable. Owners have reacted angrily to what Apple calls a "security feature."

Canonical to 'reinvent' personal computing with new Ubuntu tablet

Canonical, creators of the Ubuntu operating system, have announced a new tablet to showcase the platform's "Convergence" feature. It makes switching between desktop and mobile computing simpler with intuitive apps and window controls.

Report: Smartphone fitness apps inaccurate and unreliable

A study has warned that fitness tracking apps for smartphones may not be as accurate as users believe. Some of the most popular apps were found to be inconsistent and incorrect in their reporting when compared to a traditional pedometer.

1.4 billion smartphones were shipped in 2015

1.4 billion smartphones were sold during 2015 according to market analysts IDC. Smartphone sales may be slowing but overall volumes are still very high. Samsung remains the largest manufacturer, followed by Apple and Huawei.

Apple Watch 2 now coming in fall, revised original in March

The next Apple Watch might not be coming in March after all. Instead, a completely redesigned version of the smartwatch is reportedly planned for the fall and a refreshed Apple Watch 1 line-up will arrive in spring.
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Device Image

Lenovo Yoga 710
Lenovo Yoga 710
A leaked render of the BlackBerry Venice Android phone via @evleaks. [Since officially launched as  ...
A leaked render of the BlackBerry Venice Android phone via @evleaks. [Since officially launched as "BlackBerry Priv"]
Lenovo Yoga 510
Lenovo Yoga 510
The Inateck BP2101 MercuryBox Bluetooth speaker
The Inateck BP2101 MercuryBox Bluetooth speaker
A Microsoft patent filing for a touchscreen game controller layout reminiscent of an Xbox controller
A Microsoft patent filing for a touchscreen game controller layout reminiscent of an Xbox controller
Online Tablet Share Trending by Brand YTD
Online Tablet Share Trending by Brand YTD
1010data Ecom Insights Panel , WinBeta
The Nokia Reader  revealed by @evleaks on 12/09/2015
The Nokia Reader, revealed by @evleaks on 12/09/2015
Evan Blass, @evleaks
Google Nexus 5X and 6P devices
Google Nexus 5X and 6P devices
A side view of the new Sony Tablet S
A side view of the new Sony Tablet S
Courtesy Sony
From left to right: the Google Pixel C  Nexus 5X  Nexus 6P  Chromecast in black  yellow and red and ...
From left to right: the Google Pixel C, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Chromecast in black, yellow and red and Chromecast Audio, all announced 29/09/2015
Apple TV
Apple TV
A buyer showing off his new iPad
A buyer showing off his new iPad
VTech has announced it has suffered a major data breach
VTech has announced it has suffered a major data breach
The Inateck BP2101 MercuryBox Bluetooth speaker
The Inateck BP2101 MercuryBox Bluetooth speaker
2015 Amazon Fire Kids Edition
2015 Amazon Fire Kids Edition
The two powerful fingers on the device are used to hold a variety of items.
The two powerful fingers on the device are used to hold a variety of items.
YouTube, MIT
Lenovo IdeaPad MIIX 310
Lenovo IdeaPad MIIX 310
Leaked marketing slides of the Dell XPS 12  a tablet to rival Microsoft s surface  revealed by Giga....
Leaked marketing slides of the Dell XPS 12, a tablet to rival Microsoft's surface, revealed by
The new clamshell Tablet P from Sony
The new clamshell Tablet P from Sony
Courtesy Sony
Google s patent filing for a  smart  internet-connected teddy bear
Google's patent filing for a "smart" internet-connected teddy bear
Google patent via BBC

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