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Amazon unveils cross-platform competitive gaming platform

Amazon has announced a new competitive gaming platform that connects players to cloud-based tournaments. Called GameOn, the service provides an API for developers to add to their competitive esports titles. It's Amazon's latest foray into gaming.

Microsoft's quantum computing dev kit is now up to 5x faster

Microsoft's announced the first set of updates for its Quantum Development Kit, an early version of a software suite that lets developers write apps for quantum computers. The new release improves performance by up to 5x, accelerating development.

AWS launches auto-scaling feature to automatically add resources

Amazon Web Services has announced full support for auto-scaling, making it significantly easier for cloud customers to dynamically grow their apps in response to demand. The service automatically adds more resources as required, optimising performance.

Microsoft launches preview of its quantum development toolkit

Microsoft's launched a preview of its quantum development kit. The set tools include a quantum programming language designed to help developers get started with quantum models. It includes everything needed to run quantum programs on a regular computer.

Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook launch new deep learning toolkit

Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook have announced the release of a neural network platform that allows deep learning frameworks to interoperate. It's designed to make machine learning more accessible by letting developers mix and match different models.

$9 billion startup Stripe makes shopping online less frustrating

The flagship Stripe technology allows businesses to accept payments through their apps or websites. Companies like Salesforce, Lyft, and even Amazon rely on Stripe to process some or all of their online payments, invisibly to the user.

Ransomware cybercrime soars globally - Has become an 'epidemic'

A Europol report warns of the increasingly professional nature of cybercrime and how the likes of WannaCry demonstrates how ransomware is eclipsing most other online crimes.

Microsoft announces new AI tools for digital transformation

Microsoft has announced a comprehensive suite of new developer tools aimed to make it simpler to utilise AI and achieve digital transformation. The company has baked machine learning capabilities into several of its most important development platforms.

Contextual GIF maker Guggy will help developers spice their apps

The new contextual GIF maker Guggy is now available as an API to provide a solution for developers who want to offer an improved user experience by adding text and smartness to their app's GIFs.

Unannounced 'Google Glass Enterprise Edition' spotted on eBay

A development version of an unannounced Google Glass headset has appeared on eBay and is currently fetching in excess of $8,000. The device is believed to be an example of the 'Enterprise Edition,' a Glass variant that Google has yet to reveal.

Windows 10's app store is so broken that developers are quitting

Microsoft's Windows Store has a major problem and recently it's become so serious that developers are threatening to quit the platform entirely. As the company calls on app creators to write for Windows 10, it is refusing to acknowledge the issue.

Twitter has officially launched polls, unveiled more new features

Twitter has announced it is launching several new features that will benefit both users and developers. At its second Twitter Flight conference yesterday, the company officially started the roll-out of native polls and video ads.

Microsoft buys company behind realistic physics in 600 games

Microsoft has announced it has bought the creators of one of the most popular 3D physics engines for games. Havok has powered hundreds of titles over the years and was previously owned by Intel.

Conservationists, developers clash over eagle habitat in Virginia

For generations, tens of thousands of bald eagles have raised their young near the Rappahannock River in Virginia's Chesapeake Bay region. Here, the birds have everything they need: Cliffs to nest on and places to catch tasty fish.

Mozilla blocks Flash in Firefox, calls for Adobe to kill it

Mozilla, creators of the Firefox web browser, have announced that they are now disabling all versions of Adobe's Flash plugin by default. Flash is known to be insecure and a haven for vulnerabilities that let attackers hack computers.

YouTuber PewDiePie made $7.45 million profit last year

YouTuber PewDiePie made a massive $7.45 million in profit last year, according to a new report. PewDiePie gained such fame for his video game reviews, playthroughs, tutorials and vlogs that he has become the most successful YouTuber ever.

Deepening the mystery: Snapchat has 'plans' for Windows Phone app

Windows Phone is known to have a substantial app gap when compared to rival platforms like iOS and Android. One of the most notable absences is Snapchat who have continually refused to come to Windows but an unexpected tweet has suggested that may change.

Microsoft Build keynote: Everything you need to know about Windows and more

The keynote of Microsoft Build yesterday was filled with announcements detailing the future and evolution of Microsoft's core services including Windows and Office, as well how the company intends to stock its app store. Here's everything you should know.

Satya Nadella emphasizes the power of developers

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella kicked off the Microsoft BUILD keynote today by emphasizing the company's commitment to help developers create great apps to run on top of the company's platforms, stating "we are a development company".

Facebook Messenger gets its own standalone website

Facebook has created a new standalone website for its Messenger service which can be used independently of the main Facebook site. The move follows the removal of messaging support from the core Facebook app on iOS and Android last year.

Facebook plans to allow third-party apps onto Messenger

Facebook is planning to open up the Facebook Messenger app to third-party apps and services that will run on top of the service, continuing the large-scale expansion of Messenger that the company has started in the past year.

HoN developers hold $4,000 map making contest

The video game Heroes of Newerth (HoN) is holding a unique contest for gamers: If you design the best map for their update you can win $4,000 and have your map played by thousands of fans.

YouTube annouces live streaming API for game developers

Google's YouTube video hosting and sharing service is adding a new feature to their platform. This time, the focus is on video game developers and providing the option of live streaming to video games.

British video game publisher hacked

Codemasters, one of the oldest British video game developers, joined the line of other companies that have recently been hacked.

Apple releases iPhone OS 3.1 beta to developers

Apple has released a beta version of an update to its new iPhone OS to developers, with speculation we could see it released to the general public within weeks.

92 per cent of developers ignoring Microsoft Vista OS

An Evans Data report shows fewer than one in 10 (8 per cent) software developers are writing software programs for Windows Vista this year, while 49 per cent of developers are writing applications for Windows XP.

Bioshock for Playstation 3, possibility or fantasy?

Bioshock's Developer 2K Boston is on the prowl for Playstation 3 programmers. The only thing that gamers can actually think of in light of this is the final announcement of a Bioshock game for Playstation 3.

Ad revenue deal for MSN casual game developers

Micrsosft Casual Games will start sharing in-game advertising revenue with developer creating web-based casual games titles hosted on their MSN Games portal.

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Current builds of the game feature a variety of NPCs to interact with.
Current builds of the game feature a variety of NPCs to interact with.
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