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Cancer now 'leading cause of death' in rich countries

Paris - Cancer has become the leading cause of death in rich nations, overtaking heart disease, according to the results of two landmark, decade-long global surveys of health trends released Tuesday.

China's 'Belt and Road' risks Paris climate goals: analysis

Paris - Carbon-heavy development in countries part of China's Belt and Road Initiative could render the Paris climate goals unreachable, according to a new analysis on the gargantuan global infrastructure project released Monday.

Saudis dish out millions in Yemen aid amid global criticism

Midi - Standing amid the bullet-pocked ruins of a once rebel-controlled Yemeni district, Saudi officials unveil their latest multi-million dollar aid projects, seeking to blunt global criticism over a worsening humanitarian crisis.

US says countries reviewing aid plan for Venezuela

Washington - US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said Thursday that a group of countries are discussing plans to provide financial support to Venezuela, amid the country's economic collapse.

IMF awaits decision on Venezuela government recognition

Washington - World governments are working on recognizing a Venezuelan government, a key step before international aid can flow into the crisis-stricken country, IMF chief Christine Lagarde said Thursday.

Remittances to developing world hit record in 2018: World Bank

Washington - Money transfers to poor and developing countries hit a fresh record in 2018 and should become their largest source of external financing this year, the World Bank said Monday.

New platform reflects on the needs of today’s business training

Harvard Business Publishing Corporate Learning and Degreed have announced a partnership to help organizations address their most critical talent development and skill gaps through a personalized, learner-driven solution.

Trump's World Bank pick, an ally for the lender's critics?

Washington - President Donald Trump's choice to lead the World Bank is a firebrand critic of the world's largest anti-poverty lender -- an institution he has called wasteful, corrupt and overly generous to China.

Trump risks revolt with controversial World Bank pick

Washington - US President Donald Trump is due on Wednesday to unveil a controversial candidate to lead the World Bank, a choice that could spark a revolt against US dominance of the institution.

World Bank leadership search likely to end with US candidate -- again

Washington - The search for a new leader for one of the most high-profile global organizations begins Thursday and seems likely to end again with selection of the US candidate.

World Bank to name new president by mid-April

Washington - The World Bank Board said Thursday it would start accepting nominations for a new leader early next month and name a replacement for outgoing-President Jim Yong Kim by mid-April.

World Bank chief's exit could give Trump lever over development lending

Washington - The surprise early departure of World Bank President Jim Yong Kim potentially hands US leader Donald Trump a key lever over development lenders with whom his administration has been at odds.

World Bank President Jim Yong Kim announces resignation

Washington - World Bank President Jim Yong Kim announced Monday he would step down next month, more than three years before his current term was due to expire.

World Bank President Jim Yong Kim announces resignation

Washington - World Bank President Jim Yong Kim announced Monday he would step down next month, more than three years before his current term was due to expire.

Living on edge: Vietnam's 'black canal' dwellers

Ho Chi Minh - On the banks of Ho Chi Minh City's Xuyen Tam canal the houses come in many forms. Short or tall, pieced together from scraps of wood, or metal or plastic. Some tilt precariously over the polluted water's edge.

Blockchain can assist with humanitarian action

A new review article finds that blockchain technology is gradually entering the fields of humanitarian and development aid. This brings with it both advantages and risks.

Ban Ki-moon, Bill Gates head climate body

Den Haag - Former UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon and billionaire businessman and philanthropist Bill Gates will head an international commission on climate change to launch next month, the Dutch government said Monday.

Nations round on US, allies as UN climate talks wrap up

Bangkok - Developing countries rounded on the United States and its allies at emergency climate talks Sunday, accusing the world's richest nations of stalling on a deal aimed at preventing runaway global warming.

Q&A: The transformation of the software development industry Special

The transformation of the international software development industry is progressing, with more and more companies now tapping into the power of outsourced developers in regions like Eastern Europe. Sebastián Siseles of explains more.

New initiative to bring clean water to needy children

The Mac and PC tech company OWC (Other World Computing) has teamed up with the charity Splash to bring water to children in need. Splash is a social justice organization committed to the poor.

Liberia's leader looks abroad for help tackling poverty

Monrovia - After stoking expectations among Liberia's voters for rolling back poverty, President George Weah is facing the twin pressures of time and money to carry out his promises.

Angry islanders: why France faces protests overseas

Paris - A month-long campaign of strikes and protests on the French Indian Ocean island of Mayotte has shone a light on the simmering resentment in some of France's tropical outposts over perceived neglect by the state.

Accenture's new AI testing tools can accelerate training by 80%

Accenture has announced a suite of services to help companies test AI systems within their own infrastructure. The company has devised a "Teach and Test" approach to provide AI with appropriate data and then ensure its outputs match expected results.

Haiti urbanization rises but not wealth: World Bank

Port-au-prince - Urbanization is on the rise in Haiti, the third most urbanized country in Latin America and the Caribbean, but economic growth is still lagging behind, the World Bank said Tuesday, warning of the increased threat of natural disasters on cities growing ...

'Massive' infrastructure spending needed in Africa, says report

Abidjan - Economic growth in Africa picked up steam last year and is set to accelerate strongly in 2018, but "massive investments" are needed in infrastructure, the African Development Bank (ADB) said Wednesday.Growth in Africa rose from 2.

Google shares best practices for developing mobile AR apps

Google's published a set of best practices to help developers create compelling mobile AR experiences. The company said it has made several observations during the creation of its own AR apps. It's sharing its insights to inspire industry development.

GM and Ford announce major electric vehicle plans

With China moving to ban gasoline-powered vehicles in the near future and California planning to do the same, automakers in the United States and worldwide are scrambling to embrace electric vehicles.

Japan pledges $1 bn to back UN development goals

New York - Japan on Monday pledged $1 billion over the next two years to back the UN's development agenda, raising its profile as one of the world's largest foreign aid donors.

Asia facing dire future because of climate change without help

Bangkok - A report released on Friday paints a dire picture of the Asia-Pacific region's future as the globe warms, affecting the economic growth, health, development, food sustainability and security of hundreds of millions of the world's population.

Drones are helping the construction industry to reach new heights

The building site of the future will look very different. Instead of dozens of men and women in high visibility jackets things will look far more futuristic with drones buzzing overhead, robotic bulldozers and 3D printers churning out new structures.
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How not to develop: the attempt to open tracks in mountains in Nepal has been detrimental to the fra...
How not to develop: the attempt to open tracks in mountains in Nepal has been detrimental to the fragile ecology already threatened by rapid deforestation. This photo shows one of the ill-planned tracks in Baglung district where it was opened few years back but is yet to come to proper use. (Photo courtesy: Arjun Acharya, posted with permission)
SpaceX rocket development facility in McGregor  Texas. Every engine for every rocket is tested here ...
SpaceX rocket development facility in McGregor, Texas. Every engine for every rocket is tested here before flight.
Development would ruin the view of the Grand Canyon.
Development would ruin the view of the Grand Canyon.
CBS This Morning
Graffiti on fence surrounding development property in downtown Toronto.
Graffiti on fence surrounding development property in downtown Toronto.
Charge-discharge diagram for a lithium-air battery
Charge-discharge diagram for a lithium-air battery
Credit : Gates Foundation (CC)

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